Water presentation
Water presentation

Water presentation

Water presentation ,You will find all the information you need about water, its composition, sources, and how to preserve the water, all of which will enable you to introduce a water presentation .

Water presentation

Water is the secret of life and without water no one can live on the planet, water is the one that distinguishes our planet from the rest of the planets ,and here you will find all the details you are looking for about water in the presentation , and you will find also the introduction and conclusion that you can use in the presentation.


Hello, my name is(your name). I’ll make a presentation about water  today ,and I’ll show you some pictures. I hope  you’ll get benefit with the subject. If you have any question I’ll be happy to answer it after I finish.


Water is a chemical compound consisting of two hydrogen atoms, one atom of oxygen, and is present on the planet in three cases: liquidity, steam, and hardness.

In nature there are many natural phenomena that make up water; such as rain falls, water evaporation, and other phenomena that form the “water cycle in nature”.

Water is about two-thirds of the planet’s size,  ninety-seven percent of them are salt water represented by the seas and oceans, While only 3 percent is fresh water distributed between groundwater,rivers and ice masses.

The presence of water on this planet is very important, and it is the main reason why life on earth is possible without other planets.

The importance of water for human life;

Human needs water to a large extent; the human body needs eight cups to ten a day, in addition to other liquids obtained from food, and the importance of water to humans is in the following:

To reduce the feeling of tiredness and lethargy, the lack of water in the body leads to disruption of the body’s vital functions.

Water helps to increase the efficiency of gastrointestinal function and prevent constipation.

Works to rid the body of toxins and excess weight.

Give the skin a special, healthy, and energetic glow.

Maintain skin and body moisture in general.

The importance of water to the planet ;

Water helps to achieve natural moderation and geological balance between land and sea; one of the most serious natural phenomena that afflict Earth as a result of water scarcity is desertification.

Water is used to irrigate agricultural crops and to produce sufficient agricultural yield for humankind; it is considered a strategic stock and source of national income.

Water is an essential element of hygiene, which all human beings need at the personal, national and global levels; cleanliness helps to avoid many diseases and epidemics.

Water is a key factor in generating electricity.


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