Saving earth essay
Saving earth essay

Saving earth essay

Saving earth essay, which is one of the most important topics, and perhaps the most important topic of all, as it relates to our lives and the lives of all our children.

Today’s topic about saving earth is related to each one of us, as we are all responsible for the environmental pollution that is exacerbating around us every day.

Today we will learn about the types of dangers that threaten our planet, as well as the role of individuals, governments and civil organizations to contribute to solving the problem of environmental pollution in all its forms and saving earth from destruction.

Saving earth essay

On a daily basis, we hear bad news spreading and exacerbating around us about the rise in global warming, the rise in sea and ocean waters, the extinction of many living creatures, and many other bad news that has become a concern for everyone.

Therefore, it was necessary to discuss the topic of saving earth and to identify how to reduce those dangers around us.

Today, we do not need meteors to fall on our planet to end the human race, but we will kill ourselves by our hands if the pollution around us continues to increase significantly.


How to protect the planet from pollution

According to projections by the United Nations, we will need three more planets have the same size of Earth by 2050 to meet our needs on Earth and maintain patterns of life and behavior on Earth.

Unfortunately, we only have one planet suitable for life. Therefore, it is imperative that we preserve it from pollution and commit to a comprehensive change of our daily lifestyle by following several methods, including:

1- Rationalizing water consumption

Of course, each of us must fulfill his duty towards the environment by following simple steps to change his daily behavior with regard to water consumption.

These steps are very effective and influential in preserving the environment, such as:

  • Turn off the tap when brushing teeth.
  • Repair all taps and malfunctions causing water leakage. Where it is possible to save at least 340 liters of water per day when repairing these leaks.
  • Reduce the shower time to 3 minutes.
  • The use of a shower water recycling device, which purifies the shower water and fills the toilet with it for cleaning.
  • Volunteering in civil organizations concerned with cleaning water bodies of waste.
  • Encourage those around you to conserve water and spread awareness among them that rationalizing water consumption is an integral part of saving the planet.


2- Rationalizing the consumption of electricity

The human race on the planet consumes huge amounts of electricity everywhere, whether in homes, factories, laboratories or other places and institutions, which leads to the emission of tons of harmful gases and radiation that pollute our planet such as carbon dioxide, sulfur oxide and nuclear waste.

Therefore, we must take the following steps to reduce this disaster:

  • The use of fluorescent lamps or LED energy-saving lamps, as they are considered environmentally friendly lamps, because they depend only on the movement of electrons in order to light without the need for heating, which leads to less energy consumption.
    It also does not contain mercury that is harmful to the environment, in addition to that it is difficult to break and lights up for up to 50,000 hours, which reduces the cost of electricity bills.
  • Following modern construction methods, such as building by thermal insulation, which leads to the absence of the need to use heating devices.
  • Following the traditional Japanese methods of conserving energy and electricity through “living walls“, which is the cultivation of types of climbing plants such as morning star ivy or bitter gourd on windows or walls, which blocks the hot sunlight and lowers the temperature of the house without the need to use air conditioning.
    Also, the Japanese old traditional method in which the residents spray the road in front of the house or the yard with water on hot summer days, and when the water evaporates, it lowers the temperature, making the air cool and pleasant.
  • Using solar energy to operate devices everywhere as much as possible, which saves electricity and eliminates harmful emissions that contribute to an increase in the rate of global warming.



3- Conservation of energy

This is done through continuous repairs and periodic maintenance of all devices, as well as repairing cracks in the walls or windows that lead to air leakage from air-conditioned rooms or that use heating devices, thus preserving energy within the place to be cooled or heated as much as possible and for as long as possible.


4- Preserve trees and plant more of them

Trees are an important natural element to preserve the environment. Trees purify the air from harmful substances such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and small particles, which provides us with the pure oxygen that we breathe.

Also, trees are an important natural element to combat climate fluctuations. Hence the urgent need to preserve the trees by not cutting them and also to expand their cultivation.

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issued a report stating that there is no way to reduce global warming except by planting an area of ​​forests estimated at about 2.5 billion acres before the year 2050.

Since this is a very large amount of trees, each individual must contribute to planting them and play his role towards the environment, by each person planting one or two trees, which contributes to solving the problem.


5- Keeping animals

Animals are an integral part of the planet and protecting them means protecting the planet because God did not create anything in vain, but all creatures on the planet have an important role in preserving it from destruction.

