Essay on memories
Essay on memories

Essay on Memories 3 Models

Essay on memories, our memories are part of our lives. We go back with our memories to the past, and we remember the happy events in it. There are memories engraved in our minds, feelings hidden in our hearts, and images we kept in our eyes. Our memories are part of the past and they are the source of our happiness in the present.

In Essay on memories we can write our childhood memories, our memories with family and relatives on holidays and occasions, memories of the first school day, the education journey and the success we achieved, memories of the first love, and the first friend, our memories are our past experiences, from which we learned a lot.

Essay on memories

There are many memories in our lives, including beautiful memories that make us stronger, and other memories that contain a lot of pain and make us feel sad, especially if they are memories related to people we have lost.

In fact, there are memories that represent great meaning to us, as they are the best that happened to us in our lives, such as moments of success, or knowing someone else’s feelings towards us.

In Essay on memories, I will write about the importance of memories. We resort to searching for our beautiful memories so that we can bear the difficult circumstances we live in. We also wish that our past lives, especially those that brought us happiness, would return.

Childhood memories

Childhood memories are our most beautiful memories. They are engraved in our minds and hearts. I do not forget the kindness of my father and mother, their love for me, and the gifts they used to buy me. My beautiful toys I spent many times with her, playing with them and talking to them as if they could hear me, my little room, my bed and my desk.

I sat at this desk for several years studying my lessons, writing down my assignments, everything in my room had a fond memory in my mind and in my heart.

I like the writer’s saying: “Winter is cold for those who do not have warm memories.” Fyodor Dostoevsky. I remember the first school day very well, and in the Essay on memories I will write about the memories of that day. I felt a mixture of feelings, feelings of fear and feelings of joy. It’s my first day at school, I feel scared because it’s a new place, and I feel happy because I started the learning stage, and I quickly got used to school, and I became a top student in my studies.

In childhood, we get love and attention from our family, and this leaves a beautiful memory inside us throughout life. The feeling of security is the best feeling that a person needs, and that is why we always remember the childhood stage, and we feel happy and wish it would come back again, as our parents used to provide us with everything we need.

In childhood, we do not take responsibility and do not think of anything other than fun and play.

And Nibal Qundus says: “The children, despite their innocence and angelic nature, never forget the offense. Beware of leaving bad memories for them.

Teenage memories

Memories of adolescence are among the beautiful memories that remain hidden inside us for life. At this stage, I had successful and failed experiences. It is the stage in which I rebelled against receiving orders from my parents, and tried to rely on myself and make difficult decisions.

Sometimes I made the right decisions, and other times I made the wrong ones, so it is important to consult our parents and benefit from their advice.

In Essay on memories I will write some of my teenage memories. In adolescence I had many friendships, some of these friends were good, and therefore this friendship continued until now, but some friends were bad, and they caused me a lot of harm, so I moved away from them.

And there are people I love, but we parted because of education, or travel. These people are still present in my memory, and I cannot forget the beautiful times I spent with them. My memories of middle school and high school I can never forget, as they constitute the largest part of my memories, and at this stage I was exposed to many situations.

These situations are what formed my personality, this stage in which major changes occur in a person’s life. Therefore, it is full of experiences and difficult situations, and this stage is when we make true friendships, and these friendships may last a lifetime.

Adolescence is a period of strength, growth and aspiration to achieve dreams. Munther Al-Qabbani says: “The most important thing that a person carries with him through life is memories, both sweet and bitter.

In Essay on memories, why do we relive our memories?

Everyone has different memories, happy or otherwise, and in all cases we benefit from reliving our memories.

Beautiful memories bring happiness to our souls, and improve our psychological state, and therefore we should remember the beautiful things in our lives, such as our living with the family, the mother’s love, the father’s kindness, spending quality time with brothers and sisters, adventures and trips, the places we went to with people we love, Every beautiful thing we lived in the past will make us happy when we remember it.

Many times we don’t recall memories, but rather they come suddenly and we find ourselves smiling. A person carries within him the memories of a lifetime, and it is difficult for anyone to see them. They are special memories that provide you with feelings of love and happiness, and help you to continue progressing in life with some hope.

I like to remember all the beautiful things that happened to me in the past, they are my memories that I live by, and this does not mean that the present is bad, but the moments of happiness that we lived in the past are not repeated.

I like this saying: “Be careful who you make memories with, because those things last a lifetime.

Socrates the philosopher.


In the conclusion of the Essay on memories, Mark Twain says: “Memories are something above the will, above the heart, above the feelings, that is why they are unforgettable.”

You should know that our memories are part of us, through these memories our personality was formed, and some of these memories make us feel proud of the success we have achieved in our lives.

And some memories are painful and cause us some sadness, but we have benefited from it, and we are good to ourselves, our private memories are ours, and we should not talk about them with others. It is a summary of our experiences in life, we lived it honestly, and we learned from it, and in many cases we failed and tried again in order to reach success.

In conclusion, Essay on memories, I hope you have benefited.

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