Short paragraph about Algeria
Short paragraph about Algeria

Short paragraph about Algeria 14 models

Short paragraph about Algeria  contains many different information about Algeria, a wonderful country that has always struggled for freedom and overcome colonialism. You will find here more than one paragraph and each paragraph containing different information about Algeria so you can choose from them what fits your thoughts. All this is in Short paragraph about Algeria .

Short paragraph about Algeria

Algeria is one of the most beautiful Arab countries known as the country of one million and half martyrs, which shows the strength of its people and their struggle against colonialism. Here we will provide four paragraphs about Algeria each paragraph containing different information to choose from them what suits you. All of this will be found here in Short paragraph about Algeria .


The first paragraph

 Algeria or the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria, is an Arab country that has been called the country of one and a half million martyrs relative to the number of martyrs who sacrificed their lives to liberate the country from French rule in the revolution of national liberation, which lasted seven and a half years.  Algeria is also located in the middle of North Africa on the Mediterranean waters, bordered by the Mediterranean Sea from the north, bordered by Tunisia and Libya to the east, Mali and Niger from the south, Mauritania, Western Sahara from the southwest and Morocco from the west.Algeria is the largest African and Arab country in terms of area, with an area of ​​2,381,741 km², with its capital Algiers, and its most important cities are Oran and Erzou, Constantine, Annaba, Skikda.


The second paragraph

The Mediterranean climate prevails north of Algeria, where winter is relatively mild and rainy,  While the rainfall in the regions of the plateaus are less than in the north, and the winter is very cold may reach less than zero. While the summer is dry and hot, and the desert climate prevails in the southern regions of the country where the temperature in summer over 50 degrees Celsius, and fall in the seasonal rains in the winter.The flag of Algeria consists of two colors: green and white, there is a crescent and star in red color in the middle of the flag. The flag was invented by Prince Abdul Qadir al-Jazairi in the 19th century. It contained only the red and white colors, which is the flag of Andalusia. The flag of Algeria was itself the flag of the Ottoman Empire because of its follow-up, the crescent and star were white and are located on a red background between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries. 


The third paragraph

Algeria has its own constitution that applies the democratic system. The Constitution was amended in 1989 to ratify the multiparty and trade unionism in the country. The Constitution distinguishes between the three powers: executive, legislative and judicial, Where the Algerian parliament enacted the laws and the president and the executive body to apply them, and separate the judiciary in the civil and criminal judgments.


The fourth paragraph

Algeria is one of the countries that suffered from colonialism and occupation since ancient times, it has been ruled by many countries such as Berbers and Cartagians. Then ruled by its inhabitants and its people, but the Turks took control of it and then the French. Then opened by Muslims and flourished in that period.  Then the events and colonizations rolled over again until it gained its independence in 1962 after its submission to 1.5 million martyrs.Algeria uses the dinar as the country’s main currency. Islam is the official religion of the country and is embraced by the majority of the population by up to 99.99%. Algerians use Arabic and Tamazight as their official language.

Paragraph about Algeria

Dear Algeria, dear to everyone’s hearts. It is the tenth largest country in the world. We find that it is surrounded by several borders, including, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Niger, Tunisia, Western Sahara, the Mediterranean.
It is famous for being the largest country in Africa.

The most important economy in which  is depends on oil. Algeria is one of the oldest areas in which humans lived, as there are fossils indicate the presence of a population there since 200,000 BC.

It is famous for having a hot climate during the day because of the surrounding Western Desert.
But that does not prevent young people from enjoying life in it and asking for continuous improvements from the government. And the ambition to reach political positions in it to enable them to participate in building a better future for it.


Short paragraph about Algeria 4am

Algeria at 4 am has another luster. It is calm and at the same time energetic. It is the most beautiful atmosphere you can go out in. Because it is famous for its very hot climate.

I like to go out and wander the streets or go to the beach at this time. I am also very happy to watch the sun rise from one of the high valleys and to have a warm drink.

Many families and friends go out at this time of the day and enjoy the vacation, whether cycling or swimming and racing.

There are many parks and vast areas that can be jogged and enjoyed. This is the Algeria that I love and this is my perfect time.


Paragraph about my country Algeria

Algeria is an Arab country located in the north of the African continent, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, where it is bordered to the north by Tunisia and Libya to the east, while it is bordered to the west by Morocco.

