Essay on good habits
Essay on good habits

Essay on Good Habits 13 Models

Essay on good habits, It is important to write an article about good habits because it makes us look at our behavior and evaluate it and discover what we are doing in terms of good or bad habits.

In addition, we carefully observe the behavior of others and their good habits. We acquire good habits through the society in which we live, and the greatest influence in this is the family, school, friends and the various media.

Good habits earn us the respect of others, and often a person needs a good example in order to acquire good habits easily and effortlessly.

Essay on Good Habits

Each society is characterized by a set of customs and traditions that its members practice without thinking. Therefore, it is important that these habits be good, because this will save a lot of time and effort to improve the behavior of individuals, because the person acquires all his information and behavior from the surrounding community environment, and is affected by what he sees and hears.

How do we Build Good Habits?

There is no doubt that the family is the main element in teaching its children good habits. When the family has good habits, its children will learn them easily and effortlessly.

A child imitates his family and acquires from them his customs and traditions, and he may keep these habits throughout his life.

Therefore, it is important to educate the family about the great and very influential role in teaching their children good habits.

Then comes the late childhood stage, where the school also plays a big role, as it teaches students the concepts that reinforce good habits and correct bad habits.

In the stage of youth and beyond, a person is able to modify his behavior and acquire new good habits that help him organize his life and make it more comfortable.

Often we acquire good habits by practicing for a long time, and what motivates us to maintain these good habits is the good results we feel as a result of the good habits we do, such as the respect and praise of others for our behavior.

What are the Good Habits

Examples of good habits that every family should teach their children are honesty and not lying, loyalty, commitment, respecting the elder and listening to his advice, kindness to the young and bringing him pleasure, helping the poor and the needy, maintaining our personal hygiene, maintaining the cleanliness of the environment, taking care of eating healthy foods, exercising, getting up early, and many other good habits that form our behavior in the future.

The acquisition of good habits makes us confident and self-esteem, and this makes us proud of what we learned in childhood, and makes us feel thanks to our family, which made us respectable people in our society.

Oftentimes, we see people who have a great deal of knowledge, but their habits may be bad, which makes us feel disgusted with their behavior, in which case we cannot take them as role models.

The Importance of Good Habits for a Person and for Society

There is no doubt that good habits are very beneficial for both the individual and society. For an individual, for example, he feels respected by others as a result of his adherence to good habits, and this makes him self-confident and self-esteem.

We form our opinions about ourselves as a result of how others view us. When we gain the respect and appreciation of others, we will stick to good habits, and good habits make us feel content and unscathed.

When citizens are of good morals and practice good habits, this will be reflected on the community, and there will be safety, honesty, seriousness in work and other good habits that work on the progress and prosperity of society.



Very Short Essay on Good Habits

There is no doubt that childhood is the most important stage in a person’s life, during which he learns many concepts and acquires most of the habits that accompany him throughout his life. Therefore, it is important for the family to take care of raising children and teaching them good habits.

Learning in childhood is through imitation, and therefore the child acquires most of the habits from his family, relatives and neighbors. It is important that those around the child be good people so that he learns good habits from them automatically.

An example of this is that a father cannot tell his son not to smoke while he smokes. How will he convince his son of the harms of smoking while he smokes. Likewise, the mother cannot tell her daughter not to lie, while the mother does.

When you want to teach the child a good habit, you must be convinced of this habit and practice it regularly, then the child will learn it easily and without any problems.

Examples of good habits that children should learn from a young age are honesty – respect for others – hard work – punctuality – keeping promises – exercising – getting up early – eating healthy – helping the needy – respecting the elderly.



Paragraph on good habits

Good habits earn us the respect of others, and one of the best good habits I learned as a kid is honesty. This habit made me a high position with others, everyone trusted me.

Oftentimes, my friends ask me for my opinion on matters pertaining to them, and in this case I tell them my opinion in all honesty.

I can not lie or hypocrisy, but I say my opinion frankly, but it is important that I choose the words in which I express my opinion so that others do not feel embarrassed, we can advise others, but in a polite way.

Therefore, all my friends love me and consult me ​​on many personal matters, and they know very well that I will tell them the truth.

Honesty is a beautiful trait and I got used to it since childhood, as my mother did not allow us to lie for any reason, even if we made a mistake, we must tell the truth.



Reading is a good habit essay

There is no doubt that good habits are many and useful, and one of these habits is the reading habit. I feel that the reading habit is the best good habit I have learned since childhood, thanks to my father.

My father had a library at home that contained many books and magazines, and I used to watch my father every night before bed. He went to the library and sat reading for two hours.

When I learned to read at the age of six, he bought me a gift, and this gift was a collection of children’s stories. I started reading when I was six years old, and my father used to ask me: Have you finished reading the story? And what did you gain from it??

There is no doubt that my father’s care of me made me think about everything I read. Then the habit of reading became essential to me, and I could not sleep until I read for two hours.

This habit of reading had good effects for my whole life. This good habit helped me to excel in my studies. In addition, it made me more aware of what happens in the world. In addition, it gave me confidence in myself, as my knowledge increased greatly.



Good Study Habits Essay

Undoubtedly, every student wants to excel  in his studies, but there are some good habits that he must follow in order to achieve the desired result, among which are commitment and seriousness.

Because a serious committed person will implement the plans carefully without laziness, the character of commitment and seriousness must be one of the most important habits you have, then after that comes planning and time management.

