Essay on independence day 3 Models

Essay on independence day

Essay on independence day, is an article that interests all students at different educational levels. So we will give them a 500 word essay on independence day. And we will talk about the great independence day of India. We will not forget to present short essays, paragraphs and sentences on …

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Essay on cow 3 Models

Essay on cow

Essay on cow, in this interesting article we will present a 500 word essay on the cow. Does the cow deserve all this attention? Of course the cow deserves this attention and more. The cow has several advantages and benefits, but many people do not know them. Our goal in …

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Myself essay for class 1 3 Models

Myself essay for class 1

Myself essay for class 1, this type of essay is one of the most important essays that we should train a young child on. Because of the young age of the student in class 1, writing an essay about himself will be a rather difficult step. Therefore, we must help …

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Essay on Good Habits 13 Models

Essay on good habits

Essay on good habits, It is important to write an article about good habits because it makes us look at our behavior and evaluate it and discover what we are doing in terms of good or bad habits. In addition, we carefully observe the behavior of others and their good …

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Mahatma Eandhi Essay 10 Models

Mahatma Eandhi Essay

Mahatma Eandhi Essay, writing an essay on Mahatma Gandhi is important because it reminds us of the story of his struggle for India’s independence from British colonialism. Mahatma Gandhi was a source of inspiration to many leaders around the world, who were struggling to fight colonialism and gain the freedom …

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Saving earth essay 25 Models

Saving earth essay

Saving earth essay, which is one of the most important topics, and perhaps the most important topic of all, as it relates to our lives and the lives of all our children. Today’s topic about saving earth is related to each one of us, as we are all responsible for …

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Essay on Women Empowerment 24 Models

Essay on women empowerment

Essay on women empowerment and equality between men and women in all rights and duties, and we will present several models to suit all educational levels. We will also present a portrait on women’s empowerment and a short essay on equality and employment opportunities for both sexes without discrimination. We …

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Essay on unemployment 15 Models

Essay on unemployment

Essay on unemployment is important for every student, and we will write several models for essay on unemployment, such as a short essay on unemployment or a paragraph, or a 250-word essay, a long essay on unemployment. Unemployment is a serious social problem and has negative effects on both the …

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Paragraph on my family 20 Models

Paragraph on my family

Paragraph on my family is an important topic that is asked a lot, so we will provide many models such as paragraph about your family, paragraph about holiday with my family, and paragraph about happy family. This topic about the family is suitable for all school grades. We will present …

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Speech on discipline 13 Models

Speech on discipline

Speech on discipline, Writing speech on discipline is very important, because discipline is a good quality and is a key factor for success, so writing a speech or topic on discipline 200 or 150 words is required for students, and we will provide several models that will help you write …

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