Essay on trees
Essay on trees

Essay on trees

Essay on trees is one of the very important articles, which shows the role of trees in sustaining human life. Therefore, it is one of the articles that is constantly asked every year by students, so that the student can identify its many benefits, and how trees participate in stabilizing the environment and maintaining its balance, in addition to providing us with oxygen.

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Essay on trees

Trees are a major component of the environment, as they are a suitable environment for many living creatures.

Trees are of great importance in our lives, and the benefits of trees are very numerous: some of them are natural benefits that occur without human intervention, and other are economic and environmental benefits that humans have a role in their development.

Natural benefits of trees

One of the natural benefits of trees is that they use carbon dioxide during the photosynthesis process, while oxygen gas is emitted during this process, and thus the trees get rid of harmful carbon dioxide, and reduce its percentage in the air.

Trees also have a good effect on our mental and physical health. Often when we feel stressed or anxious, we go to open places with gardens and trees, because this helps us to reduce tension and relax and be able to think calmly without nervousness.

The availability of oxygen in the air in areas with trees provides our bodies and minds with an appropriate amount of oxygen, making all body organs work efficiently.

Economic benefits of trees

Obtaining wood is the most important economic benefit of trees, as wood is used in many industries, such as making furniture, ships, wooden buildings, paper, and others.

The leaves of some trees are used as a spice, so we find that we can benefit from all parts of the tree .

Environmental benefits of trees

Trees protect the soil and its cohesion, and thus, trees reduce the occurrence of landslides. And trees play a large role in the water cycle, as they absorb water from the soil and then part of that water evaporates through transpiration to form water vapor that rises and forms clouds, and then rain falls and so on.

Trees are also very important for many living organisms, as they are a suitable environment for many animals, reptiles, birds, insects and other microorganisms.

In addition to providing these organisms with housing and protection, they also provide them with food, and thus trees are very important to maintain the ecological balance.


At the end of an article on trees and their importance, we have shown the many benefits of trees, and one of these benefits is economic where some countries even depend on the export of wood as a source of national income, and some countries use wood for the manufacture of homes, especially in areas where earthquakes occur.

The furniture industry, ships and other industries that depend mainly on wood provide job opportunities for many people.



Importance of trees essay 300 words

Trees are of great importance in maintaining the ecological balance and providing a better life for all living creatures. Also, trees have a high economic value, so that some countries consider them a primary source of their national income.

The importance of trees to purify the air

Trees play an important role in purifying the air, as they reduce carbon dioxide and increase oxygen. This is done during the photosynthesis process, where the plant needs carbon dioxide to complete this vital process, which provides the plant with the food it needs.

It is beneficial for us that the proportion of carbon dioxide in the air is not higher than its normal rate, because the increase in the proportion of carbon dioxide in the air leads to severe damage to our health, and may even lead to death.

Therefore, there is a great awareness of the importance of planting trees. In the planning of new cities, large areas are left to be gardens, and large numbers of trees are planted on roadsides and around the city as well.

The economic importance of trees

Trees are the main and only source of wood, and man has known the importance of wood and used it in many industries, until wood is included in most industries as an essential or complementary element.

Therefore, there is great care in planting trees in man-made artificial forests, which differ from natural forests where the quality of trees planted in them can be controlled, and thus the best types of trees can be planted, whose wood is of high quality.

Thus, the planting of trees has become not random, but rather is subject to scientific studies so that its economic benefit is as great as possible.

The importance of trees in decorating streets and squares

Undoubtedly, trees bring happiness