Essay on birthday party
Essay on birthday party

Essay on birthday party 2 Models

Essay on birthday party, this topic is one of the most important topics that students enjoy writing. So below we will offer you how to write about a birthday party. In order to write about your birthday, you must use your imagination to describe what happens on that day. Each of us has certain rituals that he likes to do in celebrations.

Some people prefer to hold parties at home. But others prefer to hold the party in a party place.

If you want to write an essay on birthday party, you should read the following.

Essay on birthday party

There are many celebrations in our lives that are characterized by happiness and emanation. In an essay on birthday party, we will learn how to write a good essay on birthdays. The celebration is characterized by several things that we must do. Including decorating the place where the celebration takes place. The birthday cake must be served.

We should give the gist sweets, and they give gifts. The gift  is the best thing that happens to you during this day.

What is meant by birthday celebration?

This day is a celebration of the date on which a person was born, as this celebration is held every year. It is an attempt to make the owner of the party happy and deliver a message to him saying that those in the house are happy on his birthday and joining the family.

It is a special day for family members to gather, and this family gathering makes everyone feel very happy. The reason for the happiness stemming from family gatherings is that they find an opportunity to talk and play with each other.

How is the birthday celebrated?

The birthday has a specific form and rituals that are distinct from the rest of the celebrations. It has been known all over the world that the birthday party should have a birthday cake. This cake is decorated with candles, the number of which is similar to the age of the person. The place is decorated with balloons, which are distinguished by many beautiful colors. Sometimes the name of the celebrant is written on the walls. The famous birthday song must be sung and then the birthday person blows out the candles himself.

When are gifts given?

Everyone present at the birthday party must give a gift to the birthday owner. And the gift is presented beautifully when the person arrives at the place where the party will be held. As soon as you enter, you must wish the celebrant a happy life and give him the wrapped gift.

And if you don’t arrive at the party on time, you can present the gift after cutting the cake. It is possible to give a gift before the birthday or after the day on which the celebration took place. This is because you can’t go.

What gifts are suitable for birthdays?

There are several gifts suitable for birthdays, including different games, if the host of the party is a small child or if he is a teenager, it is possible to buy a gift that suits and makes them happy. As for when the birthday person is an adult, we must offer him something he prefers, such as a specific book or his favorite perfume.

What gifts do girls like?

Most girls prefer gifts that have a feminine nature, such as makeup tools of all kinds. There are several forms of accessories that girls wear on a daily basis. As for chocolate, it is the best gift for a girl.

What are the favorite gifts for young people?

The taste of a young man differs greatly from that of a girl, as a young man loves gifts of a masculine nature, such as a soccer ball or soccer uniform, so that he can play while he wears it. It is possible that he likes watches as a gift or men’s perfume. All children and teens would prefer to be given a good bike.

What are the modern gifts for the birthday?

Life has evolved greatly and so have birthday gifts, as technology has entered all aspects of our lives. Gifts have become related to this progress, such as phones and laptops. And also the devices that are used to play modern electronic games.

Advantages of celebrating birthday

On birthday parties, a large number of family members gather and friends come to attend. This creates an atmosphere of joy and participation in the celebration. The owner of the party feels happy because everyone remembered his birthday and came to wish him a happy life.

Disadvantages of celebrating birthday

Sometimes some kids feel sad when they go to a friend’s birthday party because his parents can’t make a birthday party for them. Because of the material differences between people, a number of people are denied the enjoyment of holding parties every year.

What places are suitable for a birthday party?

People like to hold birthday parties at home, so that the cost of the party does not increase exorbitantly. But if a person has a lot of money and has many relatives, then he reserves a place for the party.

What programs are offered at the birthday party?

Children love to have someone bring them fun magic shows. And they love to watch the animated puppets, as some people dress up as a puppet of children’s favorite cartoon characters. And we will not forget the songs that everyone dances to.


We have come to the end of our essay on  birthday party. We learned how to throw a special birthday party for an adult or a small child. And we got to know the rituals and form of birthday parties. Even the gifts that are given on this occasion differ from the gifts that are given on other occasions. That is why we must learn the art of giving gifts. And we know what is the right gift for girls and boys.

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