Essay on old age home
Essay on old age home

Essay on old age home

Essay on old age home, this topic is considered one of the sensitive topics that need sufficient knowledge before writing. Through this article, we will talk about what this type of house means. We will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of living inside this house.

Everything in our lives has advantages and disadvantages, but there are things that have more advantages than disadvantages and vice versa. If you want to know more information, you can read the essay on old age homes.

Essay on old age home

There are different ways for a family to live together or separate, and one of these ways is an essay on the old age home. In this article, we will learn about a strange way for a family to live together. This method is found in many parts of the world. But there are other places you haven’t heard of and don’t know what they are. Below we will provide sufficient and interesting information on the matter.

What is an old age home?

It is a large house that includes all family members, where the son gets married in the same house with his parents and does not go out to live in a house far from them. And in this house we find several generations,

In the beginning, we find the grandfather and grandmother, and we find the sons and their wives. Thus, we will find the grandchildren living in the same house and not moving from it. Rather, any new individual marries in the same place.

Who lives in this house?

I will mention some family customs in the essay on the old age home. Among them that you must live in this house with any member of this family, it is not possible for one of them to leave and go to live alone. But the son builds an apartment for him and gets married in it. Then he builds another one for his children to get married in the same place.

When one of the uncles or aunts does not marry, they live in the same house and do not leave. As for the daughters, they leave this house after marriage in order to go to live in the house of the husband’s family. The house of the husband’s family is similar to her house and includes all family members.

Countries have this old age homes

These customs are spread in several places, including all countries in the Middle East and some regions in India.

Where they used to live together in the same house or on the same street.

People in these areas are interested in being close to each other and not far from their relatives. This desire is due to family cohesion and a sense of strength. And when someone needs something, he asks for it from the parents.

What are the advantages of an old age home?

This type of house has good advantages, and in an article about the old age house, we learn about its advantages, including the presence of all family members together in the same house. Which makes them feel strong and supported. Where each person supports the others.

The second advantage is that the elderly find someone who cares for them and gives them medicine when they get sick. And if they encounter any problems or encounter difficulties, they find their children around them to help them.

The third advantage is that children find a large number of their relatives, so they feel happy, and the child receives tenderness and support from all family members. As for loneliness, no one in this house knows loneliness.

What are the disadvantages of an old age home?

Everything in our lives has flaws, but there are flaws that cannot be dealt with well. Among these defects is the continuous interference of the parents in the affairs of the person who lives with them in the house, and I will write in the essay on  the old age home some of these defects:

Among the disadvantages is the occurrence of some problems and disputes due to the entry of daughters-in-law into the family. Where women feel jealous of each other and start making problems and escalating them.

And there is a problem that occurs because of the conflict between the brothers, where greed plays a big role in starting the problems. Therefore, these problems may cause a division between family members, which leads to some of them leaving the house.

Other homes

In Europe people live differently than in the Middle East. This method is very different from the family living in the same house. Where the son lives in an independent life and an independent home.

Leaving the family must be at an early age and not later than 16 years old, and the longer the son is late in leaving, the worse it will be. The family used to have each member live in a separate place from the rest of the members.

Advantages of independence from the family

There are several advantages to being independent and leaving the family, as the person learns to rely on himself and works hard to save the money needed to buy the food and clothes he needs.

And the independent person learns how to live alone and adapt to face difficulties without anyone interfering to solve them with him.

This makes the independent person not dependent and mature, and the person knows the value of the parents and appreciates the effort that was made during the years of their upbringing to him, as he did most of the things that they used to do for him in the past.


We have presented a topic that talks about a way to live in  the essay on the old age home, and in this topic we learned about the advantages of living in one house with all family members.

And we knew that this way of living has disadvantages, including lack of self-reliance. And there are defects such as disagreements that occur between family members, which cause tension and anger for everyone.

I hope you have benefited from the essay on the old age home, and I would be happy to receive your comments.

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