Team work essay
Team work essay

Team work essay 2 Models

Team work essay is considered one of the important topics that companies in various disciplines seek to each it to employees. Most companies require certain conditions for those who will be appointed to the company. One of the most important of these conditions is that the employee knows how to work within a team.

Where the experts in the work and management of successful companies concluded that one of the most important reasons for the success of the company is that its members work in a strong and cohesive team. Because of the importance of the topic, we will discuss it in detail below.

Team work essay

Humans have known that they are social beings since ancient times. In our team work essay, we will talk in detail about working in a team and its importance to the individual and the group to which he belongs.

Individual work does not lead to the same success achieved by companies that depend on working in a team. However, certain conditions must be met in this team in order for it to progress and succeed. Below we will talk about all the necessary conditions and details.

What is meant by working in a team?

That a number of people gather and each person possesses certain skills, and they agree and unite with each other in order to complement each other. Each member of the team has a specific specialty and work to do.

And when each one of them does what was asked of him well and without failing to do his part, then this team can succeed and move forward. But when a person is alone, he feels some gaps that affect his level.

Man is a social being

There are two types of organisms that live on planet Earth. The first organism is the one who lives alone and does not like to live in groups. This type of creature likes to roam around and hunt by itself, and we do not see it in a herd.

As for the second type of being, it is the one that loves to live among the rest of the members of its group, where it lives and hunts with them and is not separated from them.

What does the team work depend on?

The person who will work in a team must be a social person. In our team work essay, we will know that he must be able to communicate with those around it. He must know that the rest of the team is different from him, and he must deal with each one of them in a way that suits his personality.

One of the important qualities that a person who works in a team must be able to do is to be able to meet new people on an ongoing basis. Which makes him have a large circle of people in different places. And while performing the work, the benefit of getting to know people appears.

Listen to the opinion of others

In order to work in a team, you must listen to the opinion of the rest of the team and not prevent them from submitting their suggestions. When the employee finds someone who encourages him to think and speak freely, he may come up with an idea that will be the reason for the success of the team.

As for companies that prevent employees from speaking or making new ideas exclusive to certain people, they do not advance because of bad ideas and their repetition. The person himself is the one who presents the ideas. In doing so, he repeats what he had put forward before.

Discuss and assist the team work

The teamwork helps each other to make a good decision, and the team work should not give up on providing all possible ways to help each other.

If each member of the team finds help and support from the rest of the team members, then he feels strong and completes his work in a good way.

And when a new project or idea is put forward, the person who presented this project must be respected. All team members must sit down to discuss the pros and cons of the project. This is until it is revised and modified in order to be implemented in the best possible way.

Developing the team work skills

Each team work has several people, which makes the team diverse and have different skills. However, these skills must be developed continuously in order to keep pace with the rapid development that is taking place in the work environment.

And this development must be at the hands of specialists who have sufficient experience in order to provide the best assistance to those who learn from them. The employee must read and look for modern ways to develop his skills permanently.

Understanding and communication

All the team work members must agree on an effective way of understanding and agreeing. It is not healthy for work that the members of the same team work to fight for any reason. However, they must agree with each other not to introduce personal differences into the work environment.

They must agree to communicate with each other by phone or the Internet. This is so that all team work members are aware of all the developments that occur on a daily basis.

And if communication is not done between them, some individuals will leave the circle of the team work, and a clear disintegration will occur.

Loyalty to the team work and love of work

If you want to succeed in your work, you must be a loyal person to your team work, and in our team work essay , you must know that your respect for your friends and your love for the work itself is the way to your success and progress at work.

And the employee must consider that the company in which he works is his own company, and he considers that the team he works with is part of it, as everyone works out of love and loyalty to the company. This love and sincerity makes them progress and achieve lasting success among the rest of the companies.

The role of the teamwork leader in success

The teamwork leader is the person who is responsible for the good running of things within his team. If the leader is a successful person and knows how to properly manage the team, his team will move forward. But if the leader is weak and shaky, he fails to lead the team.

There are certain qualities of a successful leader, as he must have strength of character and firmness in his decisions.

But he must deal with employees seriously without underestimating them. But he respects their opinions and encourages them without mocking their ideas.

Selection of team members

In order for a leader to form a distinguished team work, he must select team members with diverse skills. It is not right to select individuals with the same skills. Diversity in skills will achieve team integration.

This selection takes place by conducting interviews for the applicants, and during the interview all the skills available in the applicants are known. Then one person is assigned to each skill. The tasks are distributed to each person according to the skills in which he excels.

Distribution of tasks

After choosing the team work that will perform the task, the tasks must be distributed to this team appropriately. Where each employee takes the appropriate actions for the nature of the skills that he can do.

But if a particular task is given to a person who does not have the proper skill for that task, he will fail to do the task.

That is why we find a large number of teams fail in their work because tasks are not appropriately distributed.

Set a time for each task

When a specific time is set for each task, the teamwork members are diligent and quick to do the task and deliver it on time. However, when the period is open, the team does not strive to complete the required tasks, which leads to delays in delivery.

Determining the time helps to organize the employee’s time, as he sets a certain number of hours per day in order to perform the tasks required of him at work. He sets free time to sit with his family or to go out with his friends.

Advantages of working in a team work

When working in a team, it allows everyone to participate with their diverse ideas and different skills. And this partnership makes the end result better than those who work individually.

One of the advantages that appear in individual work is that it saves time. Time saving occurs due to the distribution of tasks to a large number of employees, allowing each person to do the task that he took, and thus hand over the task in a faster time.

Create new ideas

One of the advantages of teamwork is that it gives an opportunity for all team members to express their opinions frankly. These new views greatly benefit the business. The market needs young and new ideas and does not need old and repetitive ideas.

Each person on the team has different ideas than the others. And when the personalities diversify, the ideas diversify, which gives a large scope for the business owner to take the idea that suits him.

Gain new relationships

When a team is assembled to take on a specific task, this team gets to know each other well. This allows team members to communicate with each other and develop new relationships. And these relationships benefit them all the time, whether they stay on the team or stay apart.

Relationships benefit people because they help you do some things that can only be done with the help of some people. Everyone helps each other, no one can do a certain thing alone.



We have come to the end of our topic for to day, team work essay. During this important topic, we were able to identify what is meant by a team work. And we knew the importance of teamwork for the company and for the individuals. That is why individuals must learn how to work in a team so that they can find a suitable place in the labor market.

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