Essay on water conservation
Essay on water conservation

Essay on water conservation 3 Models

Essay on water conservation, including information for students and a 500 word essay for students. This is because of the importance of this topic for all educational levels.

Presentations on the importance of water and how to conserve it are required to be written at all educational levels, whether writing an essay on saving water for the primary stage or an essay on water conservation.

At the secondary level, we find what is required to write is an essay on not wasting water for the seventh and sixth grades.

That is why we will present to you in the following several sentences and a short paragraph about water.

Essay on water conservation

Water has the greatest importance on planet Earth, second only to air. Therefore, in an essay on water conservation, we will know that living things are not alive unless they are provided with life factors.

One of the first factors of life is to find oxygen on the planet you live on. Indeed, the Earth is characterized by oxygen.

The second factor that must be available on the planet in order for a living organism to be safe is water, which represents most of the area of ​​the globe.

What is the importance of water?

Water is of great importance that many people do not know, as it is the basis of life on this blue planet. The planet was called the blue planet because of the presence of large amounts of water on its surface.

The water on the planet is salty water in the seas and oceans. It is fresh water in rivers and lakes. There is fresh water that comes out from under the ground, which is the water of springs and wells.

Types of water

But what is the significance of each of these types? Each type of water is of great importance to living organisms in general and to humans in particular.

Fresh water is what a living organism drinks and irrigates the earth with. Without fresh water, living things will die and the land will not be cultivated, and it will turn into a desert without any kind of life. There are in fresh water a large number of organisms that do not live only in freshwater.

As for the salty water, it is important because of its huge quantities, which evaporate due to the heat of the sun, and the rain falls again. But if the salt water disappears, the fresh water will evaporate, and the living creatures will not find drinking water as they find it now. There are other types of organisms in salt water that do not live except in salt water. These organisms are considered food items that humans feed on and provide them with enormous minerals.

As for the groundwater that comes out from under the ground, it is found in the desert. The benefit is that they are the cause of life in these arid places. Without groundwater, the place dies and there is no chance of life in it.

But why are you hiding underground?

Because of the blazing heat of the sun, which would have vaporized it if it had been on the surface of the earth. But when humans dig to get it out, it remains hidden away from the sun, and humans take what they need through the hole of the well only.

What wastes water?

Because of the large amount of water on the surface of the earth, people think that it is imperishable, and that is why we find millions of people who abuse water and waste it.

One of the ways to waste it is to throw water everywhere without preserving it. Whoever irrigates the land sows in the use of water.

And whoever uses it to wash his car or wash any object, he opens the faucet with all his might and uses water excessively.

As for those who throw waste in it, they are the most dangerous humans.

What are the types of pollutants?

There are several types of pollutants that are used to pollute the waters of rivers and seas. The most important of which is dumping garbage and sewage into water sources.

Of course, we will not forget the various factories that empty their garbage and waste of all kinds into any nearby water source.

There is a type of pollution that occurs due to the leakage of oil and gas to descend into the sea water, killing a large number of organisms.

And in the end, there are some people who like to throw the bodies of their dead or the carcasses of animals into the water.

What are the risks of water pollution?

When a factory or person throws anything polluted into the water, such as dumping factory waste or dumping garbage, the water source is polluted. Even if this source is large, it will become contaminated after a period of dumping the toxic waste. When contaminated, the organisms that live in it will die and float to the surface. People who depend on this water source to drink or water the farmland will get sick.

How do we conserve water?

We must conserve water and not overuse it, even if it is abundant, because with time it will run out due to pollution and its wastage.

In order to conserve water, we must go to schools and educate young children. They must realize the importance of water for living organisms. And they must realize that it will run out and pollute if we don’t maintain it. That is why the child must be taught to grow up and know his duty towards water.

Governments should launch awareness campaigns on television and on social media, to show true stories and documentaries. Where it presents stories that happened with countries that have lost freshwater and live in drought and do not find water.

These means may help people to imagine their lives without water, which makes them reconsider their waste of water.

It is possible to show a doctor on TV to talk about the harms of polluted water, so that people stop these actions.


At the end of an Essay on water conservation, we reached several points, which are that water is one of the most important things that an organism needs to live on Earth.

If humans continue to pollute the waters, they will lose what makes them alive, humans will become extinct and serpents will disappear.

That is why water must be conserved so that all living things on the planet can benefit from it. Awareness must be made through television and modern technologies that are used by everyone, and are easy to access.

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