Essay on lying
Essay on lying

Essay on Lying 3 Models

Essay on lying, lying is wrong behavior, and some people resort to lying and falsifying the truth. Lies are used for many purposes, a liar is someone who is not trusted. When you lie and people find out your lie, no one will believe you even if you tell the truth.

Essay on lying, in which we explain that the liar loses his social relationships little by little, and becomes an outcast from others. If you lie once, you will surely lie many times, so lying is considered bad behavior, and it will cause the liar many problems.

Telling the truth is the only way for others to respect and value you. Honesty makes you a loved person, trusted by others, while lying will not bring you any benefit, it will make you an obnoxious person that no one can ever trust you, no matter how hard you try to improve yourself.

Essay on lying

Often a person becomes accustomed to lying, and he can never give up on it. In this case, it becomes difficult to treat this person, and he must visit a psychiatrist in order to help him get rid of lying. There is no doubt that lying causes many problems, especially if the topic will harm someone, or waste the rights of some people.

There is a kind of lying that some resort to to support a person, such as praising and complimenting with kind words to raise someone’s morale. In an essay on lying, I will explain the meaning of lying, why some people resort to lying, and it is important to know how to help a person get rid of this bad habit.

Meaning of lying

Lying has one meaning, which is not telling the truth, and some people resort to lying for several reasons, but whatever the reason, lying remains falsifying the truth. This leads to a lack of confidence in the lying person, and people will consider that everything that person says is a lie.

One of the most dangerous types of lying is the one that results in the loss of rights or damage to a person.
Therefore, we must raise children to tell the truth, no matter the circumstances.

Lying is an acquired habit and in many cases it becomes a permanent habit for a person and he cannot get rid of it easily.

Why do some people resort to lying?

There are several reasons that lead a person to lie, one of the reasons for lies is fear. When a person commits a mistake and fears punishment, he resorts to lying to escape punishment, and in this case he may oppress another person and expose him to harm.

Children resort to lying for fear of punishment from their parents, and they may falsely accuse others of doing wrong things. In most cases, the child will get used to lying every time he makes a mistake, and therefore parents must be guided to the correct way of raising children, and this will be through educational programs under the supervision of psychiatrists.

We must also resort to a specialist doctor to treat the problem of lying, and in the essay on lying I will explain the different reasons for lying.

The family has a major role in treating the problem of lying, by accustoming their children to telling the truth, and not punishing the child by beating when he commits a mistake. But we must explain to him the damages that result from doing wrong actions, by giving advice and guidance and using the method of reward to encourage children to do good deeds and keep away from unwanted things.

The school also plays a major role in treating the problem of lying, through educational stories and religious materials that urge honesty and avoiding lying. Likewise, teachers do not resort to punishing negligent students by beating. Educational methods must be used in educating students, encouraging them to learn and acquire new skills.

Some people resort to lying to improve their image with others, these people do not trust their abilities, and they try to overcome their failure by lying, they say unreal things to delude others that they are successful people.

In fact, these people need the help of a psychiatrist, so that they can trust their abilities and discover their talents, as all of this will help them get rid of lying.

Women usually resort to using words that do not reflect the truth to raise someone’s spirits. These words are considered a kind of lying as well, but it does not harm the person, and in many cases these words have a good effect in helping the person overcome an ordeal. These words can make other people happy and encourage them to work and love life.

In the essay on lying, we will talk about the harms of lying to both the lying person and the people around him, such as his family members or friends.

Lying damage

Lying has many damages, including damage to the liar himself, as he knows that he is a liar and thus loses his self-respect, and he always feels that he is less in status than others.

He also feels the hatred of others for him, and is always in tension and anxiety, afraid that others will discover his lie.
In the end, lying becomes a habit that he cannot get rid of.

There are damages suffered by innocent people as a result of the words of a lying person. For example, in many cases, the judge needs to hear the statements of witnesses in order to rule on a case. And when the witness is a liar, this will mislead the judge and he will not judge with justice, and the result will be the injustice of innocent people and sentencing them to imprisonment or death, and this is considered one of the worst damages that result from lying.

Also, one of the harms of lying is causing problems and disagreements between people, which leads to separation of friends, enmity between brothers, and other bad things.

Some people resort to lying in order to obtain the rights of others. And we find this at work, where one of the employees lies in order to obtain the approval of the manager, and in this way he may oppress his colleague at work and take away his right to promotion or otherwise.

Lying causes problems between the liar and the rest of his family, and makes his friends distance from him as well.
In the essay on lying, I will mention some ways to treat the problem of lying.

Treating the problem of lying

It is important for the family to play its role in raising its children to tell the truth, whatever the circumstances. Encouraging children to tell the truth without fear, enhancing the child’s self-confidence, respecting his abilities and helping him to discover and enhance his strengths, in addition to not adopting violent methods of punishing the child such as beating. All of this strengthens the child’s personality and makes him not fall prey to fear of punishment.

The school must also be a positive factor in shaping the student’s personality, and instilling in him good habits, the most important of which is not lying. Therefore, teachers must set a good example for their students.

And the person who used to lie must be helped by the specialized doctors.


At the end of the essay on lying, I introduced you to the meaning of lying, which is not telling the truth. There are many reasons why people resort to lying, including fear, selfishness and self-love, hatred of others, feelings of inferiority and lack of self-confidence.

All these motives must be treated, by observing the child from a young age, and correcting his behavior with the help of specialized doctors. I mentioned ways to treat the problem of lying, and the role of both the family and the school in solving this problem.

I hope you have benefited from my essay on lying and I would love to receive your comments.

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