Essay on sacrifice
Essay on sacrifice

Essay on sacrifice 2 Models

Essay on sacrifice, a short essay on sacrifice is moral and religious behavior, many models such as a paragraph on sacrifice and its effects on the individual and society, an essay on the sacrifice of parents for the sake of their children, sacrifice is actions, not words, self-sacrifice for the sake of the homeland is one of the highest types of sacrifice and an essay on sacrifice for the sake of making others happy.

Interesting topics, written in an easy style, suitable for the fifth and sixth grades of primary school, and the first, second, and third grades of preparatory and high school, in which I present wonderful examples of sacrifice.

It is also important that we work on developing this great moral behavior among citizens, by honoring the people who sacrificed for others. These people are real heroes and deserve thanks and praise.

Essay on sacrifice

The character of sacrifice is a great character, which only a great person can possess. Essay on sacrifice  includes fine examples of sacrifice. Sacrifice is not easy, not all people can give the most precious thing they have for others. Sacrifice is an attribute that transcends its owner and raises his worth.

Therefore, only good people who love the benefit of others do it, and therefore if we look at our reality, we will find that the people who sacrifice for the sake of others are few, especially whenever corruption spreads and bad morals prevail, and people are busy collecting money and forgetting to raise children on good morals.

Sacrifice definition

Sacrifice is when a person voluntarily gives up something that belongs to him, or his right to obtain it, to others in order to make them happy and achieve success for them. In this case, he prefers others over himself, and prefers to make them happy and benefit them. In many cases, the sacrificer will be affected negatively throughout his life because of this sacrifice.

One of the sacrifices that no one can deny is the sacrifice of the mother and the father for the sake of their children. It is a sacrifice that takes place every day without complaining or grumbling, so that the children do not feel these sacrifices and consider them for granted (normal).

Sacrifice is a moral and religious behavior

Sacrifice is a great moral behavior, and only a person who was raised to love goodness for others, and whose family cultivated sacrifice for the sake of others, would do it, and taught him that happiness is not real unless those around you are happy. In our essay on sacrifice, it is important to write about the importance of spreading this good behavior among citizens.

And when we look at the characteristics of people who sacrifice for the sake of others, we find that they are among the most sincere and kind-hearted people, and the most merciful of them towards the weak, because sacrifice is only issued by a person of decent morals.

This is because sacrifice is preferring others over oneself, and this is a very difficult thing for anyone to do, and it requires high morals and faith that this sacrifice will not be lost in vain.

Sacrifice is a religious behavior in the first place, as all monotheistic religions urge sacrifice for the happiness of others, and for the protection of homelands.

The Messengers were the role models for humanity in patience, sacrifice and enduring hardships, all in order to spread goodness and good morals among people.

Kinds of sacrifice

There are many types of sacrifice, so you should mention some of them in the essay on sacrifice. It is certain that every person of us lived a situation and made a decision to sacrifice, so sometimes he was the sacrificer and at other times he was the recipient of the sacrifice, and there are many examples of that, and we can mention the following:

  1. Sacrifice effort: In many cases, the sacrifice is an effort you make to help a weak or elderly person meet his needs, or to do the work instead of him. An example that occurs on a daily basis is giving up your seat on public transportation to a woman, an elderly man, or a pregnant woman.
  2. Sacrificing time: Sacrificing time is a form of sacrifice, and you can sacrifice some time to help a colleague understand his lessons, teach someone to write and read, or do other charitable causes.
  3. Sacrifice money: Sacrifice money is one of the most common types of sacrifice among people, as all monotheistic religions urge to help the poor. Therefore, the rich donate part of their money to the poor, and that is voluntarily. Money is also donated to social organizations, and the rich contribute to building hospitals, schools, universities, roads, facilities, and more.
  4. Sacrificing social position: We often find that someone gives up his position to another person voluntarily, because he feels that that person is more deserving of this position than him, or because he wants this person to succeed and rise above him. And I saw in one of the running competitions the first contestant fell a very short distance before the finish line, and he could not get up, and the surprise was when the next contestant helped him to get the first place. The contestant gave up the victory for himself and sacrificed for someone else. This contestant has won everyone’s appreciation and respect.
  5. Self-sacrifice: Self-sacrifice is considered one of the highest types of sacrifice, and it requires a person to be convinced of the cause for which he sacrifices himself, and many soldiers sacrifice themselves in defense of their homelands. Their heroic work will remain a crown over their heads, and we will remember them throughout our lives, for their favor to us is great.

Parents sacrifice

There is no doubt that the sacrifice of fathers and mothers is one of the greatest deeds, as the mother sacrifices her comfort and health since pregnancy, and suffers many health problems during pregnancy, then suffers more during childbirth, so that she may die during childbirth. So you should mention ,in our essay on sacrifice, the sacrifices of the mother and father.

Since the mother gives birth to her child, a new phase begins in her life. It is a phase in which there is no rest, as the mother gives up her physical comfort, sleep and life regime in order to take care of her child.

The mother continues to care for her child, and the problems multiply. The mother tries to provide her child with a healthy, happy life filled with love and tenderness. At every stage of the child’s life, the mother finds herself facing bigger problems and challenges that she must deal with.

The long journey continues until the child becomes an adult who can depend on himself. In fact, the role of the mother does not end, no matter how old her children have grown and become men and women. Rather, they turn to their mother whenever they encounter a problem, or feel that they need love and tenderness.

Likewise, the father’s sacrifice is great, as he works and toils in order to provide the necessary money for the family, and thus he gives up his comfort and enjoyment of his time, and prefers buying the family’s needs rather than buying his own needs.

How to acquire the sacrifice characteristic

There is no doubt that it is nice to accustom our children from childhood to this great moral, which is the moral of sacrifice, and there are some factors that help in acquiring this moral, including:

  • Accustom yourself to love the good of people, and help them as much as possible.
  • Accompany people with good manners, because a friend has a great influence on your behavior.
  • Get rid of selfishness and self-love, and get rid of bad morals.
  • Eliminate indifference to the feelings of others.
  • Be brave and enterprising, and do not care about the opinions of others as long as you think you are doing the right thing.
  • Reading the history of your country gives you feelings of patriotism and respect for the martyrs who sacrificed themselves in order to liberate their country, or to provide a better life for future generations.
  • Follow religious teachings, which urge social solidarity, and help the poor and needy.


At the end of the essay on sacrifice, I dealt with the definition of sacrifice, and that it is a word that denotes a great work, and I presented a paragraph about the types of sacrifice, and what are the greatest types of sacrifice, including the sacrifice of parents for the sake of their children.

In the end, we cannot deny that sacrifice is a moral and religious behavior, and the prophets are our role models in sacrifice, as they spent effort, time and hardship in order to spread goodness and peace among people.

In conclusion of the essay on sacrifice I hope you have benefited.

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