Essays on my hobby
Essays on my hobby

Essays On My Hobby 2 Models

Essays on my hobby, in this topic, we will discuss the topic of hobbies that everyone likes to spend their free time practicing. Hobbies are important things that everyone should do.

When a person finds free time, he must do something good during it and not do bad things. Hobbies are of great importance because they protect a person from the dangers of emptiness.

If you want to learn about the dangers of leisure for humans, and you want to learn about different hobbies, you can read essays on my hobby.

Essays on my hobby

Hobbies differ from person to person, as each of us has things that he likes to do. And in essays on my hobby, we will talk in detail about all kinds of hobbies that a person can do.

Some of these hobbies are frequent and widespread, and some are strange and people do not know them. There are a number of people who invent hobbies that suit them and that no one else does. With the advancement of technology, people find new hobbies that did not exist before.

What is meant by hobbies?

Hobbies are activities that a person does or engages in in their spare time. The hobby is an entertainment or an educational thing, and it can be a type of sport. Each of us has a hobby that suits him and loves it.

Hobbies are the beautiful time we spend away from studying, or the fun time we get away from the pressures of life.

And after we practice our hobbies, we feel happy and enthusiastic, and then we go back to practicing our life tasks again. In essays on my hobby, I will talk about the importance of the hobby.

What is the importance of hobbies?

When a student goes to school and comes home to study his lessons, he gets very bored. That is why he must sit for some time without performing serious work. And this time he must do an interesting job, which is a good hobby.

When adults go to work, they feel tired, which prompts them to escape from the pressures of life and engage in any activity they like. And this activity is a hobby that they prefer to perform.

Breaking boredom

Everyone feels bored because of the many serious tasks that they do during their day. And a person must stay away from serious matters for a while and do things that he likes. This time away is called leisure time.

And when a person gets recreational time, where he practices a hobby he loves, he breaks the state of boredom and inertia. After a person breaks boredom, he feels a good desire to return and practice the serious things required of him. In essays on  my hobby, I will mention the harms of free time.

Avoid leisure time damage

It is well known to doctors who care about a person’s mental health that leisure time has many negative effects on people. When a person has any time without serious commitments, he begins to do something bad.

These bad things become habits that he cannot get rid of throughout his life, including addiction of all kinds.

But if a person is used to doing a useful hobby in free time, he will not get used to bad things.

Hobbies improve the psychological state

If a child or an adult is suffering from depression, an enjoyable activity must be found in order to radically change the person’s psyche. The best thing for a depressed person to do is to practice a hobby that he loves.

Doctors interested in the psychological state of man have discovered that hobbies, especially those that are done by hand, have a good effect on their mental health.

That is why every person must have a hobby that he loves, and if he does not have a hobby, he must learn a hobby. In essays on my hobby, I will talk about the different types of hobbies.

Kinds of hobbies

There are a large number of different hobbies, some of which are done by hand and are things such as drawing and shaping clay. There are handicrafts, including making accessories, and forming leather. There are hobbies that are sports, and hobbies are reading and drawing.


Reading has occupied the first place as one of the most important hobbies that people have known for many years.

Humans loved reading so they preferred to spend quality time with interesting books and novels.

It has been proven that reading makes a person feel happy, and makes a person live with the story as if he were one of its heroes.

In addition to the pleasure felt by the reader, reading develops the mind and makes the reader an educated and mature person.

The drawing

The hobby of drawing is one of the hobbies that people love greatly, and there are people who can draw very professionally. As for those who can’t draw well, they draw for fun only.

As for those who can draw well and professionally, they draw for the purpose of further training so that they can work in the field of drawing later. Drawing is one of the hobbies that may turn into work in the future, so attention must be paid to it.


There are a number of people who like to spend their spare time writing. In essays on my hobby, we will know that writing is a beautiful talent, and the person who writes feels free and can easily express what is going on inside him on paper.

If a person wants to develop himself in writing, he must read large amounts of books, in order to acquire skills that enable him to succeed as a writer in the future. And writing is one of the talents that can be a good job in the future.

Collect coins and postage stamps

Many years ago, a large number of people were fond of collector’s hobbies. Each of us has a specific type of item that we like to collect. Among these famous purposes were the most famous stamps, then the various currencies. But as the years went by, people started accumulating other things that might become valuable as they got older.

And if you have old items, you may be able to sell them for good prices. Among these items that are sold for good money are old coins.

Playing sports

Sport is a beautiful and healthy hobby. A person who practices any kind of sport has a great deal of physical fitness.

And this physical fitness makes him feel strong, which improves the mood. It is possible to practice strong sports such as football of various kinds. You can play sports that help the mind to develop, such as chess. In the end, all kinds of sports are very beneficial.

Electronic games

As for our topic, articles about my hobby, it is an important topic for young people who play electronic games as a hobby. Young adults and teens have free time during their day. But some of them are addicted to electronic games and play them all day long.

It is possible to accept electronic games as a hobby, but the person must play them for a specific time. This is due to her cruel nature and teaching a person some bad traits. Where a person learns insults and excessive tension, which destroys his health and morals with time.

Singing and acting

You do not have to have a beautiful voice to practice singing during your spare time. But you can sing any song you like, and you can learn to sing by following people who sing professionally.

Acting is a popular hobby for a number of people, as a person imitates some actors by watching clips more than once. The acting hobby may turn from a mere hobby into a work a person may perform in the future. There are some strange hobbies that we could mention in essays on my hobby.

Strange hobbies

Strange hobbies that were not known before have appeared, including collecting strange things such as teeth or different types of stones. There are hobbies such as jumping from heights and doing some dangerous challenges.

No one rejects good hobbies, but a harmful hobby that does not benefit the person who does it is a hobby of no importance. Although a hobby is a leisure time occupation, it must be beneficial to the person and add some good things to him.

Conclusion Essays on my hobby

At the end of our topic for today, essays on my hobby, we talked in detail about the importance of hobbies in our lives. And we knew that a hobby might save a person from loneliness and boredom. It may help him to avoid destructive habits such as addiction of all kinds. That is why everyone should look for hobbies that they rush to whenever they find free time.

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