My School 10 Lines For Children
My School 10 Lines For Children

My School 10 Lines For Children 3 Models

My school 10 lines for children in an easy way that suits primary and middle school students, and there is also a topic about my school that suits the secondary stage. We will present several essays as my school 10 lines for children to suit all students.

Writing about school is fun and easy. This is because each of us has many memories of school. In my school, I learned to read and write, made new friends, and learned many skills. I love to write about my school.

My School 10 Lines For Children

It is important to train students to write, such as writing about my school 10 lines for children because this topic is easy, and the child can describe his school, or describe his feelings on the first day of school, or mention some situations that happened to him at school.

Each of us has many memories at school, and sometimes these memories are good, and sometimes they are bad, especially if the child has difficulty in learning.

But in all cases, the teacher always tries to help the student, and the teacher tries to explain the study materials in an easy way so that the student understands these materials.

Description of my school

  • My school is large, with a large number of classes, each class has 30 students.
  • My school consists of five floors, each floor has 20 classrooms.
  • In my school there is a large courtyard, in the center of which is the flag. We are standing in the morning queue in the courtyard.
  • My school has a soccer field, and a basketball court. I’m a member of the school’s basketball team.
  • We stand in the morning queue at half past seven in the morning.
  • My school has a garden with trees and flowers. We take care of the garden, and we water it every morning.
  • My school is surrounded by big trees, with many branches, they bloom in the spring.
  • There are primary school students and middle school students in my school, so it has a large number.
  • My school is clean, the students keep the classroom clean and the yard clean.
  • Everything in my school is beautiful, I love my school very much.

Description of the school day

To write my school 10 lines for children essay, you can describe the school day as follows.

  • I get up at six, get ready to go to school, put on my school uniform and comb my hair, then I have breakfast with my family.
  • At seven o’clock the school bus comes. I go to school by bus because the school is 10 km away from my house.
  • I stand in line in the morning queue at half past seven. I often participate in presenting the school radio segments. I love poetry, and that is why I say some verses from patriotic poetry in the morning assembly.
  • At eight o’clock the first period begins, I start my school day actively. I listen to my teacher well and understand my lessons.
  • During the break I eat some sandwiches, and play with my friends.
  • At the end of the school day, I take the bus and go home. I help my mother to prepare the food. I have lunch with my family at four o’clock. Then I do my homework.
  • After I finish studying, I sit with my family to watch TV programmes. I go to my room to sleep at eleven o’clock.
  • This was one of my days while studying, it is very different from my day while on vacation.

Activities in my school

Since the school has a lot of activities, you can write some of these activities when you are asked to write my school 10 lines for children essay.

In fact, my school has many activities, including the following:

Cultural activity: Many students participate in cultural activity, under the supervision of teachers.

There is a large library in my school, with various books, in addition to electronic books that we can read on the mobile using the Internet.

Sports activity: My school is characterized by several sports activities, such as a football team, a basketball team, and other exercises that help strengthen muscles.

Artistic activity: In my school there are several artistic activities, such as music, drawing, acting and singing.

Scientific and technological activity: My school has a modern science lab, and my school has a computer lab.

Craft activity: My school is characterized by several craft activities, in the fields of agriculture, industry, carpentry, sewing, embroidery and others.

Subjects in my school

Also, when you are asked to write my school 10 lines for children essay, you can write about the subjects you study, and what subjects you like, as follows:

We study science subjects such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, as well as languages ​​and computers.

There is also another department that studies literary subjects such as history, geography, philosophy, literature, in addition to languages ​​and computers.

I prefer studying scientific subjects, I like to conduct experiments in the lab, and I also like to solve difficult mathematical problems.


When you are asked to write My School 10 Lines For Children essay, you can choose one of the previous forms such as a description of the school, a description of your school day or write about the subjects you like, and if you are asked to write my school 10 lines for children essay you can write about school activities and what your favorite activity is.

I hope you have benefited, and we appreciate your comments.


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