Myself essay for class 1
Myself essay for class 1

Myself essay for class 1 3 Models

Myself essay for class 1, this type of essay is one of the most important essays that we should train a young child on.

Because of the young age of the student in class 1, writing an essay about himself will be a rather difficult step.

Therefore, we must help the young child and teach him what self-expression means. We must teach him how to start writing my self essay. What is the first sentence he should write in myself essay. We must encourage the child to say what is inside him in simple sentences, and not remain silent among his colleagues.

This is what we will teach children in our featured essay for today.

Myself essay for class 1

In order to teach the young child  to write myself essay for class 1 in the nursery school or in the primary stage, We must start by teaching the young child the basics of essay writing.

These basics should start with teaching him self-confidence and expressing what is going on inside him without fear of those around him, or fear of the reaction of his classmates. Because the child’s fear causes him to categorically refuse to write.

Steps to write an essay about myself

In order to write an essay about yourself, you must start by introducing your name. In the next step, you must state your age and where you live. Then you talk about the number and gender of your siblings, and remember your rank among family members. Then you talk about the father and mention his job and place of work, and you talk about the mother and mention her job and place of work.

You could talk about the school, mention the class in which you attend, and express how you feel about the school. Talk about the subjects you prefer. Talk about your close friends and the kind of games you play together, both at school and outside. Mention your favorite food and where you like to eat fast food. Finally, you can talk about the hobbies and sports that you spend your free time in.

Difficulties a child faces when writing an essay

First: Fear of bullying colleagues on the way he writes the article, and for this the teacher must alert everyone to the need to respect others and not laugh and ridicule when they express themselves.

Second: The child’s inability to write correctly because he does not know the alphabet, in which case the teacher must teach him the letters and teach him how to write words and sentences.

Third: The child’s inability to write coherent sentences with a clear meaning, and for this the teacher must help him to memorize sound sentences in order to use them when needed.

Fourth: The child’s confusion about the first sentence with which the essay will begin, and for this the teacher must tell him that he must introduce his name at the beginning so that he does not feel confused and anxious and does not write.

Sample of myself essay for class 1

My name is Ali Shaker. I am 6 years old and I live in India specifically in Bombay. I have 4 brothers and sisters, and I am the youngest person in my entire family. I like to play football with my brothers and run races.

My father is a high school teacher, and he goes to school every day. On his way to school he takes me with him to drive me to my school on his way. My mom works as a nurse in the hospital that treats burns. I don’t like to go to my mom’s when she is at work, because the sight of burns is scary and I can’t bear to see patients in pain.

I am inclass 1 of primary school, and I hope to be a pediatrician when I grow up. I love the school, I respect the teachers and I respect my colleagues.

My favorite food is curry rice that my mom makes. I like to buy candy in front of the school, but my mom warns me that candy is exposed and prone to flies.

On the weekends we all go out for a walk, buy ice cream, and sit in the park near our house. As for hobbies, I like to ride a bike and play soccer in front of the house. And in winter I like to drink a hot drink and watch TV with my family.

Conclusion of myself essay for class 1

At the end of my self essay for class 1, everyone should know that it is necessary for a child to express himself in the way he likes. This self-expression makes him stronger in his personality than those who do not express themselves.

A child who expresses himself knows who he is and knows his preferences and dislikes. As for a child who does not express himself, he is a child who lacks self-confidence and does not know what he likes or dislikes.

That is why kindergarten and primary children must be encouraged and taught to express themselves by writing a short essay topic, or a paragraph about myself, or even a long essay about myself. He can describe himself or write sentences about myself .

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