Therefore, we must protect animals from extinction by:

  • Leave enough areas of forest for her to live in.
  • Overfishing of animals or fish is completely prohibited, as about 90% of large fish are threatened with extinction due to pollution and overfishing and the extinction of dozens of species of animals daily for the same reason.
  • Volunteering to work with associations and organizations concerned with preserving animals from extinction.
  • Enact strict laws and apply penalties to anyone who pollutes water bodies or unjustly cuts trees from forests.


6- Recycling and saving materials

We must all change our wrong lifestyle habits and take serious steps to save materials used daily and also recycle as follows:

  • Waste must be separated from the source and put recyclable waste in a place designated for it.
  • Do not dispose of appliances or clothes by throwing them in the trash, but it is better to repair them or give them to those who benefit from it.
  • Purchasing only what we need in terms of food, equipment, or clothes, thus reducing the volume of individual waste.
  • Not using paper as much as possible and using electronic alternatives.


7- Don’t use plastic and shop wisely

Plastic is considered an environmental disaster by all standards, as it enters into thousands of industries and daily uses, resulting in millions of tons of waste every minute.

But this is not the only problem, but the problem is that it is a non-degradable element that can be consumed in a few minutes, but requires decomposition for centuries, because it is made from fossil fuels. Therefore we must do the following:

  • Replacing plastic bags and all items made of plastic that are used only once with other materials that are easy to use and recycle.
  • When shopping, we must buy organic products that are not harmful to the environment and use bags made of cloth to carry the products instead of harmful plastic.
  • We can encourage each other to do a recycling project in which all family members participate, thus contributing to saving earth and also reaping some profits.


8- Use of electronic alternatives

Reducing the use of paper and other materials has become a necessity to preserve the planet, so we can use electronic alternatives such as:

  • Electronic tickets.
  • Pay bills online.
  • Read newspapers and magazines and get the news online instead of on paper.


9- Sustainable food

Some may find it strange that keeping our diet healthy and away from harmful pollutants will contribute to saving the planet, but this is true and important, as the consumption of processed foods full of harmful substances destroys the environment, so we must:

  • Eating organic vegetables that do not use any kind of chemicals that destroy soil, air and human health, of course.
  • We must buy vegetables and fruits directly from the farms to save transportation and packaging damage to the environment around us.
  • We must reduce the consumption of beef as much as possible, as it emits large amounts of methane gas, which pollutes the environment greatly.


10- Education and awareness among individuals

It is necessary to spread awareness among individuals of all ages, from schools and universities to large institutions and within families, about the importance of preserving the environment and that this will help in saving earth and make us live in peace.

This is done through books and magazines that include important topics and reports on the environment and how to preserve it, and through the important role of media as well as social media.


11- Cycling

One of the most important ways to save the planet is to abandon cars and public transportation that fill the air with harmful gases and ride bicycles or walk, even if it is only two days a week.


The role of governments in preserving the planet

There is no doubt that governments have a great role in preserving the planet. During the past 30 years alone, human lifestyles have emitted about 500 billion tons of carbon dioxide, which is roughly half the amount emitted over the past century and a half.

Therefore, countries and governments noticed and enacted laws to limit climate change, including France, New Zealand and Sweden to eliminate carbon emissions completely by 2050. Other countries have also imposed “carbon taxes” on vehicles.

While we respect all efforts made to protect the planet, unfortunately, it is not enough. Everyone must do their best in this matter, as our life as a human race depends entirely on the sustainability of the planet, and the matter cannot be tolerated.



In the end, we can only say that the decision to save the earth is inevitable and relates to the fate of all races, especially the human race.

We must protect our loved ones by saving earth first, and taking all necessary measures to limit the spread of pollution and global warming by rationalizing electricity, water and energy, recycling things, reducing the use of plastic and using bicycles instead of cars.

The sound of our children’s laughter as they grow up in a healthy environment is much better than the sound of car engines and industrial machinery that pollutes the environment.



Save environment essay

The environment is everything that surrounds us from oceans, seas, rivers, atmosphere and soil, and it also includes the life we ​​live, wildlife and marine life as well.

The environment is us in every sense of the word, and the destruction of the environment means the destruction of the human race in addition to all other races that live on planet Earth.

Hence, saving the environment is imperative and every person living on the planet is responsible for his role to save the environment.

If each of us made some changes in his behavior and daily lifestyle, this would have a great impact on protecting the environment.

There are many things that we can do to preserve the environment, including rationalizing electricity consumption and relying as much as possible on clean energy such as solar energy.

