Essay on wildlife

Essay on wildlife 17 Models

Essay on wildlife, in this topic we will present the importance of wildlife, and how to preserve it from dangers.

There are many wild animals that are vulnerable to dangers such as poaching and extinction.

We must know more information about forests. We will present a 150-word conversation and speech about protecting the wild and wild animals that are under threat that should be protected.

Essay on wildlife

Wildlife is all the organisms that live on the surface of the globe. They are diverse and numerous, as each lives in its appropriate environment. And these organisms feed on food suitable for them. They hunts for her own food without the help of humans.

As for domestic animals, they are the opposite of wild creatures, as they live in homes and eat food prepared for them by humans. And don’t go out of the house unless accompanied by people. Including dogs and cats, which are the most popular pets.

The location of wild animals

Wild animals live in many places on the surface of the globe. Some of them live in the mountains and highlands.

Including what lives in thick forests and above trees. There are animals that live in the desert, where they adapt to heat and lack of water.

The seas and oceans have a huge number of living organisms. And we will not forget the fresh rivers, which contain different species from those that live in salt water. And around the cities we find some wild animals that lived in the same place before humans occupied it.

wild animal species

There are two types of wild animals, some of which are peaceful and do not represent any dangers to humans or other species. These peaceful animals feed on plants only and do not eat any kind of meat. Among the most famous of these animals are rabbits and deer.

The other type is predators that feed on the meat of other animals. Including the lion, tiger, foxes and wolves.

These species represent a great danger to residential communities and humans.

Threats to wildlife

There are several threats to wildlife, including the risk of expulsion from their lands due to the construction of new cities for humans.

As the number of people increased, they needed new places to live. Which drives them to remove the wildlife of forests and green spaces. This encroachment on land causes the killing of the environment and the extinction of the living creatures that live in it. With time, we see a noticeable decrease in the numbers of birds and reptiles, due to cutting down trees.

The second danger to wildlife is pollution. When factories are built near rivers and seas, they pour deadly waste into the water. These residues kill huge numbers of marine organisms. The toxic gases from the factories also kill the birds that live near the factories. Over time, the marine creatures and birds begin to decrease until one day they disappear.

Poaching is considered one of the most horrific things that cause the eradication of wildlife of all kinds. When humans catch some fish using explosives, they kill huge quantities and sizes. Which causes the death of large fish that lay eggs. This reduces the number of fish over time.

Hunting rules must be strictly followed.  And the species that the laws provide for protection should not be hunted.

How do we protect wildlife?

In order to protect wildlife we ​​must prevent the causes that destroy it. Of course, we must cut down trees and go deep into the forests with great care, and it is better to refrain from this violation once and for all.

We must maintain the laws of hunting and not violate them so as not to cause the extinction of certain species.

We must plant new trees and allocate areas of land to become nature reserves in which we protect threatened species.


At the end of an essay on wildlife, we knew that wildlife is the organisms that live in nature of all kinds where they eat and drink without human intervention.

These wild animals face great danger, as they are subjected to over-hunting. It may be expelled from the environment in which it has been living for years, due to the desire of humans to expand and build.

That is why we must alert people to the danger of eliminating these organisms, and that we must preserve them because of the ecological balance that may be disrupted after their extinction, which will lead to the destruction of the entire planet.



Wildlife conservation essay

Scientists are interested in wildlife because of its importance to humans. When an organism becomes extinct, the ecological balance is in danger of being disturbed. But why is the Earth affected by an extinct organism?

Because of the food chain, each type of food depends on the type below it in the chain. If the mouse becomes extinct, the snake will not find anything to eat, and so on.

Even the creatures that we see as harmful and disgusting to us, if they are extinct, we will be exposed to many dangers.

Among the creatures we don’t like to see are reptiles and insects. But these organisms have a great role in maintaining the balance of the earth.

Where they eat garbage and dead animals.

When a living creature dies, its corpse decomposes and pollutes the environment.

But when another being comes and devours this corpse, the earth is not affected.

Such as birds of prey, including the eagle and the kite, which feed on the carcasses of animals. Including hyenas that only eat dead animals or leftovers.




Endangered species essay

There are many types of animals and birds that are constantly endangered. There are several reasons for these dangers, including overfishing.

When poachers focus on hunting a particular species for fur such as bears, or for ivory such as elephants, they kill that species over time.

There are several species that are hunted for use in amusement parks and zoos, such as killer whales and white whales, which are used to create shows.

Using animals in shows or hunting them for the purpose of selling part of them causes these species to decrease.

That’s why governments go to great lengths to try to prevent illegal fishing. A large number of reserves have been established in which endangered species are placed.

If the government finds any illegal fishing operation, it will arrest the fisherman and impose deterrent penalties on him. Therefore, conditions began to improve significantly.



