Essay on corruption
Essay on corruption

Essay on corruption 16 Models

Essay on corruption is one of the important articles through which the student can express the prevailing morals in his society, the corruption that he sees around him, and describe the injustice that he may be exposed to, or the injustice suffered by a person because of the spread of corruption and its presence everywhere.

We will present this article to you in several short and long forms, consisting of 100 to 500 words, to suit all educational classes.

We will discuss the reasons for the spread of corruption, and what are the proposed solutions to eliminate corruption.

Essay on corruption

Corruption is a serious disease similar to cancer in the human body. Despite the small size of the cancer in its infancy, it spreads very quickly to infect the whole body, making doctors unable to control it. Likewise, if corruption is not discovered from the beginning and is resisted, it spreads throughout society and is difficult to eradicate.

In our society, corruption is not a person, but it is an attribute that affects some because of poverty or weakness in personality.

The effect of corruption is great because it corrupts the morals of a person. And its effect is always devastating because it does justice to those who do not deserve it, and it can be seen in every place and time.

We can see corruption in youth in sports and the joining of a player who does not have any skills because of corruption, or hiring someone in the wrong place, and other different forms of corruption.

In all cases, good people are affected when corruption intensifies around them. Many of them may weaken and abandon good principles, and become like others corrupt because of their spread or control over a particular place. Therefore, corruption is considered a very dangerous matter because it is contagious and attracts many to it.

We must fight corruption by rejecting it and not accepting it and not giving up our rights and fighting any corrupt no matter how long it takes so that corruption does not harm many people and makes everyone lose hope, optimism and the goodness within them.


At the end , we can look for solutions to this problem, and that every family is interested in raising its children with a good upbringing and teaching them good habits and good morals that reject corruption and consider it a crime against others.

There must also be a good role model for young people, because bad examples spread bad morals, and corruption is one of these bad morals.



Speech on corruption

There is no doubt that corruption is the most dangerous disease that affects society. Corruption destroys all progress or development. When corruption spreads in a society, ignorance, backwardness, disease and poverty will spread.

This is due to the fact that corruption destroys everything that is good, for example, when we find that a failed student can, by bribery, take the exam, pass, and have the opportunity to join the university, even though his educational level is very weak, while another student may be deprived of a much better scientific level.

In the end, we will have a group of people who are not qualified, and despite that, they work in important jobs, they will certainly not benefit their country because they are not worthy of these tasks.

While those with experience cannot obtain these jobs as a result of corruption, and therefore society will be deprived of minds and expertise that can work on developing  society.

This was a microcosm of corruption and its negative impact, and how corruption is the cause of the spread of underdevelopment and poverty in societies.



Causes of corruption essay

The reasons for the spread of corruption are many, including those related to the family and the way of raising children, and other reasons such as poverty and the lack of awareness of the danger of spreading corruption to both the individual and society.

But the most important reason for the spread of corruption is the lack of strict laws that fight corruption and punish the corrupt.

Sometimes there are strict laws, but they are applied only to ordinary people who do not have money or prestigious social positions, and these laws do not apply to those who have strong influence.

The lack of justice among citizens and the spread of injustice leads to the spread of corruption, and therefore there must be equality between citizens in rights and duties, and the law should be applied to all members of the people without discrimination among them.


Corruption essay in english

Corruption is the most dangerous thing for societies, because of corruption, poverty, ignorance and disease will spread.

History has proven that corrupt rulers accumulate great fortunes for themselves and their families, while poverty spreads among the citizens.

If the ruler is a good person and is not corrupt, he will fight the corrupt strictly, and thus justice will spread in the society and everyone will perform his work perfectly, and thus the state will advance and prosperity and peace will prevail among the people.

But if the ruler is corrupt, there will be no hope of eradicating corruption. Corruption will spread among all classes of society, and society will become insecure and chaos, poverty and injustice will spread, and these things will lead to the commission of many crimes.



Paragraph on corruption

Corruption is the most dangerous disease that afflicts societies, as it spreads from one category to another until it spreads to all segments of society, at which point it is difficult to be treated.

