essay on childhood
essay on childhood

Essay on childhood 20 Models

Essay on childhood, Writing an essay about childhood is one of the interesting articles because it makes you remember the beautiful childhood memories.

Childhood days are the most beautiful days of our life, and writing an essay about them is fun, because we remember all the beautiful memories and innocent childhoods, as we remember childhood friends and our memories with them.

Even our primary school friends are still friends to this day. They mean a lot to us. They shared with us the most beautiful memories and sweet feelings that we can never forget.

Childhood and its memories are the most beautiful thing in our life, it is the stage of play, joy and love of life. Childhood memories always make us smile when we remember them, they are the days of happiness and no responsibility.

Essay on childhood

There is no doubt that childhood days are the happiest of our days, because at this stage we receive a lot of care and love, in addition to not realizing the seriousness of things, and therefore everything around us we see is beautiful and enjoyable.

Our feeling of safety as a result of the family’s interest in us makes us think only of playing all the time. The tenderness and love we get in our childhood make us happy for a lifetime.

Whenever I remember my childhood days, I feel happy, because I used to enjoy the love of my parents and brothers.

They were providing me with all the health and psychological care I needed until I became a teenager and could take responsibility.

The role of the family in raising children

The family is the primary responsible for raising children, and therefore there must be family awareness of how to raise children through television programmes, seminars, books and other various media.

There must be professors and doctors who specialize in solving the problems facing the family. The child needs extreme care in all respects. It is not only the health aspect, but we must take care of the psychological state of the child.

We must know that the child’s personality is formed in childhood and what he learns at this stage will continue with him throughout his life.

The role of society in raising children

There is no doubt that the child needs to form different skills such as speaking, playing, interacting with others and other social skills.

Therefore, there must be safe places where children can play and practice their hobbies under the supervision of specialists.

Others should also deal with the child in a positive way, and accept some mistakes from him because he is still learning.

The child’s behavior should not be criticized or bullied on a permanent basis because of his inability to speak in a healthy manner or because he does not understand some things.

Because bad treatment from others will negatively affect the child’s personality, it may make him an introverted child, and may make him an aggressive child.

Convention on the Rights of the Child

The Convention on the Rights of the Child defines the age of this stage (infancy), which begins from birth until puberty, specifically until the age of 12-13 years.

This convention stressed the need for equality between all children of the world in rights and non-discrimination between them on the basis of sex, race or religion.

It made sure that they were not subjected to violence, and also stressed the need to give children a personal and sexual identity after their birth.

Children must be protected, their views must be respected and their security must be preserved.

World Children’s Day

Due to the interest of countries in childhood, the 20th of November of each year has been designated to celebrate the International Children’s Day.

That day would be a great opportunity to emphasize the rights of children and urge governments to provide a suitable environment for children and grant them their full rights such as equality and non-discrimination between children because of gender or religion.

There are laws and legislations that guarantee that every child has access to his basic rights such as education, food, and health care, and to provide him with protection and to defend his rights.

There is a great role played by children’s rights organizations, as they work to educate society about the rights of the child and the importance of preserving his humanity by providing his requirements of food, education, shelter, health care and social care.

Today’s children are tomorrow’s youth

Attention to childhood is a must because today’s children are tomorrow’s youth, and childhood is an important stage in the life of every human being, in which his personality is formed, and in which he learns basic principles in life.

One of the advantages of childhood today is that they have great skills, especially in modern technology, and this is something that distinguishes them and makes them more informed and more understanding of what is going on around them.

We must care about instilling good values ​​within them, respecting their opinions, listening to them and trying to solve their problems. We must realize that children have rights that they must have completely.



Childhood Memories Essay

Childhood memories I can never forget, and sometimes these memories are the source of my happiness, especially when I have some problems.Childhood means innocence, fun, play and happiness.

The love and care that our parents gave us in childhood made us live a happy childhood, and these memories within us continued to provide us with energy whenever we remembered them.

