A journey by train paragraph

A journey by train paragraph 8 Models

A journey by train paragraph is an important topic and is required to be written by students at various educational levels. Where it is one of the trips loved by everyone of all ages.

What makes them love this type of trip is that it is full of excitement and fun. On the train we are able to sit with our friends in the same place because the seats are so close together. We can eat and drink. As the train runs, we exchange jokes and stories which making us feel short of time and great fun.

A journey by train paragraph

The train has a unique design as it consists of several cars connected to each other to form a long train that runs on two iron bars.

One of the oddities of the train is that it has its own road that is not shared by any other means of transportation.

Because the passengers were inside the train for long hours, bathrooms were designed inside it, located at the end of the carriage.

Some trains have sleeping quarters, and they are used when the distance traveled by the train is too far.

These trains with sleeping places are called sleep trains.

In order to avoid the trains from colliding with each other, it was necessary to make a rail for the train that goes and another for the opposite train.

There are a large number of trains and multiple types.

There are trains used to transport passengers and trains used to transport goods of all kinds.

The train consists of a powerful engine located in the first car of it and is responsible for pulling the rest of the train. What makes the train fit on the rails is that the wheels are a cavity whose distance is proportional to the rails where the rail goes into the wheel.

The first coal-fired train was ignited under a quantity of water, causing a powerful eruption of steam to move the wheels of the train forward.

These days trains have progressed in an incredible way, which has encouraged people to use them extensively.

Trains have gained wide popularity all over the world, where they are used for all purposes.

One of the recreational purposes of the train is that it is used to travel on various trips.

There are several reasons why people like the train more than the car.

One of the most important reasons that everyone accepts to go on a trip by train, is that it is fast and fun at the same time. It has bathrooms and a place to rest.

There are trains serving various food and drinks to passengers.



A train journey paragraph

The train is one of the most beautiful and popular means of transportation in various countries of the world. When I was a little girl I would stand near the train station and watch this tall, terrifying thing pass by.

I was afraid of it and kept thinking about it all night.

And when it passes early in the morning I wake up quickly shivering. But when I grew up I knew what it was and how it worked. I loved trains of all kinds and decided to go on a train journey.

The train was leaving Cairo and heading to Port Said. We have visited a number of beautiful cities on our way.

On the train we were able to sit comfortably and talk to each other freely.

It was an enjoyable journey and I will repeat it regularly but would choose other places.



a journey by train short paragraph

Last year, the school announced a trip to Luxor and Aswan. They told us it was a long way and it might take a day and a half by the train. We hesitated at first because of the travel and the long distance, but the trip responsible told us that traveling is very interesting.

She described to us the shape of the train from the inside, which will be equipped for long distances and has a small restaurant serving food and hot drinks because we are in the winter.

The train has a cabin like a room with two beds on top of each other for sleeping and relaxing.

We took part in the journey and indeed it was one of the most beautiful trips that we took part in because of the beauty of the train. We enjoyed talking, laughing and exchanging jokes.

We enjoyed eating and looking at the scenery next to the train. In the end we decided that we would travel by train on all our upcoming trips. Even now, when I look at the photos of me and my friends on this trip, I feel very happy.



A journey by train essay for class 7

For young children, especially in the primary stage, a journey  by train is one of the most loved and accepted trips.

I remember when I was in the fifth grade that the school announced a journey  by train that would visit several cities on the way.

I told my mom that I want to go on the trip with my friends. But my mom said I’m young and I should wait a few years. I was determined to go and had my grandfather persuade her.

When my mother asked me why I wanted to go on the trip, I told her because I love the train. Indeed, the journey time came and I went with them and had a lot of fun with my friends.



Easy a journey by train paragraph

Trips are many and varied, some of which are by bus, which is one of the means of transportation that a large number of people do not prefer.

The bus is making some students nauseous, making them tired throughout the journey.

It also causes vomiting, which pollutes the place and makes others feel disgusted.

As for traveling by train, it is one of the best types of travel, especially on trips, where all the students sit close to each other, talk together and laugh nonstop or get bored.

It is one of the means of transportation that does not cause nausea or vomiting, due to the absence of the smell of gasoline.

For these reasons, a large number of students take the train every year.



A journey by train essay in English

I am a 6th grader and love to go on trips all the time. I have gone on several types of trips, including to nearby places such as the trip to the zoo and the amusement park.

There are trips far, but not too far, such as visiting the Pyramids of Giza. If you are a tourist and decided to go to Egypt, you should go to visit the Pyramids of Giza in order to enjoy the monuments that dazzled the world, and which we went to last year by bus.

As for the long-distance trips, such as going to visit the city of Alexandria, we went to it by train, as the road took about 4 hours straight.

There are very long trips that may take 24 hours by train, such as going to Luxor and Aswan, which is a long  journey  by train, but it is interesting.



Small a journey by train paragraph

This summer my family and I are going on a journey  by train to Alexandria.

This city is one of the beautiful coastal cities built by Alexander the Great on the shore of the White Sea.

We have heard about the beauty of this city and the beauty of its mild climate all year round.

I’ve never been to Alexandria before, but I’m looking forward to going there by train.

I love the journey  by train because of the spaciousness of the seats and the change of position to any position you prefer.

What I like about a journey  by train is that we sit there without any strings attached and play together and make jokes without worrying about disturbing others.

Everyone sits together with love and happiness as if we are one family.

There are several types of trains, including express trains that stop only in a few stations, and slow trains that stop at all stations.

Everyone has the freedom to choose the train that suits him and the place he is going to.



My first bicycle essay for class 3

My dad bought me the first bike of my life when I was in the third grade. My friends had bikes and I didn’t have one, so my dad said” I’ll buy you a bike if you do well in third grade”. I made an agreement with him and started to implement.

I studied hard all year to get the bike. When the result came out I was nervous, but my grades were excellent. My dream came true and my dad bought me a bike.

I’m riding on it on my way to school to save me time. And when I meet my friends we’ve been racing and cycling for a lot of fun hours. I even go to the club by bike, so as not to be late for training.

On weekends we go for a bike ride. And at the end of the year we would take it with us to the beach and my little sister and I would play with it.

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