Essay on solid waste management
Essay on solid waste management

Essay on solid waste management 2 models

Essay on solid waste management, recycling is one of the most important topics of concern to developed countries.

The importance of recycling garbage of all kinds for reuse and cleaning the environment from pollution. And when any country begins to set up factories for recycling garbage, it must allocate a factory for each type of garbage. There are several types of garbage, and each type has its own method of collection and recycling. If you want to know how to recycle solid waste, you must follow the following:

Essay on solid waste management

Because of the diversity of garbage and waste, it was necessary to invent specialized equipment in order to recycle all types, no matter how solid they are. In our essay on solid waste management we will talk in detail about possible ways to reuse solid materials. We will talk about the importance of recycling for all people. And we will not forget to talk about the importance of preserving the environment from pollution, through the proper removal of waste. And by recycling them to suit the materials they are made of.

What is recycling?

It is a process in which any material, whatever the material it is made of, is reused, as it is collected from homes or from garbage. After collecting the different materials, they are entered into specific factories to be recycled.

This process is delicate and expensive, but very important to both people and the environment. Instead of throwing these materials and piling them on the planet, it is better that they be recycled and resold to humans so that they can use them in a new form from their previous form. In the essay on solid waste management we can write about the garbage problem.

Garbage problem

Scientists who care about environmental affairs have investigated everything that harms the environment around us, as they said that the problem of garbage is one of the most important problems that must be disposed of. This is because humans dispose of very large amounts of garbage on a daily basis. And with time, the garbage accumulates to become tons everywhere. And because of the garbage, rodents and dangerous diseases spread. So, it was necessary to find solutions to get rid of this serious environmental problem.

Garbage damage

The problem that occurs to humans due to the accumulation of garbage is the breeding of rodents and insects, and the most important of these rodents are mice. Rats have spread a plague that has claimed many lives. Mosquitoes are also dangerous and transmit malaria.

One of the harms of garbage is that people burn it until they find a place to put new garbage, which causes air pollution. This polluted smoke causes human allergies of all kinds and serious respiratory diseases.

Recycled materials

There are several types of waste, such as plastic materials, from which other plastic tools such as cans, bottles, and others are made. There are many paper materials in the garbage, which are recycled into paper products again.

As for the type that we are talking about today in our essay on solid waste management, it is minerals of all kinds.

There are several types of solid waste, some of which are made of tin and others that are made of different metals.

What are the ways in which solid waste is recycled?

Solid materials are of great importance, as they play the role of raw materials for the manufacture of new materials.

In the essay on solid waste management, we will learn about the most popular solid materials, iron, aluminum and copper. These materials are exposed to strong temperatures until they are melted and new materials are made from them after melting.

The process of recycling solid materials helps countries to save raw materials instead of importing them from other countries, which costs them a lot of money. But when you melt the used materials, it saves a lot.

How do we know which materials are recyclable?

When we look at industrial products, they have arrow-like markings. It contains three arrows indicating the possibility of recycling. Therefore, recyclable products must be disposed of properly.

As for materials made of plastic, we find that some numbers are printed on them from the bottom, which are numbers from one to number seven. These numbers indicate that this product is suitable for recycling.

Materials that are permanently recycled, such as glass, are not labeled. But it is known that it is one of the best materials to be recycled and it does not have to have certain characteristics in order to be recycled.

In the essay on solid waste management, I will mention the recycling steps.

What are the three steps to recycling?

The first step: is to collect rubbish from homes or warn residents to put it in designated places. Where specific marks are placed on the garbage bins so that each type of them is placed in a place designated for it.

The second step: In this step, the garbage is sorted and all types made of the same materials are found together.

After confirming the species, they are cleaned of the impurities that have been attached to them until they are completely clean.

The third step: Each type of garbage is entered according to its appropriate manufacturing processes. Where each type is dealt with in a different way from the rest of the materials. In the end, the product comes out in a new form.

The fourth step: In this step, all new products that have been remanufactured are sent to the markets, where they are sold again to citizens. Indeed, people are buying commodities that were produced from yesterday’s rubbish.

What are the benefits of recycling?

Experience has shown that recycling is a very beneficial process. Those interested in the interest of humans and the cleanliness of the environment discovered that this process is one of the most important processes needed for the planet.

It has a variety of benefits, including those related to humans and those related to the environment, and I will explain this in my essay  on solid waste management.

The environment

The benefit of recycling for the environment is that it helps to get rid of the waste that accumulates terribly. When scientists who specialize in the environment and the dangers of pollution researched, they found that garbage is a great danger to the planet as a whole.

When waste is burned, it causes significant air pollution, as carbon dioxide and other toxic gases are released. These harmful gases raise the Earth’s temperature, which leads to global warming.

The health

In the essay on solid waste management, it is important to write about human health, because it is the most important thing he possesses, as he needs to be healthy in order to be able to work and move freely. Therefore, we must eliminate what threatens human health in a strong and permanent manner. One of the most important causes of disease for humans is the accumulation of garbage.

Where humans get food poisoning when waste is thrown into water sources. And it is buried underground, which leads to the release of toxic plant substances. And let’s not forget the garbage that is burned near residential cities.


When we throw away garbage and do not recycle it, it costs the state billions to provide new materials to replace what was thrown away. But when we take the products that were piled up in the trash and reuse them again, we save the state the cost of producing new materials.

But if we do not recycle the old materials, we must import or consume a new stock of raw materials, and this reduces the stock available to the state. And it costs the state large sums of money to complete the import process.

Power generation

In the essay on solid waste management, it is important to talk about energy generation. For solid materials, the processes of smelting them generate great energy, allowing humans to use them for important things. Therefore, the recycling process provides good and clean energy to replace it with unclean energy.

Instead of using the energy resulting from the combustion of petroleum and its derivatives, which cause great damage and pollution to the environment, it is better to replace them with energy generated by recycling heavy and solid materials.

The earth without recycling

If humans do not recycle various products such as plastic, paper, metal and glass, these materials will pile up all over the globe. People will not find enough places for these tons that are increasing on a daily basis.

After several years, the Earth will turn from a habitable planet to a planet covered in deadly waste. Where agricultural lands will disappear and garbage will float on the surface of the seas and rivers. Even the oceans will not be spared from garbage.


In this interesting topic, essay on solid waste management, we learned about the meaning of the recycling process.

And we knew the importance of the recycling process in terms of environmental cleanliness and human health.

Where people contract several diseases when rubbish piles up everywhere. So, there had to be a radical solution to end this serious problem. Environmentalists have come up with good ways to recycle all materials that are thrown into the trash.


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