Essay on my school picnic

Essay on my school picnic 3 Models

Essay on my school picnic, it is important to have a day of leisure, exercise and enjoy the beauty of nature. The most beautiful journey a person can take is a journey with his friends, and under the supervision of his teachers.

We will present several models, such as a short essay on the school picnic, a paragraph and a long essay, which are suitable for students in the fifth and sixth grades of primary school, and the first, second, and third grades of middle school and high school.

We will discuss the importance of the school picnic and its benefits for students and teachers as well.

Essay on my school picnic

It is important that there be a day of renewal, fun and play, so we will write an essay on my school picnic in which we review the importance of that day for students and teachers, what are the benefits of going out on a trip with friends, how students prepare for the school picnic day, and what activities they practice in that day.

We will explain the role of the teachers in supervising the trip, organizing the work for that day, and taking care of the students, so that the students return home happy and joyful.

The importance of a school picnic

It is very important to have a school picnic, because the students are bored of studying, and they look forward to a day when they entertain themselves and enjoy the beauty of nature.

The school picnic is no less important than the science that students learn in schools, where students need to have fun and play.

Also, this day is a good opportunity to form strong relationships between students, and the school picnic helps teachers discover the talents of their students, as everyone on that day acts simply and without thinking or shame.

On the day of the school picnic, there is a convergence of ideas between the students and the teachers, and the fear of the students disappears, so that they can express themselves frankly.

The school picnic is a renewal of our energies, and it gives us the ability to continue learning seriously, and we also gain new experiences while we are with the teachers on the day of the school picnic, which may be scientific or ethical and behavioral experiences.

How to prepare for the school outing

The students look forward to the day of the school picnic. Since the school announced the school picnic day and every student is preparing for this day, some students like to play football so they will bring ball and sports clothes, others prefer chess, so they will bring this game with them. Some students like to read stories, so every student will enjoy the school picnic day in their favorite way.

My school picnic

The appointment was at seven o’clock in the morning, so I got up early, put on beautiful clothes, I feel that it is a holiday, and I carried my bag and headed to school. And I had prepared my bag yesterday, and put in it a large number of sandwiches, fruits, juices and water, because we were going to spend a whole day outside the house. I also took sports clothes with me, to play football with my colleagues.

When I went to school, I found all my friends waiting for me, and a large bus for excursions came. My classmates and I got on the bus, and that was under the supervision of the teachers, and each student sat in his assigned place. The bus took off on a long road, with tall trees and vast green spaces on both sides of the road.

Manifestations of our happiness on the day of the school picnic

The manifestations of happiness appear to us from our first meeting at school, everyone is happy, it is a day similar to the day of Eid, and when the bus started, we started singing, clapping, and laughing, until we reached the desired place.

The place was wonderful and the atmosphere was refreshing, spacious gardens, flowering trees, roses in bright colors, and birds flying from one tree to another. Everything was beautiful, the students got off the bus running everywhere, as if they were beautiful butterflies, laughing and having fun happily.

Organizing a school picnic

There is no doubt that teachers have a great role in organizing the school picnic day, and preserving and caring for students.

And the teacher asked us to eat breakfast first and then play after that, and indeed each of us sat down to eat the breakfast that his mother prepared for him.

Eating food in the picturesque nature makes it taste tastier, and then the teacher divided us into groups, one group will play football, another group will race for a distance of 500 meters, and another group will play chess.

Thus, each student was doing his favorite thing, and all the students were happy.

When it was time for lunch, we ate our lunch and drank tea, and there was a mountain near the place, so we went to it and climbed it. There was a great competition between the students, and we had a really good time.

The teacher also took advantage of the opportunity and explained to us the types of rocks, what plants grow in the mountain, and the animals that live in the mountain as well.

Before the end of the day, the teacher asked us to all sit in a circle, and to talk to each other, and each of us to talk about his favorite activities.

Benefits of a school picnic day

The day of the school trip is a day to renew the energy of students and teachers as well. There is no doubt that it is a one-day trip, but it gives students energy and activity for a whole semester.

Also, the school picnic day brings the students closer to their teachers, and they get to know them more, and the students gain a lot of experiences on that day. In addition to enjoying the beauty of nature, and strengthening relationships with colleagues. The school picnic day is a great opportunity to have fun, play sports, and show talents.


At the end of the essay on my school picnic, we presented several models, a short essay and a paragraph, a long essay on the school picnic day, and we discussed the importance of the school picnic day and its benefits for students, how to spend that day happily, and the role of teachers in organizing the school trip and preserving and protecting students.

I hope that you have benefited from this topic, and I am pleased with your comments.

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