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Short paragraph about Algeria
Short paragraph about Algeria

Short paragraph about Algeria

Short paragraph about Algeria  contains many different information about Algeria, a wonderful country that has always struggled for freedom and overcome colonialism. You will find here more than one paragraph and each paragraph containing different information about Algeria so you can choose from them what fits your thoughts. All this is in Short paragraph about Algeria .

Short paragraph about Algeria

Algeria is one of the most beautiful Arab countries known as the country of one million and half martyrs, which shows the strength of its people and their struggle against colonialism. Here we will provide four paragraphs about Algeria each paragraph containing different information to choose from them what suits you. All of this will be found here in Short paragraph about Algeria .

The first paragraph

 Algeria or the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria, is an Arab country that has been called the country of one and a half million martyrs relative to the number of martyrs who sacrificed their lives to liberate the country from French rule in the revolution of national liberation, which lasted seven and a half years.  Algeria is also located in the middle of North Africa on the Mediterranean waters, bordered by the Mediterranean Sea from the north, bordered by Tunisia and Libya to the east, Mali and Niger from the south, Mauritania, Western Sahara from the southwest and Morocco from the west.Algeria is the largest African and Arab country in terms of area, with an area of ​​2,381,741 km², with its capital Algiers, and its most important cities are Oran and Erzou, Constantine, Annaba, Skikda.

The second paragraph

The Mediterranean climate prevails north of Algeria, where winter is relatively mild and rainy,  While the rainfall in the regions of the plateaus are less than in the north, and the winter is very cold may reach less than zero. While the summer is dry and hot, and the desert climate prevails in the southern regions of the country where the temperature in summer over 50 degrees Celsius, and fall in the seasonal rains in the winter.The flag of Algeria consists of two colors: green and white, there is a crescent and star in red color in the middle of the flag. The flag was invented by Prince Abdul Qadir al-Jazairi in the 19th century. It contained only the red and white colors, which is the flag of Andalusia. The flag of Algeria was itself the flag of the Ottoman Empire because of its follow-up, the crescent and star were white and are located on a red background between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries. 

The third paragraph

Algeria has its own constitution that applies the democratic system. The Constitution was amended in 1989 to ratify the multiparty and trade unionism in the country. The Constitution distinguishes between the three powers: executive, legislative and judicial, Where the Algerian parliament enacted the laws and the president and the executive body to apply them, and separate the judiciary in the civil and criminal judgments.

The fourth paragraph

Algeria is one of the countries that suffered from colonialism and occupation since ancient times, it has been ruled by many countries such as Berbers and Cartagians. Then ruled by its inhabitants and its people, but the Turks took control of it and then the French. Then opened by Muslims and flourished in that period.  Then the events and colonizations rolled over again until it gained its independence in 1962 after its submission to 1.5 million martyrs.Algeria uses the dinar as the country’s main currency. Islam is the official religion of the country and is embraced by the majority of the population by up to 99.99%. Algerians use Arabic and Tamazight as their official language.

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