Essay on my favorite subject
Essay on my favorite subject

Essay on my favorite subject 3 Models

Essay on my favorite subject, it is important to know our favorite subjects, because this will determine the path of our academic and career lives. Our favorite subjects are evidence of our scientific inclinations, and often when we complete our studies in the same field, we can achieve great success.

For example, I prefer mathematics, so I will study at the Faculty of Engineering and work in the future as an engineer.

Defining our goals saves us a lot of effort and time, and the things we prefer we can innovate in. Therefore, Essay on my favorite subject is important for every student. Edward Everett said, “Education guards the country better than an organized army.”

Essay on my favorite subject

The scientific inclinations of each student differ from the other. There are students who prefer to study scientific subjects such as physics, chemistry and biology, and other students who prefer to study literature, poetry and languages, and others who prefer to study mathematics and statistics, and there are those who prefer to study history and geography.

This great diversity of study subjects allows each student to study his favorite subjects, and in Essay on my favorite subject, we will explain the importance of specialization in study, and the philosopher Cicero said: “Knowledge is an art, but education is another art on its own.”

One of my favorite subjects is mathematics. I excel in it very much, and I always get final grades in the mathematics exam. I prefer it because it is a subject that needs a lot of thinking, as it develops minds, and it contains many theories and concepts that are used in industry, architecture, or other practical fields.

When I study mathematics, I feel a great challenge, because this subject includes a variety of issues, including direct problems that can be easily solved after knowing the theory or mathematical law, and other puzzle-like issues that are indirect and require a lot of thinking, deduction, and the use of more than one theory to solve them. These problems are my favorite as they develop my mind and my ability to reason and understand.

In Essay on my favorite subject, I will mention my favorite subject, which is learning foreign languages. Learning languages ​​provides us with many benefits, including knowing the culture of other peoples by reading their writings, or talking with people from different countries and getting to know their ideas, especially through social media, as it helped a lot in communicating with people around the world. Learning languages ​​is also useful in studying, so I can study at a prestigious university outside my country.

Learning languages ​​allowed me to make friends with many people around the world. We exchange ideas and get to know each other’s culture. This is a very useful thing, and we should benefit from the civilization and culture of other countries. Not necessarily everything different from our culture is bad, and we must choose what suits us from the civilization of others without abandoning our principles.

It is important for a person to learn languages ​​other than his native language, because this will allow him to learn everything new in the field of science and technology.

In fact, it was good to publish scientific research in English, because it is the most widespread language in the world, and thus it became easy to obtain information and follow up on recent discoveries and inventions. And there are other favorite subjects that I will mention in the Essay on my favorite subject.

I also love studying biology, it is an interesting subject as it deals with the study of living organisms, I love knowing information about the human body, and the function of each of the body’s organs.

Knowing the function of each organ of the body makes us follow health guidelines, and this helps us maintain our health in good condition.

I also love drawing, which is my favorite hobby. I love painting landscapes, so I go to parks or the beach on weekends. There I can practice my hobby and draw beautiful paintings. I also love reading because it is very important for every person. George Santayana said: “A child whose education is limited to school is a child who has not learned.”


At the end of the Essay on my favorite subject, I presented you with some materials that I prefer, and these materials express my inclinations, and they are materials that qualify me to join the college in which I want to study.
I want to be an engineer in the future, so I am interested in studying mathematics.

Each student must know his inclinations, know what job he dreams of, and must be interested in studying materials that help him achieve his future goal.

There is a saying I liked that says: “It is a disaster to study without thinking, and a greater disaster is to think without studying.

I hope you have benefited from Essay on my favorite subject, and I would love to receive your comments.

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