I still remember my toys and my bike and the first day I rode a bike, my father used to teach me how to ride and he would surround me with his arms so that I would not fall on the ground, his fear for me is evidence of his great love for me.

I do not forget the tenderness of my mother as she embraces me and kisses me when I go to school or when I return from school, and my mother prepares me the most delicious foods to make me happy, and helps me with my homework.

All my childhood memories make me feel the love and tenderness with which my family overwhelmed me.



My childhood essay

I am a lucky person, I lived a happy childhood and enjoyed great care from all my family members, because my parents have educational certificates, they know very well the modern methods of education.

My parents were keen to provide everything I needed from a good healthy environment, education and entertainment.

My mother used to participate in some games with me to encourage me and make my heart happy, and my father listened to my opinions and discussed me, which made me confident in myself.

My father gave me freedom of thought and freedom to express an opinion, and gave me many opportunities to learn from right and wrong, and this helped me discover my talents.

My father helped me practice my favorite sport, which is swimming.

I lived a happy childhood full of fun, and I learned everything easily, my parents’ preference for me is great, they made me a responsible and self-reliant man.



Childhood memories paragraph

There are places that remind us of our childhood, I remember my childhood when I go to the zoo.

Because I used to go there with my family and I made sure to feed all the animals without fear, and I also had a lot of pictures in the zoo.

I was young, but I was brave.

Another place that reminds me of my happy childhood is the beach near my house.

I learned to swim in it and played on the beach with my friends.

I even remember the types of food we used to eat on the beach.

Childhood days make me nostalgic for the places I used to go to, and make me nostalgic for seeing childhood friends.

My childhood days were the best days of my life.



Unforgettable childhood memories essay

Undoubtedly, childhood memories bring us a feeling of happiness. Where we used to enjoy playing and having fun without taking any responsibility. In addition, we simply ask for what we need while the parents do their best to fulfill our requests, and give us what we asked for while they are happy.

The great care given to me by the family provided me with happiness and a sense of security, so that I feel happy whenever I remember my childhood days because they are filled with love and tenderness.

I also remember childhood friends where we used to play soccer in the park or on the street. Childhood days were the most beautiful days of my life, during which I played and had fun, learned good manners, and formed strong friendships that are still continuing until now.



My favorite childhood memory essay

There is no doubt that all childhood memories are beautiful, but there are some memories that we cannot forget.

These are beautiful memories that brought me together with the family. I always remember the family meeting in the evening to watch a movie or series.

The whole family was feeling happy and safe, and we ate the delicious dinner my mother prepared, fruit and nuts, and drank tea.

The evening was the best time for the family meeting, my father had come from work, my mother had finished the housework and we had finished our homework.

A family gathering is a wonderful thing where we have fun talking and discussing important things, listening to our parents’ advice, and enjoying watching a series or a movie.

We used to feel safe, loved and tender. I miss this feeling now, as the family no longer meets except on holidays, and every one of the family members went to a place far  from the other to work or study. I hope to spend more time with my family.



Childhood experience essay

Childhood is a stage of many experiences that the child undertakes to explore the things that surround him, and learn from these experiences .

But there are some experiences that occur in childhood and we cannot forget them, especially if they are dangerous experiences.

For example, I used to like to jump from high places, such as the bed, chair or desk, and my mother was trying to stop me, but to no avail.

One day, I jumped off the desk and broke my leg. I was screaming in pain and my mother carried me to the hospital and my legs were cast. Then I became  unable to move.

But the funny thing  that makes me laugh every time I remember it, is that all I could think about is when my leg will heal so that I can jump over things again.



My childhood memories essay

Although I lived a happy childhood during which all my requirements were met, there are some painful situations that I cannot forget. My father passed away when I was six, it was like a thunderbolt to me, I felt so sad and insecure.

But with the help of my mother and my siblings I was able to overcome this ordeal, and I remember the good times I spent with my father so that I could smile.