Therefore, societies must be keen on raising children in a correct manner and accustoming them to good morals. The family must correct the behavior of its children and follow their behavior at different age stages, in order to ensure that the future youth will be good people who can eradicate corruption.

The biggest role is played by both the family and the school in instilling good values ​​in the hearts of children and following up and correcting their behavior.

There is also a major role for the various media in fighting corruption, by presenting series and films that show the danger of corruption to both the individual and society.




Political Corruption Essay

Political corruption is the most dangerous type of corruption, because it will bring a corrupt government, corrupt people’s representatives, or a corrupt ruler.

These are the ones who are responsible for setting and implementing laws. If they are corrupt, nothing good will happen.

When officials are corrupt, they will not do anything for the benefit of the people, but their interests will be limited to their personal interest and how to create the greatest wealth while they are in office.

They will also punish anyone who criticizes them with death or imprisonment, thus spreading injustice and corruption. And society will become poor, and ignorance and backwardness will prevail among its members.



Essay on corruption with quotations

One of the well-known sayings that people circulate is “He who has a back will not be struck on his stomach.” This saying is true in societies where corruption abounds. Where the powerful use their social status to commit mistakes and evade the punishment of the law.

Therefore, we find that corruption is the real cause of the spread of injustice, as the strong can oppress the weak without being held accountable, and by the strong we mean those with influence and great positions.

Corruption is not confined to these individuals only, but corruption spreads to all members of their families. Even any member of their family commits the mistake without caring about the punishment because one of his relatives is an influential person and he can reduce the punishment or stop it completely.

From this it becomes clear that corruption is the main reason for the spread of injustice and people’s feeling of fear, and their inability to express their opinions openly.



Short essay on corruption

Everyone must cooperate in order to reduce the phenomenon of corruption, and that is by starting with ourselves.

For example, we should not offer a bribe for one of the officials in order to obtain any service or job, because this will waste the rights of others.

But laws must be followed so that justice will prevail among the people, and then we will reduce corruption and be able to eliminate it .

The spread of justice among people provides each person with an opportunity appropriate to his abilities, and thus all employees are competent in performing their jobs, and in the end this leads to an advanced society in which security and stability prevail because every person in it guarantees his rights.



Essay on corruption in english for class 12

Corruption has many types, the most prevalent of which is administrative corruption, as we are constantly exposed to it. Especially when we need to extract official papers, we find that employees do not provide the service easily, but rather it requires standing in long queues, and coming to the government institution several times and so on.

That is, there are obstacles placed by the employees, so you cannot take the necessary papers and documents you need easily until after you pay a bribe to the employees.

Therefore, citizens are giving bribes to employees in order to save their time and effort. Bribery has become something people have become accustomed to, and this is common in societies where the law is not enforced.

To remedy this problem, the laws must be strictly enforced, and the employee who takes a bribe should be punished, thus eliminating corruption.



Essay on corruption with outline

There is no doubt that eliminating corruption requires the cooperation of all parties, whether governmental or civil.

The supervisory and judicial authorities must cooperate so that strict laws are put in place to punish the corrupt.

Citizens must also have a role in eliminating corruption by informing the concerned authorities of any person who receives a bribe, for example, or who does an act that harms society, then the role of the police comes to arresting him and bringing him to trial.

From this it becomes clear that eliminating corruption requires awareness of the danger of corruption to society as a whole, because corruption leads to the loss of rights and the spread of chaos and injustice.




Essay on corruption 250 words

The problem of corruption is one of the most serious problems facing societies, where the rights of citizens are lost and injustice spreads, and all of this helps to disintegrate society and increase feelings of hatred among citizens, in addition to a lack of belonging to the homeland.

Therefore, corruption must be eliminated, and this will only happen when the phenomenon of corruption is studied and the causes of its spread are known, and then realistic solutions are developed to treat this phenomenon.

Religious upbringing is considered the best way to eliminate corruption, because all heavenly religions call for good morals and avoid fraud and deception and forbid corruption in all its forms, because heavenly religions call for justice .

