speech on technology
speech on technology

Speech on technology 3 Models

A speech on technology, which has found in all life styles in the modern day in which we live. So we are going to present  a 500 word speech on technology.

Below you will find 150 word speech on recent technological advances and what technology represents for current generations.

We will present lines on technology, paragraph sentences, and essay for the seventh grade. As for the presentation for the secondary and university levels, it will be presented below.


speech on technology

Because the whole world talking about technology, it was necessary to give a speech on technology to students of all grades. This is to let them know the importance of technology in our lives and how this tremendous progress that spread very quickly and conquered the whole world began.

The student must know what are the advantages of technology and what are its disadvantages, so that he can take the advantages and avoid defects in a way that protects him from harm. In a speech on technology I will talk about:

What is meant by technology?

It is the development in all areas of our lives, as humans have transferred technology from one life to another.

After simplicity and living on the banks of fresh rivers, in order for man to grow what he could eat, and after he used animals to move around, humans evolved and ascended to space.

The word civilization was used to refer to these great changes and this remarkable development, because it is a Greek word that denotes both knowledge and skill. Scientists have knowledge and skill and this is what enabled them to develop in such a rapid manner. In a speech on technology I will talk about:

What is the difference between science and technology?

Science helps humanity progress and reach new things that were not known before, but science is concerned with progress in one type of science field. Where there are several fields, and each field has its own specialists.

As for technology, it is not linked to a specific field, but it works to develop all areas of life. The main goal of technology is to move people forward and make them live a luxurious life without suffering. In a speech on technology I will talk about:

What is the technology used for?

Technology intervenes in all areas of life, so we find it in the engineering and architectural fields. It is also found in the medical field with its various specialties. We will not forget the presence of technology in the areas of national security and the protection of property and bodies from theft and hacking.

Recently, technology has remarkably invaded the field of education, as distance learning has spread, which has provided learners with many difficulties.

In the end, technology did not leave a field without entering it, even the arts use modern technology to reach the viewer in the best way.

Technology Features

In a speech on technology I will talk about: The most important feature of technology is that it saves time, so people can do many things in a small period of time. Before all this technological development, the world was moving slowly, and people were finding it difficult to do one of their things.

For example, sending messages from one country to another used to take several weeks. Today, a message is sent in one moment over the Internet.

As for education, where the student used to travel to search for information, but now it arrives in front of him with a click of a button.

In a speech on technology I will talk about: Technology defects

Technology, like anything in life, has flaws that can be serious and others that can be easy to deal with. One of the most important of these defects is that it steals time, as a person is fascinated by all the entertainment and games that are presented to him, and he forgets work and education.

This is one of the reasons for the decline and backwardness of societies, because its members use technology incorrectly, devoting their time only to playing.

One of the disadvantages of technology is that a person becomes addicted to loneliness and isolation from society.

And that people’s privacy is violated, so everyone knows each other’s secrets.

The impact of technology on modern generations

Technology has changed the nature of human beings, especially the modern generations. Baby has reached out to use modern phones and leave old hand toys. In a speech on technology I will talk about:

Children have changed from previous generations, preventing themselves from going out and living in a virtual world isolated from the world. Children have disappeared from the streets and clubs. And the child became fatter and more lazy, because he did not get up from the place where he sat all day long to play electronic games.

future technology

In the future, technology will not stop at a certain point, but it will develop in an amazing way and no one will believe it. In a speech on technology I will talk about:

Ten years ago, we would not have believed the developments the world has reached today. But today in relation to tomorrow is past and old, and this warns us that the future is stranger than the present.

But if technology develops again, people will change incredibly. But will they change for the better, or will their condition worsen, and they gain weight, which makes them sick and makes them more isolated and depressed?


At the end of our topic for today, a speech on technology, in which we talked about the rapid technological development that occurs every minute , and we knew that technology is concerned with saving time and making life easier for people. 

But despite everything, technology has advantages and disadvantages. As technology serves a large segment of people who need this great development. But there is also a segment of society for whom technology has caused severe damage that may lead to suicide due to depression and addiction to bad things. I hope you have benefited from a speech on technology

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