Essay on farmer
Essay on farmer

Essay on farmer

Essay on farmer, during this topic we will talk about one of the oldest professions that man worked on the planet.

It is considered one of the most important professions because it provides him with food. Because of the importance of this profession, children must know its nature and know its importance.

That is why we will talk in detail about the beginning of the agricultural profession and the developments it has gone through to this day.

Essay on farmer


Farmer has several names, and these names differ according to the place that gives this name. But in the essay  on farmer, we will tell you about the story of the beginning in which man knew this profession.

Humans have been able to occupy several jobs, but the farmer’s job has a different importance than other simple jobs and professions. Here we will begin to tell the story.

What is meant by farmer?

Agriculture is an ancient profession. Through this work, the farmer cultivates the land with various crops, he waters it with an appropriate amount of water and waits. After the appropriate period, the plant appears for the first time, where the farmer can take care of it until it matures and be able to collect it and eat it as good food for himself and the animals he raises.

When did man know agriculture?

Scientists who specialize in the history of humans on planet Earth say that humans have known agriculture for many years, and it has appeared in specific places in the world. And these places had fresh water like Egypt where the great Nile is.

It has also appeared in other places, including China and India. And we will not forget the emergence of agriculture in regions in the Americas and the African coast, where the common factor between these places is arable water.

Why did humans resort to agriculture?

Man used to spend his day moving from one place to another, as some animals do. And when he finds food by chance, he eats it. In our essay on farmer, we will know that man began to face dangers because of movement and hunting.

When a drought set in and he was unable to continue hunting, he decided to grow his own food. Instead of traveling in search of a fruit or a plant to eat, he should have settled near fresh water and cultivated a plant to feed on.

What helped humans to farm?

The ancient man began to think of a reliable way to obtain food without moving around and hunting animals. So he began to use his mind, which enabled him to observe the way the plant was growing.  After he understood how the plant was cultivated in the land, a source of freshwater had to be available.

And when a person found a fresh river or lake, he decided to settle next to it in order to start farming for the first time and start the farmer’s profession.

What crops did the old farmer know?

In the essay on farmer, it is important to talk about the crops that the farmer has known since ancient times. Man has been able to grow several good crops as a start to the agricultural profession, including wheat.

After he harvested the wheat, he used to feed on it directly, but with time he was able to grind it and turn it into flour, then bake it.

There are ancient crops, including barley and papyrus, where the ancient Egyptians were able to make something like paper from it.

And the ancient Egyptian farmer used some plants, such as flax, to make cloth and make simple clothes out of them.

How did agriculture develop?

Crops evolved from one type to millions of species, so when a person learned how to farm properly, he began to plant any plant he saw in front of him. That is why he was able to grow all crops and excelled in this profession.

At first, he used the waste of birds and animals to speed up the process of plant growth, but with time he was able to manufacture some fertilizers that give a faster effect.

Fertilizers and pesticides

Ancient man knew nothing about pesticides and fertilizers. But with the passage of time, insects began to attack the crops grown by humans. Therefore, the farmer thought of using different types of pesticides in order to reduce the risk of disease and insects that eat the plant.

As for fertilizers, they have developed greatly. In the essay on farmer, we will know that the farmer used to put some of the waste he collected from the barns in which he raised birds and animals as fertilizer for the land. With time, he began to use manufactured fertilizers, which improved production.

Modern equipment

In the beginning, the farmer worked manually, and with time he made some simple tools that were made of polished stone. And then the agricultural equipment developed

Today we see equipment that performs all the tasks needed to cultivate the land, from preparing it to harvesting the crop. But the farmer must learn how to use this equipment in order to get the most out of it.

Export abroad

When man began to cultivate the land, the first purpose was to provide some food for himself and his family members. But with time the crops increased in a great way and became more than required.

That is why people thought of selling crops to countries that do not have agriculture. Several rare crops were sold and transported from one place to another. With the advancement of technology and the invention of modern means of transportation, plants and agricultural crops were exported to all parts of the world.

The benefit of agriculture to humans

It is important to mention the benefits of farming in our essay on farmer. Humans have discovered that agriculture is the most important job on Earth, even though other jobs are important. But all jobs can be dispensed with except agriculture. If people do not plant, they will not find anything to feed on.

If people are exposed to drought, they suffer from the problem of plant death because there is not enough water.

What prompted countries to dig wells and collect rainwater. This is so that this water can be used for agriculture when water is not available.

The dangers of low farming

Humans have moved to different jobs and left agriculture. This caused a decrease in the number of farmers and less cultivated land. The reason people change jobs is because they think other jobs are better than a farmer’s job.

When the children of the farmer travel abroad for the purposes of work or study, they do not learn from their parents how to cultivate the land. This makes the children unfamiliar with this profession.

After a period of time, the farmers will die, and this profession will not pass on to the children, but rather it will become extinct, which will lead to the extinction of humans along with it, because it is the source of food.


We have finished talking about farmers in the essay on farmer. Through our topic, we learned that agriculture is one of the ancient professions that man was interested in practicing and developing.

This profession is one of the most important professions that benefit humanity because it secures a large amount of food. Without the profession of agriculture, people will not be able to provide food.

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