Wild animals essay

Nature is full of living creatures and has many types of animals and birds. The organisms that live in nature are divided into several types, including the different birds, which are divided into several types, where each type has an environment in which it lives and a specific type of food that does not eat others.

As for insects, there are millions of species, and they are spread in forests under trees and over mountains. And insects, some of them are peaceful and do not harm humans, and there are other types of insects that harm humans and sting animals that approach them.

And there are predators in the forests that feed on meat, which makes them live by hunting other creatures such as animals that feed on rodents and young birds. There are types of animals that eat fish and worms.

The animals that do not eat meat are called herbivores. This type of animal eats herbs of various kinds. These animals feed on the leaves of trees and the fruits that come out of the trees.


Essay on Forest and Wildlife

The earth faces some environmental problems due to pollution and encroachment on forests. When the Industrial Revolution began, people felt happy, because of everything they were able to manufacture and use in their daily lives.

They invented giant cars and ships. Several factories were built in order to produce new things on a daily basis.

But all this progress has significantly polluted the environment. The air has been polluted by carbon dioxide smoke.

And water pollution due to the disbursement of chemical wastes in water sources. Water pollution made marine organisms die and become extinct. This has led to the degradation of wildlife.

As for the forests, humans continued to cut them down to use the trees for household purposes such as making furniture of all kinds. This encroachment on forests deprived living creatures of their original habitat and food.

With time, forests will disappear and wildlife will become extinct, so we must work to protect them and prevent trees from being cut down.


Preservation of Wildlife Essay

Conserving wildlife is the dream that environmentalists are trying to achieve. But how can we preserve the environment from the threat of extinction?

We must first know what actions are harmful to the environment and then try to stop or address them. We must raise awareness of the danger of encroachment on the environment and on wildlife. Most people don’t know that any damage to wildlife could end life on Earth.

Because of encroaching on wildlife, it was necessary to establish organizations specialized in preserving wildlife. These organizations need volunteers on a permanent basis. It also needs financial donations, so that they can work and move forward.

These volunteers must inform their relatives and neighbors about the dangers of pollution and the dangers of forest encroachment. We must spread the culture of preserving the environment and the creatures around us.



Essay on Preservation of Wildlife 250 Words

In order to conserve wildlife, all the inhabitants of the earth must help out with what they can do. Whoever can donate money, do not hesitate. As for those who are able to provide assistance by themselves, as they do manual work such as moving animals from one place to another. Sometimes wildlife are killed by poaching, or by natural disasters.

One of the most dangerous disasters is what happens in forests when temperatures rise, causing all the trees to be burned. These fires cause the death and suffocation of a large number of organisms.

There are other disasters that threaten living organisms, including natural disasters. These disasters, such as floods, inundate large areas of land, killing a large number of creatures. Environmentalists intervene and save some living creatures before they drown.

And there is a kind of natural danger that threatens animals, which are earthquakes, where the earth collapses and trees fall, which causes the animals to lose their home in which they hide from the dangers and climatic factors that may kill them.



Short essay on wild animals

In the beginning, all the creatures on the globe were non-domesticated and were called terrestrial creatures. But over time, humans began to try to raise them at home and turn them into pets or domestic animals.

Among the most important of these animals are birds. Man has discovered that some birds are easy to raise at home, so he raised chickens and pigeons. He was feeding the chicken and then eating its meat after it had grown to a size suitable for eating.

As for the pigeon, humans have raised it and used it for several purposes, including eating and using it to deliver messages. Where the carrier pigeon was famous as the first tool to deliver messages from one place to another.

Among the animals that humans have succeeded in raising are cows and sheep. And humans did not hesitate to raise rabbits because of their good meat.

As for horses and donkeys, they are used to carry heavy objects and fight wars. Eventually he bred dogs for guard purposes and cats for entertainment.




Paragraph on wildlife conservation

The earth was the property of various beings before humans first came and took possession of the earth. All animals lived together, and the strong ate the weak.

But when man came, he began to expand and take new lands to come under his command and live on them. But these lands were owned by other types of beings. With time, and after all the land was owned by wildlife, there were only a few limited places for wildlife.

Despite the great expansion carried out by humans, humans have not stopped expanding until today, due to the increase in human numbers in a large way.

But this affected the wildlife in a noticeable way, as forests and green spaces decreased, because of the control over them until trees were taken from them or built on them.

These new cities caused the extinction of huge numbers of birds and animals, causing significant ecological disruption.




Speech on wildlife conservation

Wildlife is distributed in several regions around the world, including the forests of Asia, and the most famous animals that live there are tigers. There are also a large number of bats, which reproduce greatly, and eat fruit.