And also rationalizing water consumption by turning off the tap when brushing teeth and reducing the showering period to only two minutes. This will greatly and effectively help in saving the environment.

There must also be an active role in enacting deterrent laws and imposing fines on anyone who tries to pollute the environment, such as carbon taxes that have been imposed on vehicles in many countries to limit the use of cars that emit carbon dioxide that destroys the environment.



Mother earth essay

Preserving the Earth’s security has become an imperative and should not be compromised. Recent studies have proven that we have only one decade ahead of us to limit the spread of pollution and save the planet.

Mother Earth provides us with all we need of water, air and fertile soil for agriculture so that we can live and survive.

Unfortunately, some people meet all these grants from Mother Earth with vanity and selfishness, polluting the environment and not preserving all these blessings, even though destroying Mother Earth will harm us in the first place.

Therefore, every individual must contribute to saving Mother Earth from destruction by recycling and not using materials made of plastic as much as possible and spreading awareness among all members of society.

These simple things will save all of our lives and the lives of our children. By following good health habits, such as riding bicycles instead of cars, and rationalizing our consumption of energy, water and electricity, it will lead to our survival and the survival of Mother Earth.



Mother nature essay

Mother Nature is everything that surrounds us of water, soil and air. They are all the blessings that God has bestowed on man to be able to live on planet earth.

Instead of preserving this blessing, man polluted it with all kinds of pollutants, including radiation, harmful gasses, and plastic waste that takes centuries to decompose.

Therefore, everyone must take a concrete and effective step towards saving Mother Nature from all these pollutants. Our survival as a human race depends solely and entirely on Mother Nature, if we pollute it, it will harm us all and by then it will be too late to fix what we have corrupted ourselves.

Everyone should start by following the instructions to save the environment, such as planting a tree, using recyclable materials, or rationalizing consumption and using clean energies as much as possible.

There is also the role of governments in enacting deterrent laws and fines for every citizen who does not follow the system in preserving Mother Nature.

Humans have exposed themselves, their children, and future generations to a grave danger that threatens the life and survival of the human race on planet Earth, and the harm has extended to wildlife and marine life as well.

Everyone should take notice before it is too late.



Essay on save environment 150 words

There is no doubt that man is the first enemy of himself, as he is always motivated by vanity, selfishness, and not thinking about his actions and the serious consequences that are reflected in them.

Where humans have polluted everything in the environment, including water, air, and soil, exposing living creatures to the risk of extinction by dumping waste in water bodies or reducing agricultural land, which has made many animals extinct or become homeless.

Therefore, we must all preserve the environment by not using chemicals in cleaning, as these materials contain toxins and will end up in drains, groundwater and soil, which spoils them.

We must also save the environment by preserving marine life by not throwing waste into water bodies, as well as not overfishing, which caused the disappearance of a large proportion of large fish and their exposure to extinction.

We must plant many trees, and this has two benefits: The first is to preserve the atmosphere from pollution, as trees work to purify the air of carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide and work to provide the pure oxygen that we breathe.

The second benefit of planting trees is to provide a safe environment for animals and birds that are threatened with extinction due to urban sprawl and unfair cutting of forest trees, which causes these animals to lose their natural habitats.

Of course, we will not forget the role of governments in educating individuals and spreading awareness among them about the importance of saving the environment and enacting laws and fines for anyone who attempts to pollute the environment.



Save our planet essay

Certainly, saving our planet is saving our souls and the lives of our children and those who will come after us from generations as well. Therefore, everyone has a responsibility to preserve our planet. If we each do our role, we will have a huge impact on saving the planet.

We must follow preventive methods that protect our planet from pollution, such as reducing the use of cars and replacing them with bicycles or walking, even if only twice in two weeks.

Also, individuals must inform governments immediately of all factories that dispose of waste by throwing it into water bodies and not hesitate to apply deterrent penalties to them. This is the right of all of us to save our planet which is saving our souls.

We must use electronic alternatives, which will reduce the use of papers and things that cause a lot of waste. We must rationalize the daily consumption of electricity by using energy-saving fluorescent lamps, as well as rationalizing the use of water by repairing all taps that cause water leakage.



Paragraph on save environment

Each of us has a significant and effective role in saving the environment. Do not underestimate your role in this vast universe. When each individual begins with himself and changes his daily behavior and adopts healthy behaviors to save the environment, we will find the effective impact of all these individual behaviors evident on the ground. We can volunteer in civil organizations concerned with cleaning water bodies from pollution, preserving endangered animals, or protecting marine life. Each of us can also plant one or two trees, thus expanding the agricultural area, which helps in purifying the atmosphere from pollutants and helps preserve wildlife as well.Also, raising awareness among members of society and educating them about the importance of preserving the environment has become imperative so that everyone can participate in saving the environment and then save his life and the lives of his children.Governments must provide clean energies in all places as much as possible, such as relying on solar energy instead of electricity that emits harmful and polluting radiation to the atmosphere.



