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Importance of water presentation
Importance of water presentation

Importance of water presentation

Importance of water presentation ,A brief description of water in English contains many important and valuable information about water, its sources and its support for all living things and other information. You will find it here in importance of water presentation . 

Importance of water presentation


Hello, my name is(your name). I’ll make a presentation about water today , and I’ll show you some pictures. I hope  you’ll get benefit with the subject. If you have any question I’ll be happy to answer it after I finish.



Water is about seventy percent of the Earth’s surface. It is in the shape of water bodies of seas, rivers, oceans and lakes, as well as some artificial water bodies that humans inhabit, such as dam lakes and aqueducts.

It is worth mentioning that the percentage of fresh water in the world does not exceed one percent Of the water in the world.

Benefits and uses of water;

Water forms most parts of living organisms; it is the essential component of blood, brain, and various body cells.

It is a means of cleansing and cleaning the body of dirt ; it is used for bathing, washing hands, ablution and others.

Used in the cleaning of places and houses, and clean appointments, cooking, and performing household chores.

It is used as a means of transport of goods , persons and of petroleum; where ships and boats sail .  

Humans, animals and plants need water for drinking.

Beautifies the places and makes them green, full of beautiful life.

It enters into multiple industries, cooling machines, and erecting large facilities such as buildings and houses.

Water is an important source of many natural resources such as the multiple salts extracted from the sea and ocean waters, as well as pearls extracted from shellfish living on the seas and oceans.

There are some sports competitions for fun, such as water skiing.

Contributes to the moderation of the climate, and moisturizing the atmosphere, which form clouds that cause rainfall.

Water shortage problem;

Water shortage is one of the most common problems facing the world. Water is wasted on people’s hands due to misuse, leakage of taps, and pollution of chemicals, sewage water, organic and agricultural contaminants.

In addition to the problem of acid rain, which causes pollution of water bodies, and many other problems that cause water shortage and lack of existence.

Many countries face the problem of drought, to the extent of lack of drinking water, and also  problems caused by water shortage also the problem of desertification and death of plants and animals .


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