Essay on world peace
Essay on world peace

Essay on world peace 4 Models

Essay on world peace, We will present to you an essay on world peace, which is one of the most important topics on the minds of a large number of people around the world, who are advocates of peace.

These people are advocating in every possible way for world peace. Because of the importance of this topic, we will talk in the following about the importance of world peace for individuals and groups.

We will talk about the ways in which we can spread world peace in our societies and keep away from the strife and disputes that lead to the destruction of peoples.

Essay on world peace

The globe is full of diverse living creatures, the most important of which is man. The origin of the formation of the globe is that everyone live in peace and not fight for any reason.

When world peace prevails, we find that peoples settle and progress, but when peace ends and wars spread, we find that famines spread and deadly diseases spread.

In societies that are at peace, we find that its members work hard and live in a good psychological state. Calm spreads and mental illnesses disappear.

The importance of peace for people

As for peoples who are determined to fight wars with others, they feel miserable and their conditions deteriorate.

This causes psychological illnesses for soldiers who go out to fight in other countries. As for their families, they suffer greatly because of waiting for their children or hearing news of death or captivity.

This bad news affects them for the rest of their lives, and they are unable to continue their lives as they should, which leads to the deterioration of their conditions and the deterioration of society.

We will not forget what is happening to the countries that are under attack, where adults and children panic and cause a state of sadness and tension.

Of course, new deaths occur constantly, which makes children lose their parents and scatter on the streets. Poverty and hunger prevail among the people, making them suffer from malnutrition and contract diseases.

With the destruction of infrastructure such as the water, sewage and electricity networks, the spread of diseases is increasing.

How to maintain world peace

Because of all these dangers and negatives that wars cause, a number of people have turned to calling for world peace. The goal of world peace is to end conflicts and wars between nations and some of them. These people try to replace violence with peace in order to reduce the casualties, whether those killed or captured in wars.

But these people face great difficulty in persuading some countries to spread world peace and leave wars and aggression on others.

There is no way for us to maintain world peace unless nations who believe in the importance of peace come together.

And after they meet, they establish a headquarters for them in a country that loves and supports peace. Then large awareness campaigns are launched among the different peoples of these countries.

Awareness campaigns for individuals must start so that people learn the importance of peace among themselves, and then they start spreading this awareness through the means of communication so that it reaches the largest number of people.

World peace essay conclusion

At the end of this important topic of world peace, each of us must begin with himself, as we must spread peace between us and those around us. We must first spread inner peace before we demand world peace.

We must reconcile with our relatives and friends with whom we quarrel. The conflicting sects must reconcile in one society, and everyone should renounce violence and spread peace. After we achieve inner peace, we begin to spread world peace.



Health and hygiene essay

The human body is exposed to a large number of pollutants that affect it negatively. In order to avoid these pollutants, we must know  the main things that causes a person to get sick.

The main reason a person gets sick is poor hygiene. There are many types of uncleanliness, including not washing hands, where hands are used to hold food, causing it to become contaminated. Therefore, hands must be washed before every meal.

One of the types of lack of hygiene is also lack of attention to the teeth and the accumulation of tartar on them and food between them. This food rots over time, attracting bacteria that feed on the rotting remains.

When a person eats a new food, he mixes the new food with the rotting remains, and this mixture is swallowed.

When this food enters the stomach, it causes various diseases in the digestive system.



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