Essay on books are our best friends
Essay on books are our best friends

Essay on books are our best friends 2 Models

Essay on books are our best friends. I will present several models such as a short essay on the importance of books, the benefits of books, a paragraph on the importance of reading and a long essay on paper books and e-books.

The book is really a good friend. We will explain the importance of the book in giving us strength and self-confidence, in addition to being the main source from which we obtain information and knowledge in various fields. Books have great credit for the mental and creative development of individuals.

Our topics are suitable for students in the fifth and sixth grades of primary school, and students of the first, second and third grades of middle and high school.

Essay on books are our best friends

The book is the main source of knowledge, and therefore the importance of books is great for the progress of humanity. In an essay on books are our best friends, I will talk about the importance of books in our lives, and how books contributed to the development of human mental abilities, and gave him knowledge in all areas of life. In addition, books are a reliable reference for verifying information. The book was the best friend and will remain so.

There has been a great development in the current era, especially after the discovery of the Internet, as electronic books have become more widespread. It became possible to reach millions of books through the mobile phone connected to the Internet or the computer.

The importance of books in our lives

Books are of great importance in the life of nations, as it is an important means of spreading awareness and education. The book is a means of acquiring knowledge and various life lessons. The book gives us great knowledge horizons, and thus it helps us to shape our thoughts and correct our attitudes in life. The book has many benefits, including psychological, social, creative, scientific and cognitive benefits, and so on.

Also, choosing a book is very important, as religious books refine our behavior, teach us positive values, and instill in us a love of goodness and helping others. We can summarize the importance of the book as follows:

  • A book is the best friend, as it does not deceive you or lie to you, but educates you, teaches you, refines your behavior, and accompanies you at all times and places.
  • Books are a tool for preserving history. Books are a precious treasure, as they contain the sciences and experiences of those who preceded us. Without these sciences, our civilization would not have advanced. What we live in today in terms of prosperity and modern technology is the result of the development of what previous scientists have achieved.
  • The book is a means of preserving the language, as it contains thousands of words and terms that preserve the language.
  • The book is a source of many ideas, and we must make it clear in our essay on books are our best friends that we derive our ideas from the books we have read, as each book expresses the thoughts of its author. When reading a large number of books, we gain many ideas, and thus the reader can get many ideas by reading a larger number of books.
  • The book is a means of stimulating the imagination, as the reader imagines every sentence he reads, and every situation. Even many people would rather read the novel than watch the movie based on the novel itself.
  • The book is a tool of knowledge and culture, and the books are diverse and include all fields, scientific, literary, historical, religious and others.
  • The book is behaviorally oriented, as the book enables the writers to implant values ​​and good morals in the hearts of the readers. Books promote good values ​​and support good, and reject bad behavior. Therefore, the book is a good, reliable teacher for teaching children and adults.
  • The book gives us strength and self-confidence, in addition to information and knowledge in various fields.
  • A book is a way to promote an idea. In many cases, a book is used to spread a particular idea or gather people’s support for a particular position. Mostly philosophical and historical books are the most influential in this field.
  • Books are the best way to get acquainted with the cultures of other peoples, and to learn about their customs and ideas.
  • Reading books adds ages to our lives, because we acquire skills by reading books that we could not acquire until after many years of our life. It is said that the stupid is the one who learns from his experiences only, while the smart one is the one who learns from the experiences of others.

Benefits of books


Books have many benefits, you can write some of them in an essay on books are our best friends as follows:

  • The book gives you the ability to think rationally and solve problems in an objective manner.
  • One of the benefits of reading is that it gives you patience and calmness, as you spend a lot of time reading a book, especially if it is interesting.
  • Reading books develops mental abilities, such as analyzing information, extracting facts, reasoning, and other mental abilities.
  • Reading helps you to focus more, and to scrutinize details and events.
  • Reading books develops your creative skills and abilities, because it provides you with a lot of experiences.
  • Reading gives you social benefits, as it develops your methods of persuasion and influence, which makes your communication with others easy.
  • Reading teaches you positivity, because knowledge is a power with which you can solve problems.
  • Reading gives you good qualities and improves your behavior, because you discover that there are writers and scholars who are better than you in reason and knowledge, and therefore you do not feel arrogant.
  • The book is an insight into other people’s minds, ideas and experiences, which you can easily benefit from.
  • The book is your way to learn about earth and space sciences, discoveries and inventions.

Paper books and e-books

When writing an essay on books are our best friends, it is important to compare paper books and e-books. Undoubtedly, reliance was in the past on paper books, and therefore countries took care of the existence of large and organized libraries in which books in various fields were collected in a way that enables the reader to obtain the book easily.

Today, reading books electronically has spread, especially among young age groups, who have been trained to deal with electronic devices such as mobile phones and computers.

The discovery of the Internet is the latest revolution in making books available in a very easy way, as thousands of books can be stored on a mobile phone or computer, and read at a convenient time for you.

All of this is easy to read and obtain information, in addition to the availability of thousands of books in the same field, which makes you able to compare, analyze and conclude.

Sayings about the importance of books

“The book obeys you when traveling just as it obeys you when you are at home.”

One of the wise men said: “I accompanied people and bored me and bored them.

And I accompanied the book, so I did not get bored with it or it bored me.

“A book is a friend who does not betray you. If you look at it, it will make you happy, open your tongue, and be generous with your words.”

“The book does not does not deceive you with lies.”

“When I read a book for the first time, I feel like I have made a new friend”.

“The book obeys you at night as it obeys you during the day.”

“A book is mightier than a weapon.”

“A book is a good companion that increases my knowledge and increases my self-confidence.”

“A fool learns only from his own experience, while a wise man learns from the experience of others.”


At the end of the essay on books are our best friends, I showed the importance of books, the benefits of books, the sayings of the wise about the book, and that the book is the best friend that adheres to its owner in every place and time, and the book is the friend that does not betray or lie. What the book gives us in terms of knowledge, science and culture is invaluable. The progress of nations is measured by the culture of their people, the degree of their awareness, and their good behavior.

Reading is the food for minds, the refinement of behavior, and the raising of awareness in all fields. Without reading, ignorance and superstition spread, in addition to the fact that reading is the main factor in the development of science, and it is a catalyst for innovation.

In fact, the benefits of reading are many, for both the individual and society, and therefore we must encourage students to read by holding reading competitions, and offering valuable prizes to outstanding students.

I hope you have benefited from the essay on books are our best friends.

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