Essay on my teacher
Essay on my teacher

Essay on my teacher 3 Models

Essay on my teacher, we will present to you this important 500-word essay about the teacher in a long essay topic.

And we must take into account the educational stage for which we present this short paragraph and phrases about the teacher’s day. Because the teacher has a great importance in society, no one can deny it.

The teacher is the basis of civilizations and the reason for the progress of countries that have excelled and leaped forward. The teacher is a warrior who fights in peace and does not go to war.

The teacher is the person who starts with the young child from scratch until he reaches the highest positions, and enables him to compete globally with countries and scholars from all parts of the earth.

Essay on my teacher

People said in the past, out of respect and reverence for the teacher, “Stand up to the teacher and be revered… The teacher is almost a messenger.”

The meaning of this phrase is that the teacher has a great importance, like the importance of the messengers whom God sent to teach people good and keep them away from evil.

That is why the saying urges us to respect the teacher, and when we see him coming, we must stand up to honor him.

In the essay on my teachers, young and old should know what is the importance of a teacher in their lives.

They must know what life and societies would be like if the teacher disappeared from them in any of their fields. The teacher is not limited to reading and writing only. But each field must have a teacher who guides you and gives you a summary of his experience.

What is the importance of science?

Science has a great role in human life. Because of science, man was able to develop himself from just a cave dweller wearing a piece of animal skins to someone who was able to discover people and make a variety of clothes.

Man has decided not to live idly by and not move forward and develop himself. He decided to cook his own food and weave his clothes. He decided to learn how to build a house of timber instead of sleeping in the dark and cold caves.

After this stage, science did not stop for the hut stage and cooking food, but man learned how to grow plants and raise wild animals inside his home. He has moved on to a greater stage of making machines that help him in hunting and self-defense. Learning continued in human life until they made cars and modern transportation. To this day, humans have not stopped learning sciences until they reached space.

What is the role of the teacher and his preference over society?

But who taught humans all these skills? Humans on earth began with Adam descending from heaven, and he had learned many things from God. When our master Adam and Lady Eve gave birth to the first two children, they taught them all the knowledge and sciences they knew. Thus, our master Adam was the first teacher on the planet Earth.

Then the children began to go out and learn by observation and experience, and with time they had children and taught them their experiences and summaries of their experiences.

With this beginning, the role of the teacher grew and spread, until every generation knew who would come after it.

But when the number of people increased and the sciences increased, it was necessary to assign a teacher to each field.

The teacher began to appear in a different way and teach those who wish to learn, and his role is not limited to teaching his children only.

A fishing teacher and a swimming teacher have appeared. There is a culinary teacher and a language teacher. Thus, each field has a dedicated teacher

As for the role of the teacher in society, it is a vital and indispensable role. Where the teacher transfers his expertise in a particular field to the students, which develops this field and makes it not exposed to loss. Thus, the teacher transfers his domain to a higher and higher stage.

The student also transports from ignorance and darkness to a new stage of knowledge that enlightens the mind and relaxes the heart. When an individual learns, society moves forward with him.

What would society be like without a teacher?

If we lose the teacher from our society, we will live in ignorance and darkness. Science will become extinct and disappear because it is not passed onto future generations.

If we lose a teacher for a language or a certain scientific subject, we must bring a teacher from another place, so as not to be shocked by the disappearance of this language or this scientific material from our society.

This is what makes us say that the teacher moves society and individuals from darkness to light. Therefore, losing a teacher brings society back to darkness.

What is our duty to the teacher?

The teacher has many duties towards us as individuals and towards governments. The teacher should get the highest grade in the whole country. The teacher is the one who taught the doctors and taught the judges.

The teacher has taught all classes of society. How can everyone be preferred and forget the teacher and his role in their education? If we thought of turning back time and leaving those who find favor in society without an education or a teacher, would they have reached where they are now without a teacher or not?

The answer is that without a teacher, no one has any identity or any status, so the teacher must be placed in a place that suits him. Governments must encourage and reward teachers on an ongoing basis, so that they continue to give.

Remunerative salaries should be allocated to them so that the teacher does not feel unappreciated, especially since there are other groups of society who are given more salaries than the teacher despite the insignificance of their jobs.

Conclusion of essay on my teacher

At the end of Essay on my teachers, we got to know the 500-word essay on the teacher. We made a long essay on Teacher’s Day. And we knew that the teacher has a great social position, and when the students come up with a question entitled Write an article about your teacher, they must mention the importance of the teacher in the lives of his students and in society.

The student must mention our duty towards the teacher and the duty of the state towards him. At the end of the topic, we presented a short paragraph and presentation for the seventh and third grade. We have provided sentences and terms about the teacher.

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