Therefore, curing corruption should be among our goals while we raise children. Cultivating noble values ​​in the hearts of children will make them righteous men in the future, who do not need supervision from others, but their conscience is their watcher.

Eliminating corruption requires the cooperation of citizens and the government, it needs courage to discover the corrupt and report them, and it needs strictness in applying the rulings to the corrupt.



Article on corruption in 120 words

The family plays the primary role in bringing up its children and instilling good values ​​in them. If the family takes care of raising its children, there will be no corruption, because corruption contradicts all good moral values.

It is possible for a corrupt person to practice his wrong actions without being discovered by anyone, but if he has principles, he will not commit mistakes even if there is no supervision.

A moral upbringing and the cultivation of good values ​​in the hearts of our children is the only way for there to be good people who do not accept corruption but rather fight it.

Therefore, every family should care about raising their parents and instilling good values ​​in them. Both the father and the mother should be role models for their children, who can be proud of being good people, fight corruption and hate injustice.



Essay on corruption 500 words

The danger of corruption to society is very great, and this is due to the criminal acts that follow. Corruption spreads in societies that do not apply laws or apply laws only to the weak.

These societies have a high crime rate, because corruption is prevalent in all agencies, whether they are supervisory or executive agencies.

If there is no strong deterrent for each corrupt person, corruption will increase in prevalence, and the number of corrupt people will also increase.

As a result of the injustice that some citizens are subjected to as a result of this corruption, the division between the groups of the people will increase and hatred will spread among them. Thus, the crime rate will increase.

From this, we find that corruption is the main cause of crimes, especially theft, murder, drug trafficking and others.

To limit the spread of these crimes, corruption must be eliminated first, and the law is applied fairly so that all people are equal before the law. This is the only solution to curbing crimes.

There is a well-known saying, “He who is safe from punishment has bad manners.” The failure to implement the law will lead to an increase in corruption and crimes in society. So, all members of society must cooperate to fight corruption and support the oppressed.



Corruption essay 1000 words

There are many reasons for the spread of corruption, including the so-called hierarchical corruption, meaning that senior officials in any institution or government agency are corrupt people and take advantage of their positions to collect the largest amount of money by receiving bribes.

These officials control the government institution as if it belongs to them, and if the senior official is corrupt, corruption will spread among all employees in this institution, because they ensured the lack of oversight and lack of punishment.

Therefore, when dealing with corruption, they must remove the senior officials first, and replace them with honorable officials. These will be watchdogs over the rest of the employees.

There should also be a deterrent punishment for anyone who does not abide by the laws, as this will gradually reduce the percentage of corrupt people until corruption is completely eliminated.

The media plays a major role in fighting corruption. The publication of penalties (verdicts) imposed on corrupt people will make others fear and stay away from illegal acts.

Also, television programmes, series, films and other media should show the punishment of the corrupt and not make them heroes, because most young people imitate what they see in these series or movies.



Government corruption essay

Corruption is the most serious problem that affects societies, especially if this corruption is governmental. This is due to the fact that the government is responsible for setting and implementing laws, and applying judicial rulings to anyone who violates the laws.

If there is government corruption, laws will not be applied fairly, corruption will increase in all institutions and bodies, and people’s rights will be lost.

Therefore, states are keen to hold elections in all institutions  to select the best people to run this institution. Here comes the role of citizens in choosing the best candidates for the administration, thus ensuring the reduction of corruption .



Student speech on corruption

The student may feel corruption during his educational stage. Sometimes we find that there are students who obtain scientific degrees that they do not deserve and that their level of education does not qualify them for. Rather, they obtain these academic degrees through bribery or nepotism (kinship).

Thus, the rights of the outstanding student are lost and he feels severe injustice. Also, a society in which corruption is widespread will be deprived of distinguished minds, because those who get jobs are people who are not qualified, but who obtained those jobs through bribery or nepotism and other methods of corruption.

This is the most dangerous thing, because it will lead to weak capabilities of society in all fields, as there will be no distinguished minds for the development of society and work on its progress.

In order to eliminate corruption, there must be justice among all citizens, and the choice should be based on competence.



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