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College life essay, one of the interesting articles that students love to write about because of their love for the university stage. So here we will present to you a 500-word essay on college life. And we will not forget to provide a short paragraph and a long presentation on a day at the university.

University life or university times are distinguished times that the student has been waiting for since the primary stage, and longs for it in the middle stage. As for the secondary stage, the student dreams of the university stage every night.

Because everyone loves this stage, we will talk about it in detail below.

College life essay

University life is the best and most beautiful year in a person’s life. So, we will present a college life essay for you.

The student comes out of the stages where he feels like a small child to a stage where he feels mature and free.

When the student is in the primary stage, he is not able to move freely because of the parents’ fear of external dangers. And when he goes to the preparatory stage, he suffers from shyness and tension because of the teenage period, which restricts his movement and wastes many pleasures.

At the secondary level, the student is, most of the time,  interested in his studies until he gets good grades and enrolls in a good university.

That is why students are eagerly waiting for the university period in order to achieve what they could not achieve before.

What is the difference between the school period and the university period?

The school period is characterized by not enough freedom to move around, go on trips, go with friends for walks, or eat at a favorite restaurant. This restriction is due to the young age, which does not allow the child enough freedom to go to places far from the home.

As for studying, the pre-university stage in which the child depends on the school and the teacher’s explanation to him. When he returns home, he studies his lessons and does homework with the help of parents or older brothers.

As for the university level, the university student finds the opportunity to travel on trips with his friends to distant places and stay there for several days. He can go out with his friends several times and go to cinemas and restaurants.

As for the study, the student at the undergraduate level depends entirely on himself, as he goes to the library, brings the necessary books and writes research. That is why the diligent student appears and is known in the university by the professors. Also, a student who is not diligent faces difficulties in completing his university years.

How do I develop myself during the college period?

The best way for self-development during the university period is that the student does not depend on the university only for his knowledge, but must go to libraries periodically and read extensively about the subjects he studies.

This reading develops the mind and makes him know more information than the limited information in textbooks.

This expansion helps the student to stand out from the rest of his colleagues, as he can get better grades than everyone else.

There is another way by which the student develops himself at the university level, which is to go to specialists who give him a summary of their knowledge and experiences. This is called courses. Courses have recently spread widely in all countries of the world, and some of them are online, and some are required for the student to be present.

In the end, these courses make the student more distinguished and able to succeed with distinction throughout the years of study.

How do I make happy memories during the college period?

Happy memories are the beautiful thing that we come up with after every grade, as we collect a large number of them in the primary stage.

In the middle stage, not all memories are beautiful, because of the changes and mood swings that students go through due to adolescence.

As for the secondary stage, it includes a large number of beautiful memories, which are different from the stages before it, due to the beginning of maturity and a broader knowledge of the surrounding world.

As for college, it is an important stage in all of our lives when we are older and more mature than high school. In the secondary stage, we may think or act in an irrational way, which leads to problems and painful experiences.

At the university, we get to know large numbers of friends and deal with them in a way that we avoid getting attached to them in a shameful way. And with friends at the college we make the most beautiful memories.

college life Disadvantages

One of the negatives that any student entering the college stage may face is that he may be deceived by the appearances he sees at the university.

In the university there are a large number of students and each group of them has its own form and way of living and thinking. If the new student is inexperienced, then he engages with people and does things with them that do not suit him that may cause him to be imprisoned or expelled from the university.

The other negative thing is to stay away from the parents if the university is far from the place of residence of the parents, such as universities located in a distant city or in another country.

The student feels lonely because he is used to living with his family and brothers. He leaves his old friends behind, making him feel sad until he gains new friends.

But the university student must rely on himself and try to adapt to the new life as much as possible.

college life  Pros

As for the positives of the university stage, in a college life essay, we will introduce you to all the positives so that you can use them in the best ways available at your college.

One of the most important advantages is that you get to know a large number of friends from various places, which allows you to develop your mind and learn new things.

And you can learn new knowledge and science by going to take courses or going to the library. You may learn a profession or skill that will benefit you later.

Why do some fail to finish college?

A number of students fail to succeed and pass the university stage, because of their limited thinking that depicts to them that university life is only open relationships, picnics and games.

They forget that college life must be based on learning and preparing yourself for the job market. Besides learning and studying, you can go out and entertain yourself. But too much entertainment makes you slow to understand and you don’t pass exams easily.

What after college?

The post-graduate stage is the stage of searching for a job that matches your skills. Or go to places that help you to develop your skills, and suit the job market.

That is why you should ask your friends about places that give courses for recent graduates, which will save you from not being accepted into job interviews. After qualifying yourself, you must attend a large number of job interviews in order to get a good job.


At the end of College life essay, we got acquainted with the aspects of university life in terms of its general form, which is different from the previous stages, and in terms of its advantages and disadvantages.

We gave university students tips and short sentences about college life. And how to write a long presentation about the university as an undergraduate.

And also phrases and terms that benefit university students and students of different stages such as primary and middle school. And also an essay on your future college life.

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