Save trees save earth essay

Trees are of great importance in saving earth, and when we preserve trees, we save the earth with all its living creatures as trees are a natural element that works to resist weather fluctuations.

Trees also purify the air of harmful gases such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and small particles. Where a young tree absorbs about five kilograms of carbon each year. When they reach the age of ten years, they absorb about 21 kilograms of carbon each year. Trees also provide the oxygen we breathe.

According to the findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) of the United Nations, we can save earth only by planting about 2.5 billion acres by 2050.

Since this is a very large amount of trees, some suggested that each individual contribute to planting one or two trees to save the earth. Hence, it becomes clear to us that saving the trees is saving the earth.



Save mother earth essay

The United Nations predicts that by 2050 we will need three Earth-size planets to accommodate the human lifestyles we are leading now. Unfortunately, there is only one planet suitable for life, which is Mother Earth.

Therefore, everyone must participate in saving Mother Earth from pollution, as global warming caused by pollution threatens all of our lives.

Every day we hear about the melting of ice at the poles and the rise in sea and ocean water levels, which threatens to drown entire countries and spread homelessness and famine in them.

Hence the role of individuals in rationalizing consumption of electricity, energy and water, using recyclable tools, and shopping wisely by buying only what we need, using cloth bags and not using plastic. All of this will preserve the environment.

Volunteering in organizations concerned with cleaning streets, public places or water bodies from waste has a great impact in saving Mother Earth.

We do not forget to spread awareness among all members of society about the importance of maintaining a safe earth through various media and social media and urging people to reduce waste and use clean energies as much as possible.



Save water save earth essay

Certainly, we all know that planet Earth is the only planet in the solar system that is suitable for life, because of the presence of the ingredients for life on it, which are water, air, arable soil and other elements that make life and  living organisms extinct without it.

Of course, we all know that one of the most important components of life is the presence of water on the planet, where water constitutes more than 70% of the planet.

A very large percentage, isn’t it? But the shocking thing is that less than 1% of all this water is fresh drinking water.

As for the rest of the water on the planet, it is salty water that is not suitable for drinking or agriculture.

Hence the importance of saving water, as saving water is preserving the planet. We hear and watch news around us every day that talks about water pollution in all water bodies due to human waste, which exposes human lives to grave dangers due to the pollution of drinking water, which leads to the spread of diseases among people of all ages.

It also negatively affects the soil and crops, thus reducing soil fertility and contaminating food as well, which increases the epidemics.

Water pollution with factory waste, tons of plastic and chemicals filled with toxins that are dumped into water bodies daily affects marine life, as more than 90% of large fish in the seas and oceans are exposed to extinction and dozens of species are already extinct every day. This may cause a shortage of food, which leads to starvation.

Thus, man has destroyed himself by himself and contributed to the killing of his children and future generations as well. Hence, everyone must conserve water in order to preserve the planet by fixing the wrong lifestyle we live in. We must do the following:

  • Turn off the tap while brushing teeth.
  • Repair all taps that cause leakage and waste of water.
  • And also reduce the period of showering to two or three minutes only.
  • And the use of shower water recycling devices, which purify the shower water and fill the toilet with it until it is used for cleaning.
  • We must also volunteer in civil associations concerned with cleaning water bodies in the city in which we live, whether it is a lake, river or ocean.



Save earth paragraph

“Corruption appeared on land and sea because of what people did.” This noble verse of the Noble Qur’an has become a tangible reality that we see and hear about in the news every day. Unfortunately, we have all participated in polluting the planet ourselves, until the matter worsened and it became difficult to fix what we spoiled. Therefore, it became a collective responsibility to save earth. Everyone has a role to play in order to save his life and the lives of his children. The sustainability of the human race and the rest of the races depends entirely on the sustainability of the earth, which means that saving earth is saving life in all its forms. We must go towards rationalizing consumption in electricity, water and energy and try to use solar energy as much as possible instead of electricity.

We should also use environmentally friendly and recyclable tools and avoid the use of plastic as much as possible.

Governments must also contribute to save earth by enacting deterrent laws and imposing fines on those who pollute the environment.


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