Essay on rainy season
Essay on rainy season

Essay on rainy season 2 Models

Essay on rainy season, in this article we will introduce students to an integrated 500-word essay on rainy season. Where students can learn how to write a paragraph on winter and rainy season.

We will not forget to provide sentences about the seasons of the year and winter. Students of all educational levels must know the correct way to write a topic about rain.

Essay on rainy season

The rainy season is one of the seasons that is loved by a large number of people in all parts of the globe. In an essay on rainy season, we will talk about the beauty of this season and why people love it.

We will talk about the psychological state that people feel when they see rain. Although the intensity of rain varies from place to place, each place has its own charm during the rainy season.

What is meant by rain?

Rain is clean and fresh water that falls from the sky during certain times and seasons of the year. These rains may be so strong that they turn into torrential rains. This rain may continue for several days in a row. And there may be several drops or snow.

How does rain form?

Rain begins to form when water evaporates from bodies of water due to the strong heat of the sun. Then the steam rises to the upper layers of the air. When the air is filled with water vapor and rises to the top, it collides with the cold air, and the condensation occurs, where it turns to water again and falls in the form of rain.

Why do people like rain?

The rainy season has been linked to the arrival of goodness, as the farmer rejoices in the rain so that he can irrigate the land. With the rain, the land becomes wet and is successfully cultivated.

The rainy season has been associated with romance, where people feel a state of love and seek warmth with those they love. Where poets write beautiful romantic poems describing winter and warmth next to those they love.

What can be done in the winter?

There are many fun activities to do in winter. Including going out to visit the zoos. It is possible to go on safari trips in the desert and mountains. These places are warm in winter due to the sun, but it is difficult to visit in summer. There are places for having fun in the winter such as ice skating rinks. And places designated for walking in the morning and before the sun goes down. In winter, people walk long distances and shop without feeling the heat that is in other seasons.

What place gets the most rain?

There are many places around the world where it rains heavily, and the most important of these places are coastal cities. Over which clouds gather thickly due to the presence of sea water that evaporates in large quantities.

There is a famous city in India called Mawsynram, which is known as the most rainy place in the world. This place is famous for being so humid, so thick clouds that we can’t see anything because of it. This city entered the Guinness Book of Records for the amount of rain.

What are the harms of rain?

Rain can cause great damage to plants when they fall in abundance in a season other than the one in which they fall every year. The rain, which resembles torrential rain, drowns the crops and uproots them from their roots. It may cause a great loss to farmers, as the crop dies for everyone.

Rain can be harmful when it rains heavily for several days, causing flights to stop and streets to fill with water.

Which prevents everyone from going out. Deaths may occur due to drowning or electricity.

And we will not forget the floods that destroy entire villages, washing away homes and cars. They take down trees and lampposts. This puts the population in a bad situation because of their detention or because of the lack of food and fresh water for drinking.

What are the advantages of rain?

Rain has many advantages as it irrigates the land if it is located in a place far from the fresh water that is found in lakes and rivers. There is agriculture in many places due to rainfall.

We will not forget that rainwater collects in lakes and rivers to replace the water that evaporates by the heat of the sun.


At the end of our topic for today, an essay on rainy season, we learned about the importance of rain for humans on planet Earth. And how rain can be harmful when it rains very heavily.


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