In the forests of Asia, there are huge animals such as the famous Asian elephant, which we see in abundance in India.

Where the elephant is used to transport heavy objects and transport tourists from one place to another.

In the forests of Asia, there are a large number of reptiles, the most famous of which are snakes of all kinds. That is why the Asian people use these snakes to make shows. These shows attract large numbers of tourists, which provides them with a good income.

These snakes are used to extract venom from their fangs, in order to extract an antidote that protects from snake bites from the danger of death. These extracted materials are exported to other countries.




Wild animals paragraph

Wild animals are all types of animals whose lives are not controlled by humans. They exist in the air like birds. They are found under the water, such as various marine organisms. Some of them also live in forests and deserts. There are several wild creatures that live in the mountains and highlands.

From the above we know that wild creatures are present in every part of the globe and are not located in a specific place.

However, these organisms face several dangers due to environmental pollution and tree cutting. When humans began to turn the wilderness into residential cities, the homes of living creatures were destroyed.

So, we must take a serious stand with ourselves, and start protecting this wildlife. The first thing we must do is to prevent the poaching of these organisms. We must protect the animals by allocating places for them called nature reserves. And in the end we must reduce logging and deforestation.




Conservation of forest and wildlife essay

Forests are the most common place for living creatures to live. The forests are characterized by the presence of different trees and different herbs.

Forests are the original home of millions of wild animals, as they contain animals, birds, reptiles and insects. As for food, there is what is called the food chain, where the stronger animal feeds on the weaker one. If one of these organisms becomes extinct, the animal that feeds on it will also die.

There are several types of animals in the Amazon forest, including lions that live in the mountains. And there are several types of reptiles, which are famous for their ferocity and large size, such as the anaconda snake. The Amazon is famous for a fierce fish that eats animal meat and lives in freshwater. As for mammals, the most famous of them are monkeys, which are found on the tops of trees. We will not forget the birds that reside above the trees and build their nests, the most famous of which are the eagles.



Wildlife protection essay

We must protect wildlife in every possible way. One of the best ways for those concerned with environmental protection is to save good areas of land and collect a number of animals whose numbers have begun to decrease. Then they put them in reserves, to multiply freely and be protected from overfishing. In the reserves, the animal receives special medical care, where it is monitored and examined on a regular basis. Nature reserves are similar to zoos but are larger in area.

Animals in the reserve are placed freely and without being restricted in cages. But the reserve is like a forest where all kinds are together. It is placed by lions with deer and wild buffalo. And there are predators and herbivores. The reserve is like the natural environment for living organisms. And the primary purpose of making it like their original environment is for the animals to adapt and live in a normal way without feeling that they are in captivity.



Protecting wild animals essay

Humans are primarily responsible for protecting the living creatures that live around them. The land has a huge number of inhabitants, which makes them penetrate and overwhelm the wildlife.

Wildlife has been confined to certain places and a number of creatures have become extinct. But it is not right to surrender to what is happening, but we must move in order to save the remaining creatures. But what are the ways in which we can save the remaining wildlife?.

A good way to preserve wildlife is to take the animals whose mother has been killed and put them in places designated for breeding and preserving them until they grow up. Then it is released again to live in its natural home.

It is possible for people to donate money in order to buy food and medicine for these animals. And if you are not able to donate the money, you can go to help the specialists in raising these animals with what you can do.



Wildlife under threat essay

Wildlife is endangered and threatened by humans. All that man cares about is to take some trees and make huts out of them. After he builds the huts, he starts making some furniture inside, such as the bed, which is made of wood.

And he makes a table for him to sit and eat, and it is also made of wood. All of these woods are from forests that include wildlife, animals and birds.

Animals live among trees and eat their leaves and fruits. Birds build their nests on trees. And reptiles live among the branches of trees. But when humans attack forests, they threaten the security of these organisms. Cutting down trees causes birds to lose their nests, and they are unable to find a high place to lay eggs. When birds lay their eggs in a low place exposed to predation, their numbers decrease. The rest of the animals face the problem of not having a home or food and die.



Conservation of animals essay

Everyone loves living creatures because of their beautiful shapes and eye-catching behavior. That is why governments began to build zoos, where the largest number of them are collected and placed in the garden to be taken care of and presented to the citizens. Within the zoo, each type of animal must live in a place that suits its nature. Where some water is placed for the polar bears that suits and stimulates their natural environment.

As for the animals that live in the desert and over the mountains, they should be placed in a sunny place with artificial heights that make them feel like they are in their original home.

There are animals that only eat certain types of food, and therefore they must be handled carefully, so that the guards are alerted to prevent visitors from throwing any kind of food so that these animals do not die.

There are huge species in size such as elephants and giraffes. Their homes should be large and well ventilated so that they do not feel cramped.




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