Paragraph on my family

Paragraph on my family

Paragraph on my family is an important topic that is asked a lot, so we will provide many models such as paragraph about your family, paragraph about holiday with my family, and paragraph about happy family.

This topic about the family is suitable for all school grades. We will present a short essay about the family, and a long essay as well, in addition to a description of the family and the most important thing that distinguishes my family, and what is the relationship between family members. And the role of the family in raising children and teaching them good behavior.

Paragraph on my family

My family consists of five members, they are my father, my mother, me, my brother and my little sister. My brother is older than me and he is in grade 9, while I am in grade 6 and my sister is in grade 4. We are all in the same school, so we take the same bus in the morning and go to school together.

My father works as an engineer in the electricity company, his work is very important, and he goes to work at eight in the morning, and my mother is a doctor, she works in a hospital near the house, so she goes to work on foot.

In the morning everyone prepares to leave the house, my father and mother go to work, me and my siblings go to our school, all the family members get up at six, have breakfast at seven, and we leave the house at seven and half.

The most important thing about my family

System is the feature that distinguishes my family, we are very organized and this saves a lot of effort and time.

Each of us makes his bed and cleans his room, and we also help my mum to prepare the food, we are very cooperative and help each other.

In my family there are rules that we follow since childhood, such as respecting the elder, participating in the housework, being self-reliant, being serious about studying, getting up early and going to bed at 11 pm, meeting the family for lunch together, spending a day in the parks or on the beach. All these things make our life easy and happy.

We also visit our relatives on summer vacation, where we go to the village and spend quality time there with my cousins. Organizing work saves a lot of time and effort. We go to school, study our lessons, do homework, practice our favorite sports, and in the evening the family meets to watch entertaining television programmes.


At the end , we must mention that the sons, when they were young, imitate family members, and learn everything from them. Therefore, parents must be good role models, so that children learn good manners from them.

The family is the one who cultivates good morals in the hearts of its children, then the role of the school complements the role of the family.

Therefore, it is important to teach children discipline and respecting others from a young age, and the child must learn from his parents honesty, helping others, and other good manners.



write a paragraph about your family

My family is very big, we live in the village, and there my grandparents, fathers and uncles live in the same house.

So there are a lot of kids in the same house, which is fun because we spend most of our time together.

We are also a strong team and we can win any competition with the other kids.

Living in a large family provides the individual with a large amount of cultural information, and also makes him feel safe, especially if there is cooperation between family members. In my family, the elder is respected.

We all listen to my grandfather’s instructions and implement them.

My father and uncles work hard in the field, and provide us with all our needs.

We help our fathers in the field work. We are a cooperative family, therefore we are a happy family, we love each other.



Paragraph about family

Family is the most important thing in every person’s life. With the family, we feel safe and happy.

The family provides its children with protection from dangers, health care if they fall ill, and is keen on educating them. Living with family makes us happy, because family helps us and is always supportive.

The family is primarily responsible for raising children, and it teaches its children good manners or bad manners. A child is like a blank page, and the family writes on it. Therefore, the family must be well aware of the important role it plays in raising children.

Parents are role models for their children, they should be good, not bad, role models.

The child remains closely connected to his family and this feeling grows, so that when we travel to another country for education or work, we return again to our home to live with our family.



My family paragraph for class 3

I love my family very much. We are a small family, consisting of four people, my father, my mother, me and my sister. We live in a beautiful house, and each of us has a room. My room has a balcony overlooking the garden.

I get up early, enjoy the sound of birds and watch them fly from one tree to another.

I am older than my sister so I teach her a lot of things, I play with my sister and try to make her happy.

My father is a teacher, and he goes to work at  seven, and my mother is a nurse, and she goes to work at eight. My sister and I go to school, I take care of my sister and protect her.

At three o’clock all the family members come home, we help our mother to prepare the food, the family eats lunch at four o’clock, and then we can study our lessons, and do our favorite hobby.

I spent a good time with my family.



Write a short paragraph about your family

I belong to a great family. All my family members work in politics or the judiciary.

My grandfather was the head of the court, while my father is a member of the People’s Assembly, and my uncle is a judge.

The most important characteristic of my family is order and discipline. Since childhood, I have been accustomed to discipline and respect for those who are older than me.

I have benefited from these qualities a lot.

I adhere to the school rules, respect my teachers, help my colleagues and cooperate with them.

These qualities made me a person loved by others, and my teachers love and praise me.

I am proud that I belong to this family, and I strive hard in my studies to be a judge in the future.

My uncle is my role model, and I learn many things from him.



My Family Paragraph For Class 10

The preference of my family over me is great, I have no siblings, and my family consists of my father, mother and me only, and therefore my mother took great care of me, and provided me with health and psychological care, as she gave me love and tenderness.

