Essay on unemployment
Essay on unemployment

Essay on unemployment 15 Models

Essay on unemployment is important for every student, and we will write several models for essay on unemployment, such as a short essay on unemployment or a paragraph, or a 250-word essay, a long essay on unemployment.

Unemployment is a serious social problem and has negative effects on both the individual and society. Therefore, we find that writing an essay about it is important and should deal with an introduction and a conclusion as well, and we will present an essay on unemployment with the elements.

There are several models to suit all students, in the primary, preparatory and secondary levels.

Essay on unemployment

Unemployment is one of the biggest problems facing countries, and this problem has increased recently as a result of the spread of the Corona virus (Covid-19), as many factories, companies and stores were closed, export and import stopped, and the tourism sector and other government institutions. stopped working

The high unemployment rate in some countries was a clear indication of the deterioration of their economy and the low level of per capita income.

The government is working to solve this problem to avoid the negative effects that result from it, because unemployment has negative effects on both the individual and society.

Definition of unemployment

Unemployment is defined as the increase in the number of people looking for a job over the number of jobs offered  in the labor market.

The unemployment rate is determined by calculating the percentage by dividing the number of job seekers by the number of the labor force. The labor force means the sum of working people and people looking for jobs.

Undoubtedly, the higher the unemployment rate in society, the more this indicates the existence of major economic problems.

Therefore, we find that there is a continuous follow-up to determine the unemployment rate in society, and to try to develop solutions to this problem.

The main types of unemployment

There is no doubt that every young man dreams of having a job after graduating from university, but this dream is not easily achieved, and the percentage of the unemployed has increased.

And we can define the unemployed as the one who is looking for a job and wants it but does not find it, and we do not mean by it those who do not want to work, such as some rich young people or the elderly and those who receive a pension, and the young people who are still studying, all of these are not from the unemployed, and they are not counted in the unemployment rate in society.

Among the most important types of unemployment are the following:

1- Classic unemployment among young people

Unemployment among young people is one of the most dangerous types of unemployment, because young people are the energy of society, and they are able to work well.

A job is the dream of every young man after he finishes his studies. But often young people are shocked by the bitter reality, after he finished his studies, he could not find any suitable job for him. As a result, young people are forced to do much less work than they had previously dreamed of. In most cases, they are jobs that do not require a great deal of education.

And some of the young people refuse to work, and keep looking for their dream job, and in many cases they do not find it.

2- Disguised unemployment

The name disguised unemployment is called the increase in the number of people who work in a job, more than the number required to complete that work, We see this clearly in government institutions and bodies. Where it is overcrowded with employees and there is no real production commensurate with their number.

Accordingly, the numbers in excess of the need for work are unemployed people, but they receive salaries. The state cannot take measures against them (such as dismissing them or firing them from work) in order to take into account their social conditions.

3- Seasonal unemployment

Seasonal unemployment is unemployment that recurs permanently, because there are some jobs associated with certain times of the year, or related to some projects. Many workers work in this business. When the project or work season ends, these people become unemployed.

4- Long-term unemployment

The number of citizens looking for work is monitored through labor offices and other government institutions.

The numbers who join a job, and the numbers that did not find a job, are monitored. People who are looking for work and they did not find during a period of more than 27 weeks they are called long-term unemployment.

5- Short-term unemployment

The number of citizens looking for work is also monitored through labor offices and other government institutions.

The numbers who join a job, and the numbers that did not find a job, are monitored. Individuals who are looking for work and have not found a job within a period of less than 27 weeks is called short-term unemployment.

6- Cyclical unemployment

Cyclical unemployment also occurs in a large proportion, and it is due to the capital cycle, or because a person moves from one job to another. But in most cases, the period of unemployment is limited, and the individual can join work again.



