Essay on self respect
Essay on self respect

Essay on Self Respect 3 Models

Essay on self respect is an important topic because self respect is a good quality that we must teach our children from a young age. 3 examples such as a short essay on self-esteem and its importance in shaping the students’ personality, and a presentation on the role of both the family and the school in providing children with self-esteem.

There is no doubt that self-respect makes you a likable person, and you can set an example for others. Self-respect is your means of achieving a prestigious social position.

An essay on self-esteem and self-confidence that is suitable for students in the fourth, fifth, and sixth grades of primary school, and students of the first, second, and third grades of middle school and high school.

Essay on self respect

There is a close relationship between self-esteem and the accomplishment of important work, because self-esteem stems from your belief in your abilities. One of the most important factors that help you to enhance self-esteem are positive thinking about yourself, developing your skills, and being satisfied with your achievements, no matter how small. Because that will encourage you to progress and develop yourself.

But thinking about yourself in a negative way will make you feel frustrated and dissatisfied with yourself and thus develop mental illnesses such as depression, stress and anxiety. In the essay on self respect, we will explain the importance of self respect in forming a strong, positive personality as well.

Discover yourself

It is important to discover yourself, and know what distinguishes you from others. When you know your strengths, you can benefit from that, because everyone has abilities that qualify them to stand out from the crowd.

And you must enhance and develop your capabilities, because we depend on acquiring information from learning and from life experiences, and we also benefit from the experiences of others.

And you should know that distinguished people do not differ much from you in terms of intelligence, but rather they are people who have made more effort in acquiring knowledge, and you can be like them by making some effort and developing your abilities.

It is also important to discover your weaknesses and work to strengthen them. For example, some students do not like mathematics, and feel like a failure as a result. But it is better to think in a positive way and look for a solution to this problem, by learning the basic mathematical principles first, understanding them well, and then gradually moving to more difficult mathematical lessons. You can also use the help of a mathematics teacher to understand mathematics.

This was just an example, and your thinking should be positive in solving problems, because escaping from problems and not confronting them only makes them worse, and it is difficult to solve them in the future.

Methods of enhancing self-esteem

There are many ways to boost your self-confidence and help you improve your abilities. In the essay on self respect, we will mention some of these methods.

Not to compare yourself with others: It is important to realize that everyone has advantages and disadvantages, but the successful person is the one who can make good use of his abilities, and tries to develop his abilities continuously.

Appreciating your good qualities: It is important to be proud of your achievements, encourage and praise yourself, as this makes you feel  psychologically peaceful, and increases your self-confidence.

Not thinking about past failures: You should not atone for past failures because that makes you feel like a failure, and does not help you achieve any success.

Think objectively: You must be wise and not make difficult decisions in a time of frustration, and it is important to get rid of anxiety and stress.

You must entertain yourself: It is important to entertain yourself, because that rejuvenates your activity, and makes you more interested in life. Entertainment is one of the means that relieves you of anxiety and stress.

Exercising: Sport is one of the important ways that helps a person to believe in his abilities, as sport improves a person’s psychological state, and thus he can think in a positive way, and enhance his abilities.

Taking care of your external appearance: There is no doubt that paying attention to personal hygiene and taking care of your external appearance increases your self-confidence, and makes others appreciate and respect you, all of which increases your self-esteem.

Giving and helping others: There is no doubt that providing service to others makes you feel confident in yourself, as well as psychological peace, and all of this gives you respect for yourself.


At the end of the essay on self respect, I gave you important tips to boost your self-esteem, such as not comparing yourself to others, not thinking about past failures, and thinking positively about the future.

It is important to encourage yourself, by remembering your achievements and being proud of them, because this will encourage you to complete other work successfully.

One of the important things is to discover your weaknesses, in order to work to strengthen them, and one of the most important means that helps you to respect yourself is to help others. This is because when you deal with people who are less than you in knowledge or economic status, it will increase your self-confidence and self-esteem.

One of the factors that increase your self-respect is the respect of others for you, and this requires you to be a polite person and have a good appearance.

I hope you have benefited from my essay on self respect.

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