Essay on elephants

Essay on Elephants 2 Models

Essay on elephants, in this article we will talk about the elephant. It is a huge animal that attracts the attention of most people because of its strange shape and huge size. This animal has large ears that resemble large wings. The elephant has a long nose like a hose, which it uses in several ways. Elephants are among the animals that baffled humans because of their strange behavior and actions. If you want to know this animal, you must read our essay on elephants.

Essay on elephants

Some animals are famous for their strange shape that attracts human attention. In the essay on elephants, we will talk in detail about the types of elephants and their various characteristics.

Elephants are famous for their features and shape that make them one of the creatures that people never tire of seeing. When people go to the zoo, they rush to see the elephant because they love it so much.

The elephant

The elephant is known for its huge size, as it is known as the largest animal on land. It is the only animal that has a strange shape that is unlike any other animal. And this form makes him loved by man.

The elephant is of a family of elephants that has existed since ancient times when dinosaurs lived. These elephants were larger in size and thicker hair. As for food, it used to eat herbs as well.

Elephant outer shape

The elephant has a very large body and a large head. In the face of the elephant there is a long trunk, which is the nose of the elephant. This hose is used for eating and drinking, as it absorbs water with its hose and then puts it in its mouth.

As for the elephant’s mouth, it is located below the hose, and it is a mouth devoid of front teeth. On either side of the mouth are a pair of long fangs, which are made of ivory. As for the tail, it is short, and at the end there are some hairs.

Elephant’s  food

It is known that elephants are animals that feed on plants of all kinds. In the essay on elephants, we will know that they love trees, where they feed on green leaves. The elephant loves to eat all parts of the tree and loves fruits of all kinds.

As for the bark of trees, the elephant prefers to eat it in order to digest it quickly and without trouble. There is a large amount of nutrients in plants that benefit the elephant and make it resist diseases.

Water for the elephant

Because of the huge size of the elephant, it needs huge amounts of water. This is why the elephant consumes about 98 liters of fresh water. The larger the elephant, the greater its need for water, as the huge elephant may drink about 152 liters.

And when the elephant goes near fresh water, it still drinks huge amounts of water. Not only does he drink, but he fills his hose with water and sprays it on his body. Which makes him feel refreshed and not hot.

In our essay on elephants, I will talk about various information about elephants:

Types of elephants

Asian Elephant: It is a huge elephant, but it is not the largest elephant on Earth. The weight of the Asian elephant is about 4 thousand kilograms. As for the height of the elephant, it may reach about 3 meters. The Asian elephant lives about 60 years. This type of elephant is distinguished by its small ear, which has a round shape, which distinguishes it from other species. At the end of the proboscis is something that looks like a finger. As for the fangs, they only appear when the huge male.

African Elephant: It is the huge elephant that is characterized by its huge size, which makes it the largest species of elephants. It lives in areas with grasses and forests such as savannas, rainforests, and tropics.

There are two types of African elephant, the jungle elephant, which is characterized by its small size and lives in forests such as tropical forests and in the Congo Basin region and Cameroon. And the second type is the bush elephant, which lives in semi-desert lands and grassy places.

Pregnancy in elephants

The elephant is one of the animals that takes a long period of pregnancy, as the breeding process begins with attracting females to males by calling them with a specific sound.

In the essay on elephants, we will learn that the males begin to quarrel with each other in order for the strong to win the female.

After pregnancy occurs, it continues for a long period of up to about 22 months, and this long period is sufficient for the body of the fetus to form. When a baby elephant is born, it has grown in size and weighed about 100 kilograms.

The elephant’s gestation period is the longest pregnancy period among mammals.

Baby elephants

The baby elephant depends on the mother’s milk as food for several years of his life. The elephant stays with his mother for several years of his life, where he learns from her all the skills that he needs in the future in order to be independent. And the baby elephant learns how to eat and drink and how to use its proboscis for various purposes.

Elephants love to live in groups and everyone helps others, as the little one learns how to live and deal with his family members.

Teenage elephant

After the elephant is weaned, it begins to separate from the herd, where it lives with a small group that it forms by itself. In the essay on  elephants, I will write about the stage of separation of the elephant from the herd, when the male elephant is ready to mate and have young children.

As for the females who have been weaned from breastfeeding, they are not to be removed from the herd or separated from it. But she lives with the same mothers until it is her turn to mate and have children. Like her mother, she also raises her children within the group.

The adult elephant

The age at which the elephant begins mating is 20 years old, when he begins his married life and continues until the age of 50 years. This adult elephant lives a life similar to human life, as it gives birth to a number of young children continuously.

An adult elephant suffers from getting into fights permanently whenever it wants to mate with a female, and this is because of the inability to mate except after entering into a fight and only the strong wins the female. There are several diseases that affect the elephant, including joint diseases.

Groups of elephants

As for the males, they separate from the group immediately after the age of weaning, as the males live in small groups. Male groups consist of several individuals, and each individual has a different age than the rest of the group.

That is why the male group is led by the largest and strongest elephant.

For females, the situation is different, as females live together for life and do not separate for any reason. Where the baby is born and is taken care of and protected by the mother and grandmothers. The males come to mate only when the females call them.  After mating, they leave again.

In my essay on elephants, I will talk about elephant migration:

Migration from one place to another

Elephants are animals that like to move from one place to another, and the reason for migration is to search for suitable food or to escape from the lack of water. An elephant needs large amounts of water per day. So he goes to look for a place with a large lake of fresh water so that he can drink freely.

The elephant knows the way to the water through intelligence and memory, as it feels the proximity of the water and remembers the place where it saw water before.

Understanding among elephants

The elephant is a creature that loves to live with its family and lives in an interdependent manner, as each elephant communicates with its family by sound. Elephants can easily distinguish the voice of every member of their family.

The elephant is a soft-hearted being and grieves when someone from his family dies. When a young elephant or an elderly elephant dies, we find that all elephants make a sad sound and feel that they are crying. That is why the family defends the young and walks slowly so that the elderly and the sick can catch up.

Elephant and man

In some places where certain types of elephants live, a strange friendship occurred between humans and elephants.

In the essay on elephants, we can mention the most famous of these places, which are India and some Asian countries. Elephants have been trained and used to ride on their back and carry heavy things.

In separate parts of the world, people brought an elephant to put it in the circus for people to see. Where the elephant performs certain offers on a daily basis. There is also an elephant in zoos, which prompts a number of visitors to go and see it.


We have come to the end of our topic for today, an essay on elephants, in which we talked about this huge creature, which is considered one of the largest mammals on the land.

And we knew that his distinctive shape, that there is nothing similar, made everyone admire him and love to play with him. Because of the non-predatory nature of the elephant, as it feeds on green plants, it is not harmful to humans.

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