The geography of Algeria varies greatly, where the coastal plains in the north are fertile land suitable for agriculture, In addition to the Atlas Mountains, and the Sahara, which represent 80% of the country’s area, and due to the diversity of the environment in Algeria, there is a diversity in the weather. The area of ​​Algeria is 2.38 million square kilometers.


Written expression about Algeria

Algeria is an Arab country located in the north of the African continent, and although Algeria was occupied for a long time by France, the Algerians adhere to their Arab customs and traditions, as they adhere to their religion, which is the Islamic religion.

A large number of Algerians immigrated to France in search of work. Most Algerians are fluent in French. Which gave them a very good opportunity to get a job and the opportunity to dream of traveling abroad and creating their lives.

It is certainly wonderful for young people to work hard, whether he travels abroad or stays to work in his country, there is nothing wrong with that, but it is certainly wonderful for young people to work on developing and improving the standard of living in the his country.

This is what we see now in our country. Young people are now dreaming of developing the system, improving opportunities for youth and for all, and working to improve the standard of healthy living.


Short paragraph about Algeria

Algeria, where beautiful and wonderful scenery, I am proud to be Algerian, I love spending holidays exploring Algeria. I also love to go to the beach and hang out with my friends. My favorite time is three o’clock in the morning. We like to go for a walk at this time. Algeria is humid and the air is fresh.

There is a hobby that I love very much and is very popular in Algeria, which is fishing. All my family love this hobby.
Fish are abundant in the beaches of Algeria, I know all kinds and what is the right time to catch them. So I really like to spend a lot of time in this hobby.


Short paragraph about Algeria 3am

Dear Algeria, is the country in which I live. I love to live in it and move around, especially at 3 am. I love Algeria very much. At this time, the weather is nice and vibrant.

I like to ride the subway and wander around and take a walk in Martyrs’ Square or Prince Abdul Qader Square. I also love touring the coasts and beaches very much and eating seafood. At the beginning of the sunrise, I like to take some souvenir photos and enjoy the sunrise.


Paragraph about Algeria 4am

Amazing Algeria, words cannot describe its beauty or the splendor of its picturesque landscapes that surround it from every direction.

My name is (write your name here). I study in class (type the class you are studying in here). I live in Algeria with my family. My father works in (type you father’s job here). We live in the city of (type the name of the city here).

I love doing many activities in this area, as it contains gardens where I can walk and ride a bike. The best time for me to wander around is 4 in the morning. The roads are less crowded, and I can go around by bike or accompany my friends for a walk in the famous streets and watch the tourists enjoy the atmosphere. This is always the best time for me to walk around and have fun.


Short paragraph about Algiers

There is no doubt that Algeria is one of the countries whose right to tourism and international fame is wasted. Many people around the world know Algeria through maps only, this is because it is not highlighted through art like many other countries.

Algeria is developing itself independently, and is considered one of the wonderful countries that contain a lot of landscapes. This is because it contains many wonderful and picturesque natural resources.

Short paragraph about shopping in Algeria 2am

I love Algeria very much at two o’clock in the morning, it is calm and the climate is nice and humid, and you can shop and roam in it with comfort and happiness.

I love going through several markets and malls to shop and enjoy watching new products, such as the Park Mall or Le Grand Top Shop. Or the city center.

I like a lot to go around these places and shop, I like to go out with my mom, she encourages me to buy, so I can buy what I need, and leave anything unimportant to me.

I like to listen to other people’s opinions. If I like the size of clothes, is it suitable for me and are the colors good on my face? Things like this, so I like to shop with someone else and not alone.

I love to stand up to watch modern mobile devices and know their prices. I also like to buy some simple things like accessories for my mobile. Then we go home and enjoy the meals we brought to prepare at home or prepared meals.


Paragraph about traditional food in Algeria

There is no doubt that Algeria is one of the countries that faced many occupations which earned it a lot of customs and traditions.

Algerian cuisine is characterized by marine and wild wealth, and is characterized by Arab and Berber cuisine, as well as French and Turkish cuisine.

Distinguished dishes are represented according to the season and region. For each region there is a popular and popular food, such as the coastal regions tend to eat fish. It is famous for its tagine for all the drake, Shargoush, and other fish that they have in abundance.

Also, the traditional Algerian food in many regions consists of the most famous Nomidian couscous. They are also famous for pastries, called oriental pastries.

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