Famous person essay sample
Famous person essay sample

Famous person essay sample 14 models

Famous person essay sample , contains many information about one of the counseling personalities who made a big leap in the technology world ,he is Steve Jobs. We will learn all his achievements here in a famous person essay sample.

Famous person essay sample

There are many people who have greatly influenced the world of technology, most notably is Steve Jobs ,and we will learn more about this person and his achievements in the world of technology in a famous person essay sample.

Steve Jobs

Steve Paul Jobs, one of the inventors and businessmen of the United States of America, was known for his great achievements and served humanity and left a great impact on life.

Steve has held many positions in his life. He was a founder, partner and former CEO of Apple, Steve also served as the former CEO of Pixar and was a member of Walt Disney’s board of directors.

Steve grew up at his parents’ home in an area known as the Silicon Valley, an area known as the US Technology Center.

Steve joined the school in the winter and used his summer vacation at work, he  was passionate about electronics, and in the way the machines worked, he invented an electronic chip in the secondary stage.

The most important inventions Steve Jobs

The Apple II device in 1977: This computer has become a major turning point in the world of computers, which formed the first point of the transfer of computers from the scope of companies to homes, was characterized by a plastic cover.

Macintosh (1984): Add additions to the use of computers It was based on the principle (computers are not exclusive to one),introduce the mouse , as well as custom graphic interface.

(Pixar) 1986: A company specializing in the animation industry, founded by Steve after being expelled from his company founded, and had a capital of $ 5 million.

(Mac OS) in 2001: the operating system on which Apple depends on its various products.

(IPhone) in 2007: It is the latest mobile handset in the world of communications.

IPAD in 2010.


Essay about famous person

I would like to talk about a person famous to many in recent years, he is the author of the book (Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus). The author is John Gray.

Many people know that he is from the United States. And a few personal details about him.
I would very much like to talk about his personal vision and how much the differences between men and women are simplified in this book.

Many writers, scholars, and artists have spoken that it is difficult for women to understand their requirements, and no one has previously been able to discuss this issue in a simple and informative way like this writer.

This is the third time I read this book and I didn’t feel boring of it. I always find myself smiling as I read how he describes a woman and how each time he really could know her way of thinking. I find the description of the man is very wonderful as well.

I liked this book because in the end I came out with a lot of useful information and it was not just a book to waste time.

I advise many others to read this book. I would like to discuss it with them and how the writer analyzes the character.
I hope to own this talent and present it in the future to readers and to those who like reading as me.


Famous person essay

There is a famous person who I see as a good role model for me and he is a football player named Zine AL-dine Zidane. He may not be popular with many.

This player has very high morals and a great skill level, he is very humble, friendly with everyone. He has a wonderful smile and is not arrogant to any of the players or workers around him,

He also possesses many other qualities such as fair play and reliance on real skill and does not tend to exaggerate to get the penalty for deception.

I followed some of his famous matches on YouTube and watched him play for France. I also followed up when he participated in the training of Real Madrid, my favorite team.

What a wonderful addition to the team. I found it nice to implement his vision on the ground with such a great team. I really enjoyed watching him build those great moments and tight plans that helped the team so much to win.

I would very much like to be of such performance and skill not only in football but in life as well.


Paragraph about famous person

There are a large number of famous people around us, but not all celebrities benefit society or provide it with what allows it to progress and advance, and this is the biggest flaw in celebrities, that if they are bad personalities, they drag society to the bottom and ruin the lives of entire generations, because young people are the most group She imitates celebrities and considers them role models for her looks and style. There is a bad example in our society of celebrities such as those who sing festival songs and actors of bullying and nudity roles.


A famous person essay

Fame is not an easy thing because it has consequences and problems that a person must know how to deal with, as we see celebrities around us such as a football player or a famous singer, they suffer from spreading rumors or false allegations all the time.

When you are famous you cannot live like a normal human being, because every word and every step is watched by those around you. If you talk to a friend, they will say that he is a lover, and if you go anywhere you will find pictures on all communication sites.

One of the celebrities who were chased by news and rumors, the Egyptian singer distinguished for his beautiful singing and who is still loved until now, is Abdel Halim Hafez. Rumors pursued him because he was not married, and they said that he married the artist, Soad Hosni, but in secret.


Essay about a famous person

I like people who have suffered in their lives and gone through some failed experiences, and despite their failure, they continued to rise again and try to succeed.

I also like people with strange difficulties. When I read about their experiences, I feel that I am more energetic and ready to work hard and move forward no matter what the circumstances are.

I love Albert Einstein very much, he is famous for his strong intellect and his influence on the world. He became famous in various sciences, however, upon returning to his upbringing, we find that he faced problems in education at a young age. But he was able to succeed in that to become the smartest person on earth in the world to excel in physics, and get the Nobel Prize.

We can see his story as one of the stories that give a strong impetus to work on ourselves and strive and not let any obstacles stand in our way.


Write about a famous person essay

One of the influential people in my life and I liked him very much is Gustave Eiffel, the engineer who designed the Eiffel Tower, and built the structure that supports the Statue of Liberty, and many of the luxurious structures and bridges that have a modern character.

I can only describe him a genius person who preceded his era in many stages to create several mythical historical landmarks characterized by tradition and modernity.

