Essay on chocolate
Essay on chocolate

Essay on Chocolate 3 Models

Essay on chocolate, it’s an interesting topic, because I love chocolate so much. Cocoa is the main ingredient of chocolate, and chocolate is one of everyone’s favorite sweets. There are many types of chocolate. The nutritional value of chocolate is great, and the health benefits of chocolate are multiple. It was found that drinking two cups of hot chocolate daily helps improve blood flow to the brain. Thus, chocolate improves brain health and protects it from cognitive decline. Chocolate also helps reduce the incidence of heart disease. The harm of chocolate is when it is eaten a lot, because it contains high calories.

Essay on chocolate

Chocolate is made from the seeds of the cocoa tree, which is a tropical tree, and chocolate is characterized by its delicious taste, and therefore it is one of the food products spread all over the world.


The wise Bernard Shaw said: “There is no more sincere love than the love of food.” And I think this saying fits our love for chocolate, and chocolate is considered to have health benefits as well, and the types of chocolate differ depending on the additions that are added to cocoa (the main ingredient).

Cocoa beans contain flavonoids, which helps protect the heart and blood vessels from diseases. And in Essay on chocolate we will talk in detail about the health benefits of chocolate.


Chocolate was discovered between the fourteenth and eleventh centuries BC. Its native home is South America and Central America, where there are many cocoa trees. Native Americans were the first to discover it, and the Ivory Coast is one of the most important cocoa exporting countries. The cacao tree is a small evergreen shrub, up to 8 meters tall.

There are three types of cocoa beans, Criollo, which is one of the rarest and most expensive types of cocoa beans. It grows in Central America, the countries of the South American continent, and the Caribbean islands. The second type is Forastero, which is the most widespread type, cultivated in the Amazon and Africa. The third type is Trinitro, which is a hybrid of the two previous types. Several manufacturing processes are carried out on the cocoa seeds until we get the chocolate.


Kinds of chocolate

Several types of chocolate can be obtained depending on the other ingredients that are added to the cocoa
, and in Essay-on-chocolate we will mention examples of this:

Dark chocolate: It consists of cocoa powder, cocoa butter, and sugar added to it. It has many benefits and has many uses.


White chocolate: It consists of cocoa butter, powdered milk (or natural milk) and sugar.

Milk chocolate: It consists of cocoa powder, cocoa butter, dry milk or natural milk, sugar. We can also have chocolate as a hot liquid drink, or in the form of solid pieces.

The proportion of ingredients differs from one factory to another, and this distinguishes the final product, and therefore the taste of chocolate varies depending on the factory producing it.

An emulsifying agent such as soy lecithin or polyglycerol polyricinoleate (PGPR) is added to the cocoa in order to obtain a soft texture, without affecting the taste of the chocolate.

In some inferior brands, vegetable oils are used instead of cocoa butter, or small proportions of cocoa butter and cocoa powder are used.

Chocolate products are many, as they are included in the manufacture of many sweets, in addition to marketing them for direct consumption, in the form of wrapped pieces or molds. Chocolate is used in making many sweets after mixing it with other ingredients such as nuts, cream, and others.

In Essay-on-chocolate, we will mention the most important countries that produce it. Belgium, Switzerland and Germany are among the most famous countries in the production of chocolate. Chocolate shops in these countries are places of attraction for tourists.

The benefits of chocolate

Chocolate is one of the antioxidant compounds, as cocoa powder contains flavonoids, and it also contains caffeine and other compounds. All of these compounds are linked to serotonin levels in the brain. This is why we feel so happy when we eat chocolate.

The writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky said, “Happiness is not made by food alone, nor by precious clothes, nor by vanity and envy, but rather by endless love.”

It was found that dark chocolate helps improve blood circulation, lower blood pressure, and helps reduce reflux symptoms in pregnant women, and helps in increasing the weight of the fetus.

Chocolate helps improve memory, reduce the chance of Alzheimer’s disease in the elderly, and lower cholesterol levels. Dark chocolate is also used to relieve symptoms of diarrhea and reduce symptoms of indigestion. And in Essay-on-chocolate we will mention some of the harms of chocolate:

Chocolate damage

Despite the many benefits of chocolate, excessive consumption of it may lead to obesity. This is because it contains large amounts of sugars and fats, as a 100-gram piece of chocolate contains 500-600 kilocalories.

The philosopher Ibn Sina said: “Beware of the belly, because most of the ills are generated from too much food.” The philosopher Socrates said, “One must eat to live, not live to eat.

Chocolate also contains high amounts of oxalates, so it may cause some problems for people suffering from kidney stones. Some children are allergic to chocolate.


At the end of Essay-on-chocolate, I have provided interesting information about chocolate production and the main producing countries such as Belgium, Germany and Switzerland. There are many types of chocolate such as dark chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate and others.

Chocolate is one of the most delicious and famous sweets all over the world. And it goes into making a lot of desserts after mixing it with other ingredients. Some of its benefits and harms have also been mentioned.

I hope you have benefited from Essay on chocolate, and I would love your comments.

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