Rain water harvesting essay
Rain water harvesting essay

Rain water harvesting essay 2 Models

Rain water harvesting essay, in this vital topic, we will learn about new information that we did not know before about water harvesting. This project is a process undertaken by the state or by individuals. The purpose of collecting rainwater is to be used for drinking.

There are several ways and means to harvest or store fresh water that falls through rain. And if you hear about this for the first time, you must follow what we will present below.

Rain water harvesting essay

Due to the lack of fresh water, humans tried to devise new ways to find and provide fresh water for drinking and irrigating plants. And in the rain water harvesting essay, we will talk in detail about this interesting work. Which a large number of people do. Where they can secure enough water to drink and water the pets that live with them in the house. This water is used to easily irrigate the land and cultivate all agricultural crops.

What is meant by water harvesting?

It is a process in which quantities of fresh water collect in a clean place, where it does not mix with dirt or any dust.

It can congregate at the top of the house or in a hole lined with rocks, which maintains its purity.

This process is called harvesting because it is similar to harvesting plants, where water is collected during the rainy season. This simulates the harvesting of different fruits in their ripening seasons. But harvesting water is by means of pipes and equipment that differs from harvesting plants and fruits.

What is this water used for?

Fortunately, the water that is collected after the rains is clean and fresh, which makes it easy to use it for all life requirements. It can be drunk and used in cooking and household chores.

It is possible to water the animals that people raise in the barn, such as cows and chickens. It is possible for the farmer to water all kinds of plants that he grows on his farm. This water is pure and suitable for any purpose.

When does water harvesting begin?

Ancient man knew this good way to collect water that accidentally fell from the sky. When people moved over plateaus and highlands, they suffered from a lack of water. Therefore, when it was raining, they would collect water and drink from it.

Then other civilizations knew and used this method, the most important of which were Greece and India, where they collected water in a designated tank. In other civilizations, water was collected in caves and between rocks.

Advantages of harvesting water?

Since the water collected by harvesting is clean, it is used for anything related to humans and animals. In our rain water harvesting essay, we will know that the collected water is used to increase groundwater.

And there are places that people want to turn into green areas. But it does not have enough water for agriculture.

Therefore, they collect rainwater in huge tanks, where they deliver water to the ground and reclaim it easily.

Preserving water from pollution

People must keep the water clean, as they store it in clean and unpolluted places. It must be kept clean during the storage period, as they cover it and prevent insects from infiltrating it. And preserve it from volatile dust until it is suitable for drinking.

But if the water is not preserved, it will be contaminated with many pollutants. These pollutants will spoil the water and make it unfit for human use. Because of water pollution, those who drink it will be infected with many diseases, some of which may be serious.

How is groundwater fed?

Sometimes the farmer wants to increase the amount of groundwater he uses for agriculture and drinking. Where the farmer connects connections prepared to deliver water to the groundwater. After the rainwater reaches and mixes with the groundwater continuously, the groundwater stock begins to increase significantly.

However, certain filters must be made in order to purify the water from impurities before it goes underground. Certain substances must be added in order to rid the water of harmful substances that have been mixed with it by mistake.

Purification of water from impurities

When rainwater is collected it is sometimes contaminated with impurities such as mud and wood. But it must be purified in order for humans to be able to use it for drinking and cooking. That is why filters are made to purify the water and add certain materials that purify and kill germs in the water.

Rain water harvesting defects

When the rainwater is harvested by non-specialized people, the water is contaminated with many pollutants that they do not know anything about. Among these pollutants are pesticides that are suspended in water and are difficult to get rid of. There are other pollutants such as bird droppings that fall into the water,

In  our rain water harvesting essay, we will know that water must be purified from its bad effect on human health.

Whoever collects this water must know how to purify it from toxic gasses and elements such as mercury and ionic compounds.

Methods for treating collected water

Chlorine and ozone gas are added, as these additives purify the water and kill germs. If the impurities are simple, the water is left for a while without any treatment until the impurities settle to the bottom and the water is filtered.

As for groundwater, it must be ventilated to get rid of the gasses trapped with it. A method such as interaction with oxygen may be used to purify the water from any plankton that would make it unfit for human use.

Keeping humans from dehydration

The rainwater harvesting and storage is of great benefit as the planet is subject to drought over multiple periods of time. But if people can store fresh rainwater properly, drought will not affect them later.

Drought is the lack of rain or lack of it for many years, which leads to the lack of any fresh water to irrigate the land.

Droughts have occurred several times over the past years. And if humans stored water, drought would not kill huge numbers of them.



We have finished presenting a rain water harvesting essay. In this article, we provided a lot of information about collecting rainwater and how to purify it from impurities. We learned about the uses of stored water and its importance to living organisms. Therefore, states must encourage all citizens to store drinking water and purify it if they are able to do so. Where we reduce the risk of dehydration and lack of drinking water.

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