Causes of unemployment

  • The gap between the number of job seekers and the number of existing jobs. Some may attribute this reason to the increase in population. But we must benefit from human wealth by preparing and training them, and providing job opportunities that benefit both the individual and society.
  • The mismatch between the skills of individuals and the skills required for the labor market. The state bears the biggest mistake in this matter, as the academic preparation of students does not comply with the requirements of the labor market.
  • The high interest rate, which is one of the reasons for the high unemployment rate in society. As businessmen and the rich prefer to put their money in banks if the interest is high, Thus, they do not invest in agriculture, industry, or trade. All of this leads to a lack of job opportunities and an increase in the unemployment rate.
  • Natural disasters, which are also one of the factors that increase the unemployment rate, For example, earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, hurricanes, heavy rain, drought, desertification and other natural phenomena, all of these phenomena have an impact on human life and may lead to unemployment of many of them. Where many people lose their jobs and money as a result of natural disasters.
  • The spread of epidemics is one of the factors that increase the unemployment rate, and we have recently witnessed the impact of the Corona epidemic (Covid-19) on the economy of countries, especially developing countries, where their economy has deteriorated, and many people have lost their jobs and money.
  • Technological development and machine solutions in place of labor was one of the most important causes of the unemployment problem.
    The problem of unemployment appeared after the Industrial Revolution, in which the machine became more widely used, and the labor force was laid off.
    The greater the technological progress, the greater the layoff, and the greater the unemployment.
  • Internal or external migration is one of the causes of unemployment. This is like the migration of citizens from the countryside to the cities, which makes the number of people looking for work much greater than the number of jobs.
  • The global recession greatly affects the economy of all countries, especially developing countries, as the world has become intertwined in economic matters, and the movement of trade, import and export, and others. When the economy is weak and buying is scarce, many people lose their jobs and join the unemployed.



The effects of unemployment on the individual

Unemployment has many negative effects on the individual, as it affects all aspects of his life, especially if he is married and has a family he is responsible for.

The biggest problem that a person can face is his inability to provide the necessary money to buy his basic needs and the needs of his family.

1- The low level of income and consequently the deterioration of living conditions, which puts the person under severe psychological pressure.

2- Increasing the financial burden, as the unemployed person cannot compensate for the money he spends, and therefore he will spend all his savings, and after that he will not find what to spend.

3 – Borrowing and the accumulation of debts, happen a lot because there are basic requirements, and it is impossible to dispense with them.

4- The high rate of mental and physical diseases. Undoubtedly, the unemployed person is under great psychological and nervous pressure, which causes him psychological diseases such as depression, stress and anxiety. In addition, he suffers from other diseases such as high pressure, heart disease and others.

5- The tendency to commit suicide is the most dangerous effect caused by unemployment, because the unemployed person who is unable to provide for the needs of his family is under great nervous and psychological pressure, which may lead him to commit suicide if he does not find a solution to his problem.

6- Hatred of society is one of the negative effects resulting from unemployment, because the unemployed person will hate others, and hatred will spread among members of society.

7- Lack of loyalty to the homeland is one of the most dangerous negative effects of unemployment, as a person will hate his homeland and search for another country that provides him with a better living.



The effects of unemployment on society

Unemployment has negative effects on society, as unemployment is closely related to the economy. The stronger the economy, the more projects and job opportunities, and thus the lower the unemployment rate in society.

Certainly, the economy is a sign of the strength or weakness of the state. In recent times, wars have become very economic.

Among the negative effects of unemployment on society are the following:

1- The loss of political stability, and this is a dangerous thing because political instability will lead to a deterioration in the state of the economy.

2- The high crime rate is one of the negative effects of unemployment, as some individuals resort to theft, bribery and other crimes to get money.

3- Family disintegration and the high rate of divorce, as a result of the man’s inability to provide for the family’s needs.

4- Searching for illegal ways to immigrate, and this is what young people always think of without caring about the risks that may take their lives.

5- Weakness of the economy as a result of not benefiting from the workforce.

6- Skilled migration abroad in search of good job opportunities.

7- Increasing financial allocations for subsidy, which helps the economy deteriorate rapidly.

8- The spread of poverty among the classes of citizens and the arrival of large numbers of citizens below the poverty line.



The effect of unemployment on the economy

There is no doubt that the relationship between the economy and unemployment is close, as unemployment is an important indicator of the strength or weakness of the economy.

