Essay on happy new year

Essay on happy new year 2 Models

Essay on happy new year, which is a beautiful and interesting article because of the positives that we will mention in this topic.

In order to write an essay on happy new year, we must know the beginning of the New Year celebration. The student must know the importance of celebrating the beginning of the new year.

On the last day of December, the world celebrates the beginning of the new year, which begins on January 1. Every country has a way of celebrating the beginning of the new year, so we will get to know the most beautiful and strangest celebrations on this special day.

Essay on happy new year

Everyone loves to celebrate the new year and enjoy gathering with the family on the eve of the first day of the new year. Below is an essay on happy New Year. We will provide all the details related to the first night of the new year, when certain rituals are held.

These rituals may be similar or different from one place to another. But in the end, the family must gather for dinner. The dinner is a hot meal that suits the financial condition of the family. Where every family offers sumptuous turkey or any kind of delicious meat.

When did the New Year celebration start?

Humans have loved parties for thousands of years. The main reason for the celebration was the success in cultivating a distinctive type of crops. Where they were celebrating the harvest of the land and having a good harvest.

But with time people started celebrating for other reasons. One of the most famous celebrations is when everyone celebrates the end of the old year and the welcome of a new year.

The date of the celebration of the new year

The date on which the New Year is celebrated varies, as each country celebrates at a time that suits their culture.

The ancient Egyptians were celebrating during the flood of the Nile, and they used to wear ornate clothes and throw a beautiful girl into the river. Believing that it will not flood and damage agricultural lands.

As for the Chinese, they used to celebrate after the moon, and this is after the period of the winter solstice. As for European countries, the day on which the New Year is celebrated has been unified. Choosing the last day of December and the first day of January to be the celebration.

Why is the New Year celebrated?

By following an essay on happy new year, you will know the reasons people insist on celebrating the New Year for it.

The new year is of great importance to all people. Where people feel that the new beginning is more beautiful and ambitious than before.

People love new opportunities and beginnings. Where they can do new things that they did not do last year. At the beginning of the new year, people can take time out to enjoy the calmness that comes at the beginning of the new year.

The beginning of the new year changes your mood

When a person finds a new opportunity to start his life in a new way, he takes advantage of this opportunity to improve his qualities. This is what people do at the beginning of the new year, as each person decides what he would like to start the new year with.

Whoever wants to stop something bad or start something good, he does it at the beginning of the new year. If you want a good time to exercise or follow a diet suitable for you, you must start at the beginning of the new year directly.

And if you want to quit smoking or quit any harmful habit, you can start after celebrating the New Year with your family and friends.

New Year’s aspirations/Essay on happy new year

If you have aspirations and dreams, you will not find a better time to start achieving them than the beginning of the new year, as you find in an essay on a happy new year that the family gathers and everyone feels happy. This celebration and gathering gives you a great positive boost and makes you ready for life

Happiness and a positive feeling puts a person in a good mood to start a new project. Or starting to achieve a certain ambition that he has been postponing for a long time. As for after relaxing and meeting the family, the person feels motivated and energetic.

Celebrating the New Year brings the family together

People have spread all over the world, so parents don’t see each other and meet their children only on holidays. Therefore, there are many flights and land trips before New Year’s Eve. This is because everyone travels to spend the beginning of the new year with their family.

Everyone suffers from loneliness because of being away from home and not being able to meet the people they love the most. This loneliness causes depression and sadness. But when the feast comes, everyone leaves their preoccupations and rushes to dinner and celebrates with the family.

Relaxing at the New Year holidays/Essay on happy new year

People these days live a life full of stress. This is because they work continuously. Especially those who live in cities, where they are exposed to work pressures and overcrowding. Which makes their nerves greatly tense.

A person should get a chance to relax and calm his nerves. There is no better opportunity than the New Year holidays, for a person to get out of the stress of work to go and sit with the family. Which makes him feel happy and relaxed to start his work actively after the end of the holiday.

Manifestations of the celebration of the New Year

People celebrate New Year’s Day by decorating houses by hanging colorful lights outside and inside. Then they decorate the Christmas tree and put presents under it. The whole family gathers to have dinner together. And dinner is delicious.

As for the celebrations outside, they depend on the launch of colorful firecrackers. And young people go out to go to the cinema to watch films that are specially presented to celebrate this day. They go out to celebrate with others.

The new year and children/Essay on happy new year

Children are the most part of society that benefits and loves the holiday. Where gifts are distributed to them.

When the new year feasts approach, all family members buy toys and gifts for young children. Where it is placed under the Christmas tree and distributed to them on the feast.

And we will not forget the sweets of all kinds, as parents buy large quantities of sweets. This is for the purpose of distributing them to the children of the family and to the children near their house and those passing by on the street.

The new year and the elderly/Essay on happy new year

The elderly are searched for during the new year holidays, and special clothes and equipment are bought for them.

Everyone visits Grandpa and Grandma and has dinner with them. And if the elderly live in a home for the elderly, then it is necessary to go to spend the feast with them and distribute gifts to them.

When we spend feasts with Grandpa and Grandma, we feel very happy, because they tell us old and funny stories.

Grandma gives us sweets that she makes herself. Grandpa gives us money to go to the amusement park. All these memories make us enjoy the new year holidays.

New Year’s Eve accidents

Heavy traffic and speed cause some traffic accidents. Therefore, people must travel early so that the streets are not crowded. And the person driving the car must preserve the lives of others and not harm them because of his speed.


We have come to the end of our topic for today, an essay on Happy New Year. And we got acquainted with this topic on the rituals of celebrations.

And we knew that New Year’s holidays are of great importance to all people. Where it is a nice opportunity to gather the family and sit together and eat delicious food.


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