And no matter how time evolves and the passage of its establishment, it remains in line with life and society and a strong tourist attraction that is not affected or less important over the ages.

I can only say that I am very impressed with his achievements and would very much like to do something similar in the future.


Description of a famous person essay

I would very much like to talk about the famous Alexander Graham Bell. I see that Alexander is one of the great and influential figures of recent centuries, where he took mankind to a continuous and permanent development through his invention of the telephone.

There is no doubt that the work done by Alexander Graham Bell in transmitting the tone of the human voice on the phonograph, and converting it into a signal for the wireless device, contributed greatly to the development of means of communication to eliminate all the old means of communication that required a very long time to deliver.

And it became the cornerstone that changed the world so that we can now communicate through phones easily and conveniently at the same time.

I cannot deny my astonishment with this character and I see that he is one of the most influential people in my life. I would very much like to achieve something similar that will benefit humanity.


Describe a famous person essay example

There is no doubt that I am very impressed by a famous person who helped change the world. He is Yuri Gagarin, the first human to fly into outer space and orbit the Earth.

I can’t imagine how much responsibility, pressure and fear this person felt. Many scientists in different fields can invent something that does not need experiment, but when I am part of the experiment I find it interesting.

Did he feel afraid and lost?, did he just enjoy watching the sights that no one else had seen?, many questions arise in my mind about this amazing and wonderful experience that Yuri was able to experience.

Of course, I hope to get a similar opportunity, with experience and adventure, as well as a benefit to the world.
It would be wonderful if my name was written in history like him and continued to be studied in schools and universities.


Famous person essay sample

There is no doubt that there are a lot of celebrities around us, whether artists or famous players, there are scientists and inventors.

But I always tend to search and admire influential figures in history, people with useful inventions that have developed into necessary and important in human life, or people who participated in the success of a useful experience.

So I would very much like to talk about the Wright brothers, who are the owners of the first and longest flight, who clocked 75 minutes.

Which makes them highly influential figures in the 21st century. Air transportation has developed since 1903. Flying is now more smooth and safe.

It becomes one of the most important means of rapid transportation, whether for individuals or goods, and reduces the days and hours of difficult land and sea travel.


Famous person paragraph

Undoubtedly, there are many influential people who played a major role in changing history, the progress of mankind, and helping it to develop and prosper.

Among these great personalities, I would like to talk about Ibn Sina, where he achieved the most famous and longest scientific work and research in the field of medicine. Where he was known as the prince of doctors and the father of medicine.
Ibn Sina is the first person to write a book on medicine, becoming the most important medical reference for seven centuries. He has authored 200 books on several different topics. All are based on  an important and correct details,
which makes it the first beacon for many doctors, and the spiritual father of this specialty, to which we admits progress and modernity.

He was the owner of the greatest progress in the world, and a great credit for treating many diseases because of the books he published, making him one of the most influential people around the world. Where he worked to spread medical awareness and benefit mankind from the experiences he collected throughout his life. Such personalities I find amazing, great and priceless.


Describe a famous person essay

Undoubtedly, the innovative and developed personalities are the most influential, whether on the contemporaries of their eras, or on those who benefit from the tools they invented.

So I would like very much to appreciate Dr. Rene Linick, who invented the stethoscope that was able to listen to the heartbeat.

A great invention like this came to light as a result of chance, as the doctor encountered a sick case of a girl suffering from heart problems, and when he tried to put his head on her chest, as was usual at that time to listen to her heart, the girl refused to do so, to find newspaper papers next to him and he wrapped them in a cylindrical shape and placed them on her chest. He actually listened well to the heartbeat, to come out of this experience with a new idea through which he can listen to the heartbeat.

Later it developed from the cylindrical shape wrapped in papers, to the modern stethoscope that is placed in the ear and has a rubber wire and a base for increasing the heart rate and other organs. To become the most widespread invention for ages and the most useful and accurate.

Therefore, I find Renee Linick an influential and wonderful person for his ability to develop and find quick solutions that help his patient, as well as the extent of his vision for such a useful invention.



Short essay about famous person

It is amazing to see a young man like Mohamed Salah, a small player with great abilities and high skill. I am very happy to watch him run and dribble the players with ease, it makes me very happy, especially if he scores a goal after dribbling, I like very much his modest celebration.

I also like what he does for his people and his country. I hear a lot of wonderful news that he is doing from donations and medical aid. He is a very good example, an honorable person. I hope to become like him and achieve victories like him.

I also like to own the human side that I have and to become a role model in helping others, and to be of good character and reputation. These things I like a lot about him and I hope to see many other players like him.



Write a paragraph about a famous person

When I think of a famous and influential person of our time, I think about the great inventor Johannes Gutenberg, who invented the printer, which is contemporary to our time, no matter how advanced the technology around us.

He is of German descent, born in 1395, in Mainz, Germany. He faced many obstacles, debts, lawsuits, and entered into many disputes, whether during his life or death, because of money and the greed of others from his projects.

Everyone around him aspired to get money quickly, and he had another vision, which is accuracy and deliberation to make something great that will live for generations, and this is what resulted after that.

But after many difficulties, many debts, and huge financing, he went through everything in order to fulfill his dream. That is why I see him as a great and influential figure, and no matter what difficulties and problems he faced, he never gave up on the dream that he once dreamed.

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