My mother gave me so much love and affection to make up for my father’s absence. She was trying to make me happy by all means, buying me toys and sweets, playing with me and taking me on different trips. My childhood became happy thanks to my mother.



Short essay on childhood memories

Childhood memories are our most beautiful memories, in which we took our first steps and uttered our first words.

The happiness of our family was great when they heard our first word, and saw our first steps, we may not remember that, but we realize it from the pictures and the family’s stories about our different stages.

The best thing I remember from my childhood days is my mother’s love, tenderness and constant giving. She took great care of me.

She takes care of my appearance, buys me the most beautiful clothes, takes care of my education, helps me with homework, and prepares delicious food for me, especially my favorite food.

My mother used to give me most of her time, playing with me, teaching me and giving me advice. Everything I learned was credited to my mother, who helped me learn how to be self-reliant.

Today, I am a successful person thanks to what my mother instilled in me of good behavior, self-confidence and respect for others. All of these things I learned in my childhood and still do till this day.



Narrative essay on childhood memories

Childhood memories are beautiful because they reflect a stage of our life in which we are like a blank page, our hearts are pure and we carry feelings of love and affection for everyone around us, we do not realize hatred and resentment, and we do not realize the risks.

What makes childhood happy is the family’s interest in the child, giving him tenderness and love, providing him with a safe environment and protecting him from all dangers. Health care, adequate housing, healthy nutrition and entertainment are all of the basics that make the child feel happy.

Scientists divide childhood into two stages, namely, advanced childhood (from the age of one day to 5-6 years) and late childhood (from the age of 5-6 years to approximately 12 years). The needs of each of these stages are different.



Short essay on childhood

Today’s children are tomorrow’s youth. If we give children their rights and take care of them in childhood, they will be men who will be able to take responsibility in the future because the child is a blank page on which we write what we want this child to be in the future.

When you see a successful person with good manners, make sure that his family is credited with that. And if you see a bad person with bad behavior, make sure that he is not the only one responsible for this, but his family is also responsible, because they did not care about his education when he was young and did not instill in him good morals.

Therefore, attention must be paid to the childhood stage and provide all the necessary needs for the growth of healthy children, physically, mentally and psychologically.


My best memory essay

My best memories are my primary school memories. There were many of my favorite activities, such as handball. I joined the school handball team and was training under the physical education teacher.

We were an outstanding team and consistently won all school competitions. I loved my teacher and listened to his advice and carried out his instructions, and I loved my teammates and cooperated with them. Playing the game I love made me love school, so I made sure to go to school early.

These were the best memories for me because after that I moved to another school and there was no handball team in it. My memories in the primary stage were my best memories. It is important to practice your hobby in order to be happy.



Paragraph on childhood

Despite the different environments, all children feel happy. At this stage, the child does not realize the meaning of poverty or wealth, and sometimes poor children are happier than rich children, where there is a simple family life, but the family is interconnected and among its members there are feelings of love and respect.

In early childhood, the child needs a lot of love and affection, and to feel wanted and loved by those around him.

All these feelings make him feel safe and his personality is formed in a correct way.

In late childhood, the child begins to compare what he owns with what other children have. Therefore, we must provide the child with all his basic needs of food, housing, clothing, health and psychological care, and we must provide children with entertainment, even if they are simple and inexpensive.



Childhood days essay

Childhood days are supposed to be the most beautiful days, and all childhood memories give us feelings of love and happiness.

However, this is not available to all the children of the world, as there are wars in some countries, which expose children to live in fear and terror, in addition to the injury of some of them and the death of some .

I wonder how these children’s memories of the horrific childhood they lived will be, and what will be  the impact of all this on their lives in the future?

There is no doubt that the child needs a calm environment in which peace and love prevail among its members in order to grow properly and to have moderate thinking in the future, not extremist. Therefore, international laws have been established to protect children from any violence.