The higher the unemployment rate, the weaker the economy, and the lower the economic growth. While the low unemployment rate indicates the recovery and strength of the economy.

Among the negative effects of unemployment are:

  • Lack of production, and not benefiting from the unemployed workforce.
  • Consumption of products, and the need to import larger quantities.
  • Increase aid, and borrow from abroad.

All of these negative effects exacerbate economic problems, which may eventually lead to the state’s inability to pay its foreign debts.




The policy adopted to solve the unemployment problem

Encouraging the private sector.

Encouraging small businesses.

Develop education according to the required jobs.

Investing the components of the state to provide job opportunities for young people, such as investing waste lands in agriculture and animal investment, or encouraging small industries that complement other industries.


At the end of a topic about unemployment and its negative effects on both the individual and society, we must advise young people to acquire the largest number of experiences in order to be able to find a job for themselves.

Also, small projects, in which several people participate, are a good solution.

It is also important in order to eliminate the phenomenon of unemployment to study the needs of the labor market, and to make education in line with these needs.


Unemployment Essay in English

Many people suffer from difficulty in getting a good job opportunity. This is because job opportunities are much less than the number of people willing to work. Some of these people prefer unemployment rather than working in jobs below their educational level.

There are some tips that young people should follow in order to get a good job. Including self-development through the diversity of experiences in their specialization.

University study is no longer sufficient, but the young man must develop himself through specialized courses, learn more than one language, learn computer science and other modern sciences.

This is what every individual should do after job opportunities have become few, because unemployment has a negative impact on an individual’s life, whether in the economic, social and health aspects.




Paragraph on unemployment

The problem of unemployment arose with the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, as the machine became more widely used, and thus labor was largely dispensed with. This problem is exacerbated by increasing technological progress. As a result, a large number of individuals cannot find suitable work for them.

And the jobs required a special quality of employees, and they were required to be fully acquainted with the English language and computer science.

Therefore, young people must gain several experiences in order to get a good job, and there is a great development in the requirements of the labor market.

Trade, for example, through the Internet (online shopping) has become the most prevalent, and technology has become more widely used in agriculture and industry as well.



Unemployment solutions essay

The problem of unemployment has become a global problem, and it is important that we look for realistic solutions to this problem. Among these solutions is the encouragement of small projects, which are managed by one individual or a group of individuals, in addition to encouraging investors to establish huge projects that provide many job opportunities for young people.

It is important that education at the secondary and university levels meet the demands of the labor market, so that the student will not be shocked after graduating from university that what he has studied has nothing to do with the needs of the labor market.

Also, allocating funds to subsidize non-workers until they find a job is necessary, in order to avoid the risks that result from the high rate of unemployment in society, such as the high crime rate in society, family disintegration and other social and health problems.



Unemployment Essay in English 250 Words

The problem of unemployment has become a global problem, and it is a serious problem that affects both the individual and society. Therefore, the causes of this problem are studied and followed up, in order to find real solutions.

The causes of the unemployment problem differ from one society to another. There are societies that attribute this phenomenon to overpopulation, and thus encourage families to control birth, provide them with the necessary medicines for this, and use the media to direct families to birth control.

While other countries encourage national and foreign investment, in order to provide job opportunities for their citizens. Other countries encourage the establishment of projects that require many labors, and thus we find that there are many solutions to overcome the problem of unemployment.

It is important for each country to study this phenomenon separately, and to know what its causes are, so that it can develop appropriate solutions to solve the problem of unemployment. Individuals must also develop their skills, and have multiple experiences that qualify them to join the work.

The existence of solutions to the problem of unemployment is very important, because unemployment has negative effects on both the individual and society, and unemployment is considered an indicator of the strength or weakness of the state’s economy.



Unemployment essay introduction

Undoubtedly, the problem of unemployment troubles many countries, especially developing countries. This is because the high rate of unemployment in society leads to political instability.

When the government cannot provide the needs of citizens, by providing them with job opportunities, and they receive a salary sufficient to purchase their needs, then demonstrations, crimes and other acts of violence and sabotage will increase, and all this leads to political instability.

