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Famous person essay sample
Famous person essay sample

Famous person essay sample

Famous person essay sample , contains many information about one of the counseling personalities who made a big leap in the technology world ,he is Steve Jobs. We will learn all his achievements here in a famous person essay sample.

Famous person essay sample

There are many people who have greatly influenced the world of technology, most notably is Steve Jobs ,and we will learn more about this person and his achievements in the world of technology in a famous person essay sample.

Steve Jobs

Steve Paul Jobs, one of the inventors and businessmen of the United States of America, was known for his great achievements and served humanity and left a great impact on life.

Steve has held many positions in his life. He was a founder, partner and former CEO of Apple, Steve also served as the former CEO of Pixar and was a member of Walt Disney’s board of directors.

Steve grew up at his parents’ home in an area known as the Silicon Valley, an area known as the US Technology Center.

Steve joined the school in the winter and used his summer vacation at work, he  was passionate about electronics, and in the way the machines worked, he invented an electronic chip in the secondary stage.

The most important inventions Steve Jobs

The Apple II device in 1977: This computer has become a major turning point in the world of computers, which formed the first point of the transfer of computers from the scope of companies to homes, was characterized by a plastic cover.

Macintosh (1984): Add additions to the use of computers It was based on the principle (computers are not exclusive to one),introduce the mouse , as well as custom graphic interface.

(Pixar) 1986: A company specializing in the animation industry, founded by Steve after being expelled from his company founded, and had a capital of $ 5 million.

(Mac OS) in 2001: the operating system on which Apple depends on its various products.

(IPhone) in 2007: It is the latest mobile handset in the world of communications.

IPAD in 2010.

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