Essay on my parents
Essay on my parents

Essay on my parents 3 Models

Essay on my parents. We present this article because of the importance of the role of father and mother in the life of every living creature on earth. And when the students are asked to write a short essay on parents, or a long essay on parents, the student must know what to write and how to start the essay.

That is why we will present in the following essay o my parents, in which we talk about the importance of the presence of parents in our lives.

We will  mention in detail the role that the mother and father play in the lives of their children. At the end of the 500-word essay on parents, we will teach children about their duty to their parents.

Essay on my parents

In order to write an article titled with an essay on my  parents, you must know the virtue of parents over their children.

There are a large number of people who do not know or appreciate the importance of parents in the lives of their children. There are even some people who deal with the father and mother very harshly.

So we see someone who takes his parents and puts them in a home for the elderly, for the purpose of getting rid of their burdens or for the purpose of living in their home, he and his wife and children.

There are those who quarrel with the parents, insult and beat them harshly, and sometimes expel them on the street without mercy.

What is the role of parents in our lives?

Parents are the father and the mother, and we may have one and lose the other. There are several reasons for losing a parent, including death and separation through divorce. But most often the child lives in a house with a father and mother.

This happens with all living things and not only in the human world. As we see around us, every living creature has two parents, who feed and take care of it, until it reaches an appropriate age and can be self-reliant.

But what is the importance of parents in the life of a young child?. When a small child is born, he is a weak creature, unable to walk and unable to defend himself. The child wants to eat and clean his body and clothes. He is completely incapable of doing anything in life. That is why there must be someone close to the child who takes care of him and protects him. No one is closer to the child than the father and the mother. The father protects the child and brings the food. And the mother cleans it and takes care of him until the father reaches home.

What is the fate of a child without parents?

Without parents, the child’s chances of survival may be zero, as he is exposed to many risks. One of the most important of these dangers is that it is attacked by a predator to feed on it, as it is weak and lonely and does not know how to defend itself.

This is what happens in the world of humans and in the world of animals and birds. This child must have an adult with him at an appropriate period of his life so that he can live in peace and learn skills that will make him independent later on.

What is the role of a father in the lives of his children?

The father has a great role and this applies to all living things. Because the father is distinguished by a strong body, he is able to defend his children against any external dangers.

The father must go out every day, whether he is human or other creatures, in order to bring food to the young. The father can work or search for food with ease.

As for the father who abandons his duties towards his children, they suffer from fear and from being attacked by the predators who lie in wait for them.

What is the role of the mother in our lives?

The mother of all creatures is the affectionate person who supports the child emotionally and provides the appropriate food for him, so that he grows up healthy and happy.

She is the one who watches over the child in order to meet his needs and provide him with comfort and entertainment when he is sick.

The mother is known for sacrifice and loyalty to her children, as she defends them in front of those who want to obtain them. She would sacrifice her life if one of her children attacked and tried to kill them. Sometimes the mother plays the role of the father when he dies or leaves the house.

When are parents a burden to children?

Sometimes a man or a woman decides to have children, but they are not qualified for this great responsibility. For example, if the father is one who does not bear responsibility, or someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol.

A mother may be a selfish woman who loves to move from one relationship to another, and does not think about sacrificing for the sake of her children. There are several other reasons, including psychological and mental illnesses, which make parents a burden on children.

In this case, the competent authorities must intervene and keep the children away from these parents before they destroy the children.

What is our duty towards parents?

Our duty towards parents is to remember and know all the sacrifices they have made for us, and to know what it means to have a father and a mother in the lives of their children. That is why we must return to them all that they have given us in the past years of our lives.

When the father and mother become elderly persons, they become like children again. They suffer from osteoporosis and diseases that impede their movement. And suffer from Alzheimer’s, tension and nervousness. As they endured us in our childhood, we must bear them in their old age.


At the end of our article titled with an Essay on my parents, we can say that having a father and mother is a great blessing that many people do not realize. And whoever loses his father or mother in his childhood is the only person who appreciates the importance of their presence. And that we should take care of them as they cared for us in our childhood. We must keep the relationship between us and them in good shape.

As for the one who lost his father or mother, we must feel his loneliness and sadness and help him not to feel sad again.

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