Essay on television
Essay on television

Essay on television 3 Models

Essay on television, this wondrous device has managed to enter people’s homes and give them a sense of excitement that they did not know before.

Below we will talk in a 500 Words speech on television about the invention of television. In the subject of an essay on television, we will introduce students in the sixth and third grades to this strange invention.

When did television first appear? Who invented the television? All these questions and more will be answered in detail below. We will also present sentences, terms, and paragraph on television.

essay on television

Television is an invention that changed human life and was the beginning of technological progress. We will present an essay on television in order to learn about the details that many people do not know. Including that television appeared in the nineteenth century. Where the inventors began to think and attempts to manufacture it after they knew how to send electromagnetic signals through the air without wires. This encouraged inventors to invent something that sends images from one place to another, and that is the television.

Invention of television

After scientists were able to send radio signals through the air in the 1960s, it became easy to send words and pictures in the same way.

Therefore, a scientist named Nibikov, a German national, invented a device that could transmit images, and this event was in 1884.

And then an American scientist in 1922 developed an electronic scanning system. Scientists continued to develop primitive television until a scientist called Zuriken introduced electronic television in 1929.

Broadcasting for the first time

Broadcasting experiments began in Britain and the United States of America, and receivers were installed in some homes in order to verify the transmission in a correct manner.

Indeed, the United States of America succeeded in broadcasting its first  program and it was an animation content.

Static broadcasting began in 1939.

In 1950, television had spread and entered a large number of homes after it was in certain homes. In the sixties, television became more popular due to the use of colors after the screen was black and white only. Television has moved to the rest of the world.

50’s programs

The fifties was concerned with showing certain types of programs that would attract the audience so that television would be promoted more and everyone would buy it.

Television was interested in showing programs that interested in entertaining people and making them laugh. Like funny shows and some movies about the west and cowboys.

Then television began to develop and show competitions that draw the attention of the viewer. Then the series began showing, which the audience liked greatly.

Sixties Programs

In the sixties, television organizers decided to leave entertainment programs and competitions for which large sums of money are allocated as prizes, in order to maintain viewership.

However, the situation developed, and television began to interact with society and to show the news that was taking place in the arena. It was not satisfied with the news, but it started talking about all social occasions, whether death or wedding parties.

After that, television started promoting politicians and talking about the elections.

Modern TV

Television continued to evolve over time until it began offering everything the viewer wanted, and there was a great competition between the channels to attract the viewer.

Therefore, modern films appeared, including crime and global fantasy. With time, action and horror films appeared, attracting huge numbers of viewers.

As for various sports, television has become a constant coverage of it, the most important of which is football, which became famous all over the world because of the presence of television in every home.

The role of television in society

Television has a great role in society, as it is present in every home. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account what is presented to the viewer.

On television, we find a lot of information, so it must be from correct sources. Television has several societal issues that are discussed in films and series, so the work must be on a high level in order to elevate the viewer’s mind who follows the work.

Television must adopt any problem and present scientific solutions in front of viewers in order to contribute to solving society’s problems that are difficult to reach people and introduce them to solving without television.

TV disadvantages

Television is a thing that is said to be double-edged. The meaning of this sentence that it has advantages and disadvantages.

One of the disadvantages is that it steals time and distracts people from their necessary work. When the show lasts 24 hours, people who do not have a strong will stay in front of it, and they keep watching and watching one program after another.

One of its shortcomings is that it displays some ideas and cultures that are not desirable to view and not block them for commercial purposes.

TV features

TV has advantages that it is available to everyone and easy to use. And it is diverse and full of many channels to suit everyone. If you have children, you can turn on children’s channels for them. And if you are someone who loves news, you will find news channels. As for the sports channels, they are many, and you can watch them at any time.

In the end, television remains the most widespread device in all countries of the world to this day.


At the end of an Essay on television, we know when television was invented. And we wrote a short paragraph about the importance of television for grade 3. We did not forget to provide sentences on television for the first and eighth grade.

Television is a device that was invented after knowing the ways that enabled humans to transmit signals without wires. It is a device that is controlled by a remote control. Where the signals and images are transmitted by satellite to reach the TV and then you can enjoy watching.

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