My childhood paragraph

In fact, I am a lucky child, as I grew up in a wealthy family. Therefore, my family was able to provide me with everything I needed. My family provided me with a life with a lot of entertainment. Every holiday I traveled with my family to a tourist country, and this made me learn a lot of information about different countries, and therefore I was distinguished from my friends. I even told them about these countries and what I saw in them. I was happy when I told them about my travel experiences, which increased my self-confidence. My family also provided me with the opportunity to train on horseback riding since I was young, and horseback riding has become my favorite hobby so far. So my childhood memories are beautiful, my family always tried to make me happy.


My favourite childhood memory essay

The best memories of my childhood are linked to the house in which I lived. Whenever I remember my childhood days, I remember the old house in which I grew up.

It was a special house, it was spacious and surrounded by a large garden, with fruit trees and roses. In the garden of the house there was a bird pen, and there was also a place for me and my brother to practice basketball, in addition to a swimming pool.

I miss that home because we moved elsewhere, my childhood memories are connected to every place in the home I grew up in.

Sometimes I go to see that house and remember the good days of my childhood, and I still keep my pictures everywhere in this house.



He had spent time writing an essay on his childhood

There is no doubt that each of us has many memories within him, but I think that the most beautiful of them are childhood memories.

Therefore, some people resort to writing their childhood memories, because that makes them feel happy as they felt when they were children.

And some of them have the best childhood memories related to the people with whom he lived his childhood. And for some people, the best memories of his childhood are related to the places in which he grew up, such as the house, the street, the garden, the beach, and other favorite places he used to go to in his childhood.

As for me, my best memories are related to my mother, who is the source of love and tenderness, and she is the one who made my childhood happy.



Childhood playground essay

Every place we went to in our childhood leaves a mark on our souls and we will remember it for a lifetime. One of the places we can’t forget is the places we used to play with our friends. There was a small playground near the house, and I used to go there every day to meet my friends and play football.

I was having a really fun time with them, at this stage it is important to have friends, this makes us feel loved by others, and doing any sports activity with friends makes us more joyful, because we have the same hobby.

I still remember that small stadium and my friends and how happy I was to meet them and play with them, those were beautiful days.



My childhood days essay

Unfortunately, the days of my childhood were never happy, as I was born in a country with many conflicts and wars, which forced my family to leave our home and everything we owned and the family resorted to another country.

This country did not allow us to enter its lands, and we had no housing or food, and the family was exposed to great problems, even my little brother died of starvation.

Then we traveled to another country and lived there, but we felt alienated and were filled with nostalgia for our homeland, and we followed the news of the homeland, but every day we know that the situation is worse than it was.

We began to lose hope of returning home, so my childhood memories were never happy, as I lost the most important thing in everyone’s life, which is the homeland. I lost my smile and my security and didn’t have a childhood like I should.



My childhood memories paragraph

The most beautiful thing in my childhood memories is that I lived in the village, in my grandfather’s house.

It is a big house consisting of four floors, my grandmother and grandfather live on the first floor, my uncle lives on the second floor, and my family lives on the third floor, while my aunt lives on the fourth floor, so there were many children in the same house who are all relatives, and this made us enjoy playing a lot, The bonding between family members made us feel strong and secure. I lived the most beautiful days of my life in my grandfather’s house, where I enjoyed love and affection from everyone, and in my grandfather’s house I ate the most delicious food, and listened to my grandmother’s stories every evening, and I went with my grandfather to the mosque. It was indeed the most beautiful day of my life.



Childhood memories examples essays

The memories of childhood are many, but there is one thing I remember and cannot forget, which is that I was a quarrelsome child, and I loved to play a lot, and while I was playing with the ball inside the room, the ball hit the glass window and broke it.

It was an embarrassing situation, and I was very afraid that my father would punish me. But what happened was the opposite. My father said to me, do not be afraid, I will fix the window, but you should not play ball at home. We will go on vacation to the public park near the house and there you can play ball.

In fact, we used to go to the park on a regular basis on vacation and my father used to play with me and train me. I was spending quality time with my father.




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