Essay on birds
Essay on birds

Essay on Birds 3 Models

Essay on birds is interesting because it deals with the life of birds in detail. Several examples such as a short essay on types of birds, a paragraph on raising birds at home, the economic value of keeping birds, names of some birds of prey, how to take care of domestic birds, how birds take care of their young, and what is the largest bird.

Information about birds that benefit all students, the food of birds, their reproduction, in addition to the migration of birds, why do birds migrate from their home to another place that may be thousands of kilometers away from their original home.

Essay on birds is a sample topic for fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students, and first, second, and third grade students of middle school and high school.

Essay on birds

Birds are beautiful creatures, which is why all children love them. There are many types of birds, which we will mention in the essay on birds, and the forms of birds differ in terms of size, color, and the way nests are built.

All birds are characterized by beauty and bright colors, in addition to the softness of their feathers. Some birds are able to fly very long distances, even crossing the ocean during their migration without resting. Among the few species that cannot fly at all are penguins and ostriches.

Birds are vertebrates, and they are among the most diverse organisms, with approximately 10,000 species. Birds live in a variety of environments, where they live in mountainous areas, deserts, forests and farms, fields, gardens, cities and homes. That is, they live in diverse environments.

Supernatural qualities distinguish some birds

  1. Voice: God distinguished some birds with amazing sounds, which musicians cannot imitate. Examples include the goldfinch and other birds with wonderful sounds, which are more beautiful than the sounds of musical instruments in their beauty. Birds use sounds and vibrations to talk to each other. These sounds are the language of the birds through which they communicate, express their fear or happiness, and other important matters for them, such as places of food, water, and expressions of feelings also during the mating seasons.
  2. Feather colors: Birds are characterized by the beauty of their feathers, and its bright colors, and there is an amazing consistency between the colors of birds, which no artist can imagine, just as fashion designers cannot imitate it with the same accuracy. In the essay on birds we will show examples of birds with dazzling colors as the peacock. The male peacock is considered a beautiful painting, as it is characterized by colors and patterns that no artist can paint with such beauty. The colors of birds have many benefits, including attracting females during mating seasons, hiding from enemies, and so on.
  3. The power of sight: Some birds are distinguished by the power of sight, such as the falcon, the eagle, and others. The power of sight is useful in hunting prey, as they are seen and their movements are monitored from long distances. Thus, the bird can pounce on its prey without getting away from it. Birds of prey are often distinguished by the power of sight, as they can see prey 1.5 km away.
  4. The strength of the limbs: Birds are characterized by the strength of their limbs, as they carry their prey with their claws for long distances. They carry prey to the top of the trees where they build their nests, they carry prey to feed their young, so it is important that their limbs are strong. Some birds also use their legs and wings to defend themselves, or to defend the young.
  5. The strength of the beak: Birds’ beaks are generally considered strong, but in birds of prey they are strong and sharp. For example, a hawk or an eagle can slaughter its prey by using the beak. It can also tear the prey into small pieces that it can eat, and the bird also uses its beak to defend itself, and the best example of the strength of the bird’s beak is the woodpecker, which can make holes in the trunks of trees with its beak, while these trees were not affected by storms or rain, and a small bird was able to make large holes in the trunk of the tree so that this hole would be its home, and the birds also feed on solid grains.
  6. Sharp claws: Birds have sharp claws, and this helps them in self-defense, as well as in steadfastness on tree branches, so they do not fall while they sleep. Likewise, birds of prey catch their prey with claws, so that they cannot escape, then they also carry it with their claws and fly in the sky until they reach their nests.

Interesting information about bird life

  • Birds are social beings: Most birds live in groups, flying in flocks. Essay on birds We explain the social life of birds, where there is understanding and cooperation between a group of birds, and they support each other.
    We also see the family bonding between birds, where both the male and the female participate in building the nest, incubating the eggs, feeding the young and defending them. The role played by the male or female varies depending on the type of bird. There are birds in which the male is in charge of preparing the nest, and in other birds the female is in charge of preparing the nest. Sometimes both the male and the female participate in preparing the nest. There are also birds, the male is associated with only one female throughout his life, and the birds grieve when they die or lose one of the spouses or one of the children, they have feelings of love and compassion.
  • Birds lay eggs: the size and color of eggs varies from one bird to another. The ostrich egg is the largest egg, while the smallest egg is the eggs of some types of small birds. Bird eggs are characterized by the strength and hardness of their shell to suit environmental conditions. The male and female exchange incubating the eggs until the young hatch, and in most cases the incubation period for eggs may reach 21 days, as in chickens, or 30 days, as in ducks, geese, and others.
  • The body of birds is lightweight: light weight helps them to fly. In the essay on birds, we will explain this, as birds have a lightweight body, and a streamlined shape that helps them fly. Birds were the source of inspiration for humans in the manufacture of aircraft, scientists have studied the physical characteristics of birds so that they can make aircraft. Its streamlined shape also helps it dive into the water and catch fish.
  • Feathers are soft and shiny: There is no doubt that bird feathers are the source of their beauty, but they also have other benefits, such as protecting the flying body from direct shocks, helping the bird to fly, protecting the bird from weather fluctuations, especially as it protects the bird from rainwater, as rainwater slips on the feathers and does not reach the body of the bird.

Benefits of birds

  1. Birds play an essential role in maintaining the ecological balance. Some birds feed on insects, such as the Cattle egrets bird, which works to clean the soil which make the agricultural plants free from parasites and harmful insects, in addition to aerating the agricultural soil, and this helps in improving agricultural production.
  2. Birds are an important source of white meat, and bird meat is more beneficial than the meat of other animals such as cows, buffaloes, and sheep, and therefore it is preferred by most people.
  3. Bird meat is an important source of proteins that we need for the growth of the body and strengthening the immune system. Bird meat is also characterized by its delicious taste.
  4. Pillows are made from the feathers of some birds, and for example, ostrich feathers, from which comfortable pillows are made, and therefore they are sold at very high prices.
  5. Birds carry pollen from one tree to another, and this helps trees pollinate naturally without human intervention. This helps to increase the production of fruits such as fruits and others.


The economic importance of birds

We cannot neglect to talk about the economic value of birds. We will mention the importance of expanding bird breeding in the essay on birds, especially poultry farms, which have become widespread in all countries of the world. Poultry farming has become an important industry with high economic value.

Man has been able to develop this vital industry, so that it produces the largest quantity of poultry, in order to meet human needs. There are modern ways to raise poultry, as it provides medical care for poultry, as well as the quality of food, setting the appropriate temperature inside farms and other things that help achieve good profits from poultry farming.


At the end of the essay on birds, interesting information about the life of birds, miraculous qualities that distinguish some birds, and the economic importance of birds have been presented.

It is important to realize that birds are social beings, and they have feelings like us, and they express their feelings by issuing certain sounds, and they grieve at the death of one of the spouses, so that they also become depressed and may die of grief.

Therefore, we must treat birds gently, and provide them with the necessary health care, and you can seek the help of a veterinarian to learn how to properly raise birds.

I hope you benefited from the essay on birds, and I would love to receive your comments.

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