My mother was very tired in order to provide me with happiness, as she was staying up next to me when I was sick, taking care of me and giving me medicines at the specified times, and she also helped me in studying my lessons.

I always have fun with my mum especially on the weekend, when we go out for walks and play and have fun.

As for my father, his preference over me is very great, although he travels a lot for work, he calls me daily to check on my condition, and provides us with the money needed to buy all our needs, because he is working hard for our comfort. I love my father, I love my mother, and I feel happy because I am their son.



My family paragraph writing

My family is educated and all of its members have university degrees, so I love science and I love reading. In our house there is a library that contains valuable books, such as historical books, scientific books, literary books, and religious books. My family consists of five people, my father, my mother, me and two sisters. We all love reading, it is our favorite pastime. Every evening when the family gathers and we have dinner, we sit with our parents and talk about new information we learned through reading. It is an interesting thing to have a discussion between parents and children, because that discussion increases our enthusiasm, and makes us like to read more. When I start reading a book or a story, I have a great desire to complete it, and I may even reduce the number of hours I sleep in order to continue reading the book or story.



Your family paragraph

In fact, I was born into a poor family, but our family members are bound by great love and cooperation, and this makes us overcome any difficulties we encounter. You can say that we are a poor family, but we are happy. Each family member tries to work and earn money. My father is a postal employee and my mother is a nurse. My brother and I work during the summer vacation in order to get money for education. We are self-reliant, we have learned a lot from our work in one of the stores. Working hard earns us the respect of others, and increases our self-confidence. Although we work at the end of the year, we excel in our studies. In the future I want to own a big store, this is my dream in the future.



Paragraph about holiday with my family

I always spend the holidays with my family, because we prefer to go on vacation to any tourist country. Sometimes we travel to a coastal country to enjoy the sea and sit on the beach. Swimming and water games are our favorite hobbies. The coastal cities have a mild climate in the summer, and this encourages us to spend the summer vacation in a coastal city. In addition, we love to see the landmarks of ancient cities and civilizations. In fact, travel is very useful, as we can have fun, play and gain new information and experiences. Also, spending the holidays with the family makes us feel safe and happier. Mostly we go shopping at the end of the trip and then go back to our country and we had a happy vacation.



My family short essay

I live in a big family, consisting of 15 people. As we live with my grandfather, grandmother, uncle and aunt, we live in a large house consisting of four floors, and it has a small garden. My grandfather and grandmother live on the first floor, my uncle and his family live on the second floor, my aunt and her children live on the third floor, and my family lives on the fourth floor. But the whole family gathers with my grandfather from morning until evening. We live as one family, we eat together, help each other with the housework, the children play together, we go to the same school, and we study our lessons together. The cooperation and love between my family members is the reason for our happiness. In our family, we help each other and respect  each other, and everyone works with discipline and diligence.



Short paragraph on my family

I am a lucky person, I was born into a rich family, and my family was able to provide me with a life full of luxury. We live in a villa with a large swimming pool, so I can practice my hobby which is swimming at any time. I also have a swimming coach, who trains me seriously to participate in local and international competitions. I learned to drive cars. Next year, my father will buy me a modern car. I also spend the end of the year vacation abroad, as I also love to travel, and I traveled to many countries, some of which are in Europe, and some are in Asia or Africa. I also visited some states in America, I want to travel to all countries of the world. Traveling allows us to learn about the culture of other peoples, and we can also enjoy the beautiful landscapes.



Family paragraph in english

The family is responsible for raising children, and making them acquire good habits. Therefore, both the father and the mother should be aware of the importance of their role in raising their children. They should also be good role models for their children. The child feels safe and loved by his family. The family is the one that provides its children with health care, and provides them with everything they need from food, clothes, entertainment, etc., but the most important thing that the family provides for its children is psychological stability, where the child feels from his birth the love and affection of his mother and the rest of his family, and thus grows properly, and has a sense of security and self-love. The importance of the family to the child is very great. Without the family, he will feel fear and insecurity, even if we provide him with his basic needs of food, clothing and health care.




Our family paragraph

I love my family very much, it is a democratic family. My brothers and I are accustomed to sharing my father and mother in the family’s decisions. From a young age, I learned to choose my clothes, and to practice my favorite hobby, all of which made my personality strong and I could make right decisions. We give our opinion in choosing where we will spend the end of the year vacation, as my father suggests a number of places and we choose our favorite from among them. My family is understanding and we respect each other, so there are no problems in my family. We live happily. One of the things that distinguishes my family is the cooperation between family members, we love each other, respect our parents a lot and obey them.



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