Essay on independence day
Essay on independence day

Essay on independence day 3 Models

Essay on independence day, is an article that interests all students at different educational levels. So we will give them a 500 word essay on independence day. And we will talk about the great independence day of India.

We will not forget to present short essays, paragraphs and sentences on independence day.

The student must know why this day is called independence day,  the rituals that take place on independence day and the importance of independence day for the countries that celebrate it.

Below we will talk in detail about this day.

Essay on independence day

Independence Day is a day that is celebrated on the same date that the country was liberated from occupation, and it is held every year. In our essay on independence day we will know that countries that are colonized by foreign occupation are subject to the rule of this occupation. History did not mention a single incident of colonialism that did not harm the people of the occupying country. But every time there is a fierce war between the colonizer and the people of the land.

Why do people hate colonialism?

The globe has a large number of countries and peoples. Each of them has a land on which they live, and they inherited it from their ancestors.

But sometimes another country feels greed for a land that does not belong to it, and this is a kind of greed and selfishness. After that, it was decided to go out to colonize the other land and steal its wealth, which is not the right of anyone but its people only. Then attack them and kill them and loot the good and send it to its land. That is why we must hate the colonizer for stealing our land and killing our people.

What are the people of the earth doing against colonialism?

There is no people in the world that loves colonialism and lives with it in peace. But history has mentioned throughout the ages that the people of the land must fight the colonizer and return him to his country after many battles and victims on both sides.

That is why all countries must turn away from greed and not go and attack on lands that are not their right. A person must accept his homeland and what he has and leave others to live in peace with their families, and not threaten their land, kill them and displace safe families.

What is Independence Day?

After the suffering of the peoples of the country that was colonized and after several attempts to expel the colonizer, we find that after many years they sacrifice their money and large numbers of them are killed they obtain independence.

In the end, the people of the land will be able to expel the colonizer and gain independence. The day on which the state rules itself again becomes a great and worthy day to celebrate, and it is called Independence Day.

What are the manifestations of the celebration of Independence Day?

Celebration of Independence Day varies from country to country. There are countries that give official leave to all workers in the state, in order to feel comfortable.

Then the television broadcasts the heroic stories that the army heroes carried out in the face of the enemies and the heroic stories of the people who could faced colonialism. A large number of those who participated in the war against the colonizer are honored. Sweets are distributed and enthusiastic national anthems are raised.

What is the role of the media in celebrating Independence Day?

The media plays a big role in this great day, as speeches are given and broadcast on television for people to watch it in their homes throughout the day, and meetings are held with heroes and their families, and their homes and children are photographed receiving necklaces honoring the souls of those who died in the war.

The media is not satisfied with all of this, but it holds interviews with heroes in order to tell real stories from the midst of the war battles, so that the audience feels excited. At the end, films about the true events that happened are shown.

Independence Day in India

India has suffered from the British occupation that lasted for 200 years, and during all these years there were several battles between the Indian people and the occupation forces.

India suffered because the culture of Britain differed from that of India, which was causing strong clashes between the two sides. Many volunteer Indian warriors died to drive out the invasion. But in the end, India was able to get rid of colonialism, which was like a snake that gnaws at the bounties of India. On August 15, India celebrates the great Independence Day.

India is known for its great love of color, whether in clothes or in the use of color to sprinkle it during festivities.

India is one of the countries that celebrates with all its enthusiasm and feels that it is a country that loves to go out in gatherings. Where large numbers of citizens go out to the streets on Independence Day, and they spray colors and distribute sweets to each other, which makes Independence Day for the people of India a special day and attracts the attention of the world. Then they start flying kites with the color of the flag of India, which is a sign of freedom.

Independence Day in the USA

America celebrates Independence Day on the 4th of July. On this day, huge numbers of fireworks are launched that fill the sky, and citizens and their children gather to watch them.

Everyone wears hats or clothing shaped like the American flag. And marching in the streets in mass rallies. After watching the victorious fireworks, the people go to buy a famous American sandwich, a sausage, in order to conclude the Independence Day rites.


We have dealt with the International Independence Day that takes place in most countries of the world, through an essay on independence day.

We knew the importance of that day, which is a special festive day. Because the occupier left the country and left it to govern itself without interference from foreigners.

The rites of celebration differ from one country to another. But the common thing between all countries is that the flag of the state appears on this day in a large way. Where kites are made in the same colors as the flag, or clothes or hats in the same colors are worn.

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