Essay on the person i admire the most
Essay on the person i admire the most

Essay on the person i admire the most 2 Models

Essay on the person I admire the most, In this article, we will talk about how to write an easy and correct essay on role models. Each of us has someone who looks to him with pride and admiration. For most students in the educational stages, they prefer to admire a sports hero. There are a large number of students who have a crush on a member of a famous band. Because of the popularity of some public figures, all teenagers are imitating each other.

In the following, we will talk about the most popular characters that people admire these days.

Essay on the person i admire the most

All students and teens have had periods when they admire a famous public figure. And in the esay on the person I admire the most, we will talk about some of the characters who make a fuss and everyone loves them. These characters may be players in a particular sport. One of the most important sports that is famous in all countries of the world is football. Where children and teenagers support football players and wish to become like them.

What is meant by admiration?

Admiration is a word we say when we feel proud and in love with someone. We may admire the person himself, as if we admire his outward appearance. We may admire the actions of this person, as we look at his personality and not his outward appearance.

And admiration for the personality itself and behavior is a kind of healthy admiration that is not rejected by rational people. As for admiration for the external appearance, without looking at the content and morals, it is an unhealthy and unacceptable type of admiration.

Why do we admire a certain person?

Sometimes we feel that a certain person attracts attention and people start to admire him, which also catches our eye and we admire him like other people. But time may change our idea of ​​this person. We may discover that he is not worthy of admiration and that we unconsciously imitate others.

Admiration at first sight is totally wrong and not the right thing to do. We must get to know people and give ourselves enough opportunity to see their behavior in different situations, which makes us judge them correctly.

Characteristics of a person worthy of admiration

It is not right to admire anyone without thinking or without having certain qualities that make him worthy of admiration. One of the most important characteristics that makes a person worthy of admiration is that he has good manners.

It is not right to admire someone who does bad behavior or does not have good manners. A beautiful appearance and fame are not enough to admire this person. He has nothing to admire.

Admiration a bad person

One of the worst things that may happen to a child or teenager is that he likes a bad person, and this is because he views this bad person as a role model that must be imitated. A bad person teaches those around him how to become like him.

Over time, this child or teenager turns into another version of this person. And we find that this matter is widespread when an actor plays a bad character that calls for violence, children and adolescents imitate what this actor presented.

How does role modeling affect teens?

One of the most dangerous things that a teenager may go through is imitating and admiring someone who behaves badly, as the teenager imitates the external appearance of this person. We find that he goes to draw tattoos on his body. And he begins to wear the same form of clothing.

The imitation does not stop there, but it extends to words and the way of speaking. Over time, the teenager may commit a legal violation or commit a crime because of imitating the life of this bad person. The teenager’s future is wasted and he may go to prison because of his wrong imitation.

How do we choose who we admire?

Parents must be a role model for their children, as they stop doing things that may show them badly in front of their children. And they should teach the child from infancy how to choose who they admire and how to get to know them.

When a young child is drawn to the behavior of a bad person, he learns the good things and turns away from the bad things.

And the family must teach him that accompanying the bad guys and admiring their behavior is something that will harm him and make him a bad person like them over time.

Admiring a famous soccer player

Most people admire a soccer player, and in my essay on the person I admire the most, we will talk about a famous soccer player who is admired by a large number of people around the world. And this player is Mohamed Salah, as people call him Mo Salah. What makes him gain all this fame is that he plays football in a beautiful and distinctive way, as he works to raise his skills to perform a game that the fans like.

He is a person who maintains his physical fitness and has good human qualities. Where he helps the needy and deals with the public in a polite manner.

Admire a band

During adolescence, a person is attracted to admiring a world famous band. This is because teenagers love to sing and dance. Over the past years, each generation of teens has had a particular band that makes them happy.

But these teams have a great influence on the teenager, and if the group is unbalanced as they take drugs or do abnormal behavior, the teenager is affected by them and begins to imitate them unconsciously, which affects the personality of the teenager and others for the worse.

Admiring a global actor

The actors are famous people with millions of fans. However, the ideal has certain characteristics that must be present in him in order to be a good role model for young people. The actor appears on television and in cinemas and is seen by everyone on a regular basis.

And if this actor is psychologically unbalanced or plays roles that call for madness and violence, then he becomes a bad example for viewers. That is why we find that the incidents that occur in societies are imitations and simulations of what young people see on the screen.



At the end of our essay on the person I admire the most, we learned about the meaning of admiration and the qualities that must be available in a person in order to deserve admiration.

We provided students at different educational levels with models for writing an essay on the person I admire the most . We presented phrases and terms that benefit all grades from the primary and secondary levels.

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