Presentation about animals kingdom
Presentation about animals kingdom

Presentation about animals kingdom 6 models

Presentation about animals kingdom through which we present a subject of the wonders of animals, as the kingdom of animals full of strange and unique things ,and this is what we will address in this presentation about animals kingdom.

Presentation about animals kingdom

Many of the students are looking for strange topics, and perhaps one of the best interesting presentation topics that you can offer is the topic of the wonders of animals , and this is what you will find here in that presentation about animals kingdom.



Hello … My name is … I will present to you today a theme about the wonders of animals, I hope you will like it. I will answer all questions at the end with pleasure.



Wonders of animals


Penguin King keeps the eggs on its feet for fear of eggs from freezing due to cold weather in the frozen pole.

The elephant has more than a strange situation: if feels sad, it cries, and its grief is severe.


The elephant does not sleep unless there is another elephant guarding it, and the total hours of sleep in the elephants throughout the day does not exceed 4 hours.

If the elephant dies, it does not fall directly, but stays upright for several hours before falling.

The horse does not have any bones in its neck, and is known for the horse that it may die if its tail is cut.

The dolphin sleeps with a closed eye and an open eye so as to protect itself.

The blue whale of the whales, whose body contains huge amounts of oil, may extract about 120 barrels of oil of its body

A koala bear does not drink water, but rather draws it from his food. When it gets sick, it drinks from the water, and this is evidence of its illness.

If the giraffe slips down, its legs drop apart and it can not get up and she dies.

The mouse moves away from any place where there is a mint or smell of mint.

The Lion Roar reaches a long distance that can extend to 8 kilometers.

The ants are peaceful but there is a faction of ants called the killer ants attacks the colonies of other ants kills and take prisoners to work as slaves.

Ants never sleep.

Ants live in colonies with ants of up to 500,000 ant.

Shrimp`s heart is found in its head.

The butterfly tasted its food with its feet.

Pearls of very precious jewelry, shellfish take a lot of time to produce it,  It may take 5 years to produce one pearl of medium size.

The golden fish loses its attractive color if placed in a dark place or in river water.

 Wolf marry only one female, and if she died he remains faithful to her and never marries.


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