Essay on laughter is the best medicine
Essay on laughter is the best medicine

Essay on laughter is the best medicine

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Essay on laughter is the best medicine, An essay on laughter is the best medicine, in which we provide the necessary information about the importance of laughter in our lives.

We will talk in detail about the things that help a person to live happily. In the essay on laughter is the best medicine, we will focus on presenting an integrated topic written in simple terms, in order to suit all educational stages.

We will not forget to take into account the weak and medium levels. So you will find a 200-word essay on laughter is the best medicine for the third grade, and a 150-word essay on laughter is the best medicine for the second grade.

Essay on laughter is the best medicine

Laughter is an involuntary action that occurs when a person feels happy. This automatic action appears on the facial muscles, as the mouth widens and the eyes narrow.

But the intensity of laughter varies from person to person, as there are some people who like to laugh excessively and laugh for the least reason.

There are other people who find it very difficult to laugh because of some difficulties that have happened to them during their lives.

Laughter’s benefits for health

When my grandfather passed away, I fell into a severe depression. I loved him because he lived in the same house with us. I used to see him every day and play together.

He loved to fish and took me with him on fun fishing trips. He taught me how to catch fish and birds. When I came back from school, I ran to his room before calling my mom. And when he saw me he would smile and say here’s my little friend. He treated me like a friend, not a grandson.

When my mother was angry with me, he defended me and did not allow her to punish me. And after she leaves, he teaches me the right thing and makes me apologize to my mother.

When I was sick and could not go to his room, he would come to my room to check on me. So when he passed away, I was shocked. My mind refused to believe that I would never see him again. So I would call him and look for him in his room and everywhere he went.

So my mom took me to the doctor who specializes in depression and trauma. And when I met the doctor he decided to treat me with laughter. It is a new way to help the patient to overcome his sorrows and see the world again.

He told me let’s remember all the happy memories you had with your grandfather and laugh about it. Indeed, I remember my adventures with him and his words to me. With time, the beautiful memories and laughter helped me get out of the  sadness.


At the end of  an essay on laughter is the best medicine, we knew that laughter is one of the most important things that we must do on a daily basis.

We should attend a funny clip or sit with people who have a good sense of humor, so that we can improve our mood and get away from the worries of life.

And when we get used to laughing, we will notice a huge difference in our way of life and in our health. Health improves when the mood improves, because the improvement in the mood raises immunity and makes the body fight disease.



Paragraph on laughter is the best medicine

For me, laughter is the best medicine. My grandfather taught me that I should laugh whenever I can laugh.

My grandfather was a person who loved to play with children and laugh.

When one of our relatives asked him why he liked to laugh, he said to him: I want to live my life without illness.

And he said to him: Do you know that laughter extends your life and protects you from diseases?

But the man looked at him in astonishment and said to him, How?

My grandfather said, Do you see me in front of you?

The man said yes, I see you.

My grandfather said to him, does my face show any wrinkles or any diseases appear on my body?

The man said, I think you are still a young man in your forties and your health is fine.

My grandfather said I’m in the eighties now.

And he said to him, do not be surprised, laughter makes you appear younger and protects your heart and mind from diseases of old age.

And when I heard this conversation between my grandfather and this man, I learned to laugh as a remedy to maintain my mental and physical health.



Write a paragraph on laughter is the best medicine

Laughter is an act that a person does to express happiness, so when we see a person laughing, we know that he is in a good mood. Humans used to think that people laugh when they are happy and it ends there.

But with time and the development of medicine and various sciences, scientists discovered that laughter has many benefits.

One of the most important of these benefits is what goes back to the human heart, as the great importance of laughter for the heart has been discovered.

When a person is sad or put under great pressure, the heart is exposed to great pressure that may lead to severe damage to it.

There is nothing that can relieve this pressure except the hormones that excreted by the body when a person laughs. These hormones strengthen immunity and protect the body from many diseases.

That is why doctors advise laughing for a number of patients who suffer from heart problems.

With time, doctors find a noticeable improvement in the condition of these patients.

Where the heart improves and their psychological condition, which was bad before due to illness and pain, improves.



Laughter Essay

Laughter is very important, but people do not know this great importance. For the heart muscle, laughter may protect it from a large number of diseases.

When a person is stressed, this tension affects the heart greatly. And the thing that relieves stress is laughter, as it changes a person’s state from stress to calm.