As well as the habit of getting up early is one of the most important habits that help you study your lessons.

It is important to develop a plan for yourself in order to achieve the goal, which is to succeed and excel in your studies.

One of the good habits that you must adhere to is also to write your notes about what you have read, or to summarize what you have read, as this makes you remember the information easily.

You should also know that asking your teachers for help is a good thing, because you will get the right information in the shortest time.



My good habits essay

My family has cultivated in me good habits, such as honesty and respect for others, helping the needy and other good habits.

But I have also added some good habits, which I practice regularly. Like playing sports and reading, in middle school I realized the importance of both exercising as well as reading, so I made sure that this is a habit that I practice regularly.

I was on the school soccer team, but I also play this favorite sport with my friends. On the weekends, my friends and I play soccer in the park.

As for reading, this good habit got a lot of interest from me. I have a small library at home but now I read books through mobile apps.

In fact, the use of mobile phones and the Internet has made reading available to everyone, and has made millions of books available to us.

That’s why I read a lot, sometimes I read while I’m on my bed, at home or on the transportation means. Reading has become available without effort, so we can read at any time we want, and in any place as well.



Good habits essay in english

In fact, I realized the merit of my father and mother when I grew up and had many friends. I have noticed that I have good habits that they do not have, and these habits I acquired from my childhood and it was my family’s credit for that, because I learned it from my father.

An example of these good habits is commitment. When I have an appointment with someone, I make sure to be there on time without delay. Also, when I promise someone that I will do something for them, I keep my promise no matter the circumstances.

One of the good habits that I learned as a child is to respect those who are older than me.

This good habit has brought me many benefits, because when I respect those who are older than me, they try to benefit me and pass on their experiences in life.

Also, helping the needy is a good habit and we must learn it from childhood, and this habit makes us feel happy because we helped a needy person.



Good food habits essay

There is no doubt that each of us likes to know what are the good habits of nutrition, especially after obesity has become so prevalent that it was called the “disease of the age“.

One of the good eating habits is to eat fruit two hours before or two hours after food, and not to drink carbonated water, and not to eat food and then sleep directly, but it is preferable that the last meal be three hours before bed.

There are many doctors who specialize in nutrition, and many people resort to dieting. But it is important to know that each person has a diet that suits him, and the food must contain all the nutrients the body needs, such as protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and salts.

The amount of water we drink should be appropriate for our body weight. There is a general rule if people follow it, they will not suffer from obesity, which says: “Do not eat until you are hungry, and if you do eat, you will not be satisfied.”

Every person can follow the appropriate diet for him, and from recent information discovered by researchers that fasting is one of the successful methods in the treatment of obesity.



Good habits and bad habits essay

Childhood is one of the most important stages of life in which a person’s personality is formed, as he acquires customs and traditions from his family through what he sees or hears from them. Therefore, there are many good habits we learn from childhood, as well as some bad habits.

Examples of good habits are honesty and respect for others, and these beautiful habits, if learned in our childhood, will be a reason for our success in life.

On the contrary, if the child learns some bad habits such as lying, cheating, bullying, etc., it will be difficult to get rid of these bad habits, and he will be hated by others because of these bad habits.

Therefore, the family has a great responsibility in raising its children and teaching them good habits that will benefit them in their future.



Composition on good habits

I have a friend who I love very much because he has good habits, he is an energetic and organized person. He can do many things and excel in them, and when I asked him about the reason for this superiority, he said that the credit is due to his mother, who is the reason for his return to getting up early and thus he can start his day early. He can study his lessons, play sports, go to the club, and visit his relatives, all these things he can do without trouble.

In fact, I try to imitate him in these good habits, but I find it difficult to wake up early, as I used to wake up late, especially on vacation.

I realized the importance of acquiring good habits from a young age, because learning them in childhood is much easier.



Write a paragraph on good habits

What we learn from good habits in our childhood remains with us throughout life. A person who is accustomed to truthfulness in his childhood, it is difficult for him to lie when he grows up, and this is one of the good habits that we must adhere to. Also, one of the good habits is to respect those who are older than us. One of the good habits that I grew up with is also helping the needy. The person may be poor and need financial assistance, and he may be weak or sick and need someone to meet his needs. And we should offer help to anyone who needs help because that spreads love among people.



Good and Bad Habits Essay

I have some good habits that I will keep throughout my life like getting up early and exercising regularly, and I never lie and hate liars. One of my good habits is to respect others, even if I differ with them in opinion.

But I have some bad habits that I try to get rid of, such as the habit of smoking. This is one of the worst habits because it is harmful to health, but I will get rid of this bad habit soon.

In addition, I am disorganized and this habit is also very bad because it makes me not do much work, so I decided to make a plan in advance of the work that I must do in my day.



Writing good habits essay 

One of the best habits that I got accustomed to since I was young is the gathering of all family members at my grandfather’s house on the day of the holiday. On that day there will be many children and young people in addition to my grandfather and grandmother.

On that day we eat the most delicious food, children play and have fun, young people talk about their future dreams, and parents and grandparents talk about memories of the past.

It is a day in which ideas and experiences are exchanged, as well as a feeling of love and strong bonding between family members.

This good habit has helped me a lot, I have learned many things from those who are older than me, in addition to my feeling of safety and that my family always supports me.

The habit of cooperation has become widespread among my family members because we meet and talk and each one of us knows the other’s problem and tries to help him solve this problem.



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