Essay on cow
Essay on cow

Essay on cow 3 Models

Essay on cow, in this interesting article we will present a 500 word essay on the cow. Does the cow deserve all this attention? Of course the cow deserves this attention and more.

The cow has several advantages and benefits, but many people do not know them. Our goal in this article is to introduce the reader to the advantages of cows and their benefits to the environment and to humans.

Although the outward appearance of the cow may seem frightening, one who sees it for the first time does not think that it is a peaceful animal. But the cow is a peaceful animal that does not attack humans unless he angers her or approaches her children, as she protects her young from the person who approaches them and is not from those she knew before.

Essay on cow

The cow is an animal that humans have succeeded in raising and benefiting from.In this essay on cow, we will talk about the external appearance of the cow. It is huge and frightening, as it has a large head and huge horns, and it has a huge and strong body and a long tail that ends with a number of hairs.

It is easy to deal with cows because they are herbivores. The meaning of a herbivorous animal is that it feeds on grass only and does not eat meat. Because the cow is a herbivore, it does not attack humans, so it is not a predator.

The cow is the female, while the male is wild and difficult to deal with and is called the bull.  As for the bull, it is not left to roam freely, but it is raised in a closed place because of its danger. And the young one is called a calf and is with the mother until he grows up.

Cow benefits

Cows have several advantages and have multiple benefits, as humans exploit every part of them in a particular product.

Cows are considered to be the family of amphipods, and the cow lives about 25 years,which prolongs the years of use.The first thing that benefited humans from cows was that they were used in the past to plow the land and pull heavy things.

After that, humans began to feed on cow’s milk on a daily basis. As for dairy, it is rich in dietary minerals, and it can be converted into several other products.

Among the products that come out of milk are cheeses of various types and delicious and natural butter. As for beef, it is cooked in more than one way.

The skins of the cows are taken to make furniture for the home after tanning and turning them into furniture. And let’s not forget the hooves that are melted and used to make good glue.

What are the types of cows?

There are several types of cows, some of which are known for their heavy production of milk, including the Ayrshire, Friesian and Shortthorn cows. These types are brought and taken care of so that the milk is taken from them periodically. The milk is sold in the local markets, and the surplus is exported abroad.

As for the other type of cows, they are types that are raised only because of the quality of their meat, as the meat is sold and exported. Among these species, which have a lot of good meat, are the Angus cow, the Beef Master cow, a type of cow called the Charo Lays, and the Limousin and Normani cows, as these types were known to be dedicated to meat.

Cows behaviors

The cow is a social animal that does not like to live except in a group, where the young are related to the mother.

They communicate with each other by making certain sounds.

As for her relationship with humans, she loves people who treat her kindly, but she does not love those who are harsh on her.

The cows like to come out of the barn early in the morning, so they can walk in the green fields and eat lots of grass all day long. If this grass is natural and has good nutrients, the cow will produce good milk and excellent meat. If the grass is contaminated with pesticides, milk and meat will be contaminated. The cows like to go into the barn and sleep when the sun goes down.

As for reproduction, a cow gives birth to one calf per pregnancy, which may last for about 297 days. Cattle breeders have noticed that they do not like to breed during the cold months of the year, but they like the seasons in which the temperatures are moderate.

After the calf is born, it suckles for about two weeks, and then gradually eats grass. Where it is permanently weaned after about 15 weeks of birth.

Where are cows abundant?

Cows live all over the world, but there are places with a large number of cows such as China, Brazil and India. Cows represent a great livestock wealth for this country because of the meat used by humans in several foods, and because of the milk that is exported to various parts of the world.

From milk, a huge number of products called milk derivatives are produced, including all kinds of cheese and cream. From cow’s milk, natural ghee and delicious butter are extracted.

The world has now turned to healthy food and therefore the demand for all cow products has increased dramatically.

The importance of cows among the Indians

Cows have great economic importance in all countries, but they have a different importance in India, where the people of India worship and sanctify the cow.

Because of their worship of cows, no one can slaughter them or kill them, and that is why we find the number of cows in India is increasing dramatically.

India is one of the countries that has a large number of religions, including the worship of cows, where they put a necklace of flowers around their neck and do not cross the road except when the cows cross comfortably. There are some people who use cow urine to cure them of diseases, according to their belief.

Conclusion of essay on cow

At the end of esaay on cow, we got to know cows that have a huge body and a scary face, but they are an important source of national income for many countries.

In a short bergaph on cow, we learned about the products that humans get out of cows. And when we presented Presentation about cows, it warned us about the importance of cows, and for this reason governments and individuals must raise cows, whether on government farms or on individual farms, so that we can enlarge this livestock, and we have good meat that dispenses with importing from abroad.

We have provided also a 200-word long essaon cow for 8th and 6th graders

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