While the rich countries solve this problem by giving unemployment aid, which is an amount of money that is sufficient to purchase the needs of individuals, and is given to unemployed people until they find a suitable job for them.

The high unemployment rate among members of society will lead to an increase in poverty and the spread of psychological and mental illnesses.



Youth unemployment essay

Undoubtedly, young people are the most important group in society, and they must hold great hopes for nations.

Young people are characterized by strength, enthusiasm, and aspiration for a better future. Therefore, the government must provide job opportunities for young people, so that these opportunities are appropriate to their scientific abilities.

It is desirable for young people to arm themselves with science, and to acquire all the experiences that qualify them for the labor market. It has become necessary to learn modern sciences, especially technological sciences, and computer science. English language proficiency has also become a requirement for most jobs. The government must look for real solutions to solve the unemployment problem, because the risks of unemployment are very bad for both the individual and society.



Short essay on unemployment

The unemployment rate is a real indicator of the state’s economy. When the economy is strong, there are huge projects in various fields. Thus, job opportunities will be available to many of the unemployed.

A strong economy is followed by a circulation of money, sales increase, and imports and exports increase. All of this provides many job opportunities for the unemployed youth. Therefore, there must be projects that absorb the unemployed labor force.

The work is beneficial to both the individual and society, whereby the individual can live a decent life and provide for his family’s needs easily. The society can advance economically, and thus it can progress in all other areas, such as health, education and services.



Technology and unemployment essay

Technology has caused the disappearance of many jobs. The machine has become more accurate and faster than the human being. This made many people lose their jobs, especially in the agricultural and industrial fields. Where the agricultural and industrial sectors absorb large numbers of workers and employees. As for today, it has become mainly dependent on machines.

Also, modern jobs require that the employee be qualified to deal with modern technology, Therefore, young people must develop themselves and learn modern sciences, especially technological sciences.

The educational curricula should also be developed, and provide students with skills required in the labor market.

If everyone does what he should do, the unemployment rate in society will decrease.



Unemployment as a social problem essay

Undoubtedly, unemployment is a social problem that affects not only the individual but also his family, and unemployment has negative effects on society as a whole. The causes of unemployment differ from one society to another. But we can define unemployment as the increase in the number of people looking for a job over the number of people required for this job.

In this case, the person may accept a job that is less than his ambitions, and may refrain from working until he finds a job suitable for his academic qualification.

In all cases, there must be various solutions to this problem, such as encouraging foreign investment, establishing large projects, encouraging the private sector, encouraging self-projects and small projects.

All the previous solutions help to solve the unemployment problem to a large extent.



Problem of unemployment essay

There are negative effects of unemployment, some of which pertain to the individual and others to society.

One of the serious negative effects that the individual is exposed to is his lack of money to buy his basic needs and the needs of his family.

At that time, we expect the person to react badly. He may accept a bribe, steal, or kill in order to get money.

Thus, the crime rate in society will increase.

As a result, investors will flee to safer countries. Thus, job opportunities will decrease further, and thus the unemployed will increase and crimes will increase, and so on. The unemployment problem will only get worse if it is not resolved quickly.

One of the problems facing society as a result of the increase in the unemployment rate is the spread of poverty, and thus the increase in financial allocations to provide aid to unemployed people, and this becomes a burden on the economy of poor countries.



Essay on unemployment in 250 words

Unemployment may signal the beginning of the end of the state. In many countries that collapse and declare bankruptcy, the beginning of the matter is the high unemployment rate in them.

When there are fewer projects, less investment and production, and import becomes much greater than export, it will be difficult to solve the problem of unemployment.

As a result, the crime rate in society increases, and it is difficult to control citizens. Demonstrations and anti-government revolutions erupt, causing the state to collapse.

Therefore, the government must find real solutions to the unemployment problem. Such as encouraging the private sector to set up projects that require a lot of manpower, or allow citizens to immigrate to other countries with good job opportunities.

The damages of unemployment do not affect society only, but also affect the individual, causing him economic problems and represented in his inability to provide for his family’s needs, which causes him psychological and nervous pressure. In many cases, people commit suicide because of their inability to earn enough money for their lives.



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