Essay on water scarcity
Essay on water scarcity

Essay on water scarcity 2 models

Essay on water scarcity, this topic is one of the vital topics that concern the whole world. It is known that water is the primary reason for the continuation of life on Earth. Water is the origin of the existence of various living organisms. And if the creatures do not find any source of fresh water nearby, they lose their lives without any benefit. That is why developed countries and others are trying to solve the problem of water scarcity, which causes the death of life.

Essay on water scarcity 

When humans find any source of water, they live near it, and that is why we find great civilizations based near freshwater rivers.

In an article on water scarcity, we will get acquainted closely with the problem of water scarcity that a large number of the Earth’s population suffers from.

Although there are huge amounts of water on the planet, humans have not been able to exploit this water well.

Water on planet earth

There are large quantities of water on the planet, as it is estimated at about 70% of the Earth’s surface. But not all water is fresh and suitable for drinking and for purposes useful to humans.

A large proportion of this water is salty seas and oceans. As for fresh water, not everyone can reach it because of its distance from where they are. Humans may live in dry and desert places, where there is no water except groundwater.

Why does water scarcity occur?

There are several reasons for the problem of water scarcity, as humans cause it unintentionally or consciously. And there are some natural causes that humans have nothing to do with, but they are forced to live with and accept them.

And due to the continuous increase in the number of people, finding fresh water has become one of the difficult issues that a large number of people face.

That is why many of them resort to emigration or to dig the ground for the purpose of extracting groundwater. I will write in the essay on water scarcity about the impact of population increase on the water problem.

Overpopulation and ignorance

The greater the number of people in different parts of the world, the less water resources that meet the needs of all these numbers. When a village near a small river had about a hundred people, the water was enough for them. But if the numbers multiply to reach 100,000, the water will not be enough.

In addition to the increase in the population, ignorance plays a major role in wasting water. Where all the population lives randomly and without understanding. When they waste water on a daily basis, they unintentionally eliminate their available water source.

Waste of water on a daily basis

One of the ugly habits of the residents is that they waste water continuously. Human beings are accustomed to seeing that water will never run out, which is why they enjoy using it and squandering it during all their daily activities.

When we walk down the street, we find people throwing water on the ground. And in the homes, everyone opens the water taps forcefully and without the need for all this amount that is being wasted. Agriculture consumes large amounts of water, which results in less water available.


Pollution is the first cause of waste of fresh water, and in the essay on water scarcity, we will learn in detail the relationship between pollution and water scarcity.

When a person finds a river with fresh water, he must preserve it. But what actually happens is that humans dump waste of all kinds into freshwater sources. These wastes pollute the water and prevent people from using it again, wasting the source that supplies them with water.

Weather changes

When the pollution resulting from factory waste increases, and the pollution resulting from cars that burn fuel and turn it into black smoke full of harmful gasses. All this pollution affects the climate negatively and directly.

And when the climate is affected, there is a difference in temperature, which leads to freezing of fresh water or melting of ice. In both cases, water resources are wasted. When water freezes, humans cannot use it. When melting and flooding occur, the water is polluted with waste.

Disadvantages of water scarcity

Because of the great importance of water to humans and all living things, the negatives of its scarcity were serious.

Therefore, people must reconsider their view of the issue of water, and citizens must be made aware of the seriousness of the matter. It is important to talk in the essay on water scarcity about the negatives in detail.

The death of living organisms: When the water decreases, we find that certain numbers and types of organisms that make the balance on the planet have begun to become extinct.

This is because there is no clean source of water near their environment.

Water wars: Due to the scarcity of water, countries start conflicts and wars among themselves over the nearest water source. This conflict results in the killing of a number of people and the displacement of a large number of children and women.

Drinking contaminated water: When an organism feels very thirsty and cannot find a clean source of water, it drinks from any contaminated water it finds on its way. This polluted water causes serious diseases and death.

Famine and poverty: Water scarcity is the first reason people suffer from poverty and famine. This is due to the inability to cultivate, which leads to scarcity of crops. The lack of water makes industry stop, the economy collapses, and famine occurs.

Ways to conserve water

There must be several practical ways for humans to consume water while conserving it properly. These methods must be supervised by the scholars who are specialized in following them up and teaching them to people. In our essay on water scarcity, we will talk about it in detail.

Harvesting rainwater: Scientists teach people to collect rainwater in huge barrels to use for household purposes such as washing clothes and watering plants.

Water reuse: When water is used to wash vegetables, it is not right to throw it away. However, this water must be reused to irrigate the plants around the house.

Control the use of water: We must control the amount of water that we use to wash hands and teeth. We must connect a regulator that reduces the amount of water we use on a daily basis.

Taking a shower: If each person puts a large amount of water in the bathtub every time they take a shower.

It will waste a great deal of water. So a person should take a shower with a shower faucet.

Water harvesting

It is important to talk about water harvesting in the essay on water scarcity. Scientists have decided to collect the water that comes down during rain in certain seasons. This process is called water harvesting. There are several ways in which humans can collect water and use it when needed. Including the following:

Drainage on the roofs: where a drainage system is made on the roofs of the houses, so that the water collects and descends to be collected in a barrel or a huge tank next to the house.

Underground water collection: Water is connected underground with groundwater, and this is to collect the largest amount of it in order to be used when drought comes and water decreases.


We have finished writing an important topic, an essay on water scarcity. This topic deals with one of the most important things that people need on a daily basis. Water is the first and most important reason for the continuation of human life on Earth. Without water, neither humans nor living organisms will be able to live safely. That is why we must preserve water resources and not waste them.

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