Essay on if I were a bird
Essay on if I were a bird

Essay on if i were a bird 3 Models

Essay on if I were a bird, an interesting topic that expresses our beautiful dreams, we present several models such as, a short essay on your dream of being a bird, a paragraph about the world of birds, why do you want to become free like birds, the beauty of birds and the diversity of their forms, the language of birds, essay on children’s imagination and their love for birds and when adults wish to be like a bird, all of which you will find in the essay on if I were a bird.

Many times we wish to fly away in the sky as birds fly, and that remains an impossible dream. But it is enough to fly with our imagination to the fullest extent, in fact, not everything we want is achieved. But many times we find happiness in dreaming about something that is impossible to achieve.


Essay on if i were a bird

There is no doubt that our dreams when we were young were innocent and beautiful dreams, and in the essay on if I were a bird we will learn about these dreams.

Childhood is a stage in which we can imagine and dream of things that are impossible to achieve, such as being a bird, and the strangest thing is that we feel confident that we will achieve our dreams. Children live in a world of imagination that makes them happy, and when we grow up and realize what is around us, we give up those innocent dreams, live reality and search for real dreams related to our lives and our future.


But adults too often resort to fanciful dreams, and in the essay on if I were a bird I will explain the reasons for a reasonable adult to wish to be a bird. There are certainly many reasons, such as his desire to escape from problems and burdens, or the search for freedom, and others.

If I were a bird

In the early stages of my life, when I was six years old, I used to watch the birds in the early morning, as they stood on top of the tree, and moved from branch to branch while making beautiful sounds indicating that they were happy.


Their colors were beautiful, and it makes me happy when I look at them. Their voices indicate that they are happy, and their movements indicate that they are graceful.

The sound of the birds early in the morning was very beautiful, indicating their joy at welcoming a new day. The birds then set out to search for food. They fly in organized groups, and do some displays in flight. They fly in the form of a row at once, or in the form of the letter V, and sometimes they fly in several rows.


I look at birds and admire their shapes and colors, as well as their beautiful voices. All of this made me wish to be a bird, and in the essay on if i were a bird, I will imagine what would happen if I were a bird? And I imagined the following:

What would I do if I were a bird?

If I were a bird I would do all the beautiful things, I would fly from bough to bough, from tree to tree, and stand on a mulberry tree, and eat of it every day. Berries are my favorite fruit.

As I can fly to far places and see different cities, I will spend my whole day playing and having fun. I return to my nest as the sun sets, sleep through the night and wake up early in the morning.

The most beautiful thing about the life of birds is that they play for a long time, they do not have to come to school, and they do not have any homework.

I would sum up everything I like to do if I were a bird in the essay on if i were a bird:

  • The first thing I would do if I were a bird was I would build my nest on a branch of a mulberry tree, for I love berries very much, and I would eat plenty of them. I could eat berries for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This is a fun thing.
  • If I were a bird, I could fly between different fruit trees and eat fresh fruit in the morning, lunch and evening, and at each meal I would eat a different kind of delicious fruit.
  • I imagined myself flying with a group of colorful birds, moving from tree to tree, and from branch to branch.
  • I imagined my voice as sweet as birds, that I understood their language and talked with them, and told them where to eat, how far the wheat field was from us, and in what direction we should fly.
  • I also imagined myself to be the leader of the group of birds, I would fly in front of them and they would fly behind me, and I would guide them to the place of water, where there is a freshwater lake 2 km away.
  • If I were a bird, I would fly over gardens and places not for the public, and I would see things that most people cannot see.
  • And I imagined that I was flying over my house, and I saw my mother, father, and brothers, and I was standing at the window of my room and making beautiful sounds so that my brothers would wake up and go to school.
  • I can also fly over my school, to see my friends in class, and stand on the tree in the school yard to see my friends playing soccer.
  • In fact, despite the beauty and happiness of the birds, I felt nostalgic for my family, my home, my friends, and my school. That’s when I realized that my life with my family is the most beautiful life I can live, and I can enjoy the beauty of birds without being a bird.

Escape from reality

I will talk about the dreams of adults. Did you know that adults also wish they were a bird that flies freely in the sky, moving from place to place, and from country to country without a passport, visa, ID or money. And in my essay on if i were a bird I will make this clear:

Often a person feels like a prisoner, unable to move from one place to another freely. There are many restrictions that countries have put in place to control the movement of individuals.

These measures may hinder the gathering of family members, or a person may not be able to take his wife or children with him except for a short period of time. Surely these people wish they were birds, flying in the sky and moving from one country to another without restrictions.

Likewise, people who feel injustice and are unable to obtain their rights would wish if they were a bird flapping its wings in the sky, and turning away from anyone who causes harm to it.

Likewise, when there are no political rights and no freedom of expression, a person feels that he is chained with iron chains, and he wishes to be a bird that flies freely from place to place. Thus, we find that the impossible dreams of adults are dreams of escaping from reality.

In fact, both young and old do not see in the life of birds anything but what they lack. Young people are looking for play, fun and joy, and adults are looking for freedom, safety and justice.

But the life of birds also has many dangers, and there is no place in it for laziness or indolence, and they are threatened by hunters, and also by the most powerful birds, which are called raptors such as eagles, falcons, and others.


At the end of the essay on if i were a bird, I have shown the dreams of young children, and why they wish they were a bird. They are beautiful dreams, all of which are innocent and optimistic, and look to the future with joy.

In many cases, the child wishes he was a bird in order to get rid of his homework, or because he wishes to play and have fun like a bird.

On the contrary, the unfulfilled wishes of adults indicate despair and depression, and sometimes indicate a sense of oppression and injustice. In both cases, both the young and the old aspire to be like the bird, because they see in the bird the qualities of beauty, fun and happiness. In addition, they feel that the bird enjoys great freedom, and does not have any duties or rights, as they imagine that the bird lives in absolute happiness, and does not have any responsibilities.

At the end I hope you have benefited from my essay on if i were a bird, and I would love to receive your comments.

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