We find that heart patients resort to laughter regularly in order to relieve symptoms. And we find the doctor telling them not to be subjected to sadness or psychological pressure.

Laughter has a great benefit for the respiratory system, as it activates the lung and moves it, making it in the best condition.

Laughter massages the chest and abdomen area, allowing the organs to breathe and take in an adequate amount of oxygen.

And we will not forget the muscles of the face and neck, and these muscles acquire a beautiful shape and tight skin, which shows the person at an age many years younger than his age.

That is why laughter is used to reduce the effects of wrinkles and give the face radiance and luster.



Laughter is a best medicine essay

Laughter is used as a medicine for many diseases because it has great efficacy against diseases. Scientists say that laughter is like exercising, as they activate a large number of body systems. These include the heart and respiratory system. And we will not forget the abdomen, including its important organs.

Laughter also helps to move and exercise the back muscles that suffer from stiffness and roughness, which helps relieve the pain caused by the inflammation in them.

There is a great benefit of laughter as it strengthens the immune system. Immunity is one of the most important lines of defense for the body, as it works to protect it from serious diseases that may eliminate it.

There are several things that we may use to strengthen the immune system, including laughing continuously and staying away from sadness that destroys immunity.

Therefore, doctors tend to advise patients to laugh, especially those who take chemotherapy, so that their immunity is strengthened and the body can fight cancer.



Essay laughter is the best medicine

When the body is attacked by a number of diseases such as viruses or tumors, the body’s immunity must be raised so that it can overcome these dangerous diseases.

What happens when a person laughs is that the body produces antibodies that fight disease and help the drug to be more effective.

That is why doctors have turned these days to treatment by laughter, as it has become an essential in oncology hospitals and in the treatment of psychiatric diseases.

One should laugh at least once a day. This laughter will help him reduce stress and make him optimistic and treat those around him in a better way.

If a person suffers from lung diseases, laughing will massage the lungs and expand the airways, which improves their vital functions.

Instead of going to plastic surgery doctors to prepare cosmetics to combat aging factors, it is better to use laughter as a daily routine to help us tighten the face and maintain its freshness.



Benefits of Laughter Essay

There are many benefits to laughing, including being a fun person, and people like you and love to talk to you.

Laughter increases your confidence and makes you interact with those around you in a smooth way.

When you want to think about something, your mind must be clear, so that you can think smoothly and reach a sound decision.

For the mind, laughter increases mental abilities because it relieves stress, and for memory, it is activated by laughter, so you feel that you remember everything and do not forget easily.

Some psychiatrists and neurologists treat patients by forming groups to be treated with laughter. And the means used in this type of treatment is that some people make jokes or watch funny contents.

During this treatment, some patients may react and others may refuse this type of treatment. But over time, when patients witness the interaction of others, they join in because laughter is a contagious thing that spreads easily.




Essay about laughter is the best medicine

In children’s hospitals, they are helped to overcome disease and raise their immunity by trying to make them laugh.

There are several ways to make patients laugh, including displaying funny content. Sometimes some clowns are used to make children laugh. This type of group therapy involves gathering the children around the clown and giving a group presentation. It may be an individual show targeting one child and this is when the child is in a condition that does not allow him to leave.

Indeed, these methods give excellent results, as doctors have discovered that the psychological state affects human health. When the patient is happy and his psychological condition is good, he improves in a noticeable way.

When the patient becomes depressed and sad, his health deteriorates dramatically, and we find that the medicines are ineffective. This is due to the patient’s low immunity due to sadness, which makes the disease stronger than him and he can easily control it.



Short essay laughter is the best medicine essay

Sometimes natural treatment is better than chemotherapy.  Especially when chemotherapy fails because of the patient’s poor psychological condition. In order for the patient to improve, he must raise his immunity so that the body responds to the drugs. There are some medications that reduce immunity, such as cortisone and chemotherapy, which are given to patients with cancer. Therefore, these patients must be recreated and entertained so that they can recover easily and smoothly.

If the patient suffers from sadness and a bad psychological state, his health condition is significantly delayed, and this is what doctors noticed when they conducted experiments on a large number of patients suffering from the same disease.

But each patient was exposed to a different social life than the other patients. Some of them were exposed to sadness and some were exposed to joy.

Here, doctors discovered that patients who live in an environment that helps them avoid stress and provides them with joy and laughter, are the ones who respond to treatment, unlike those who are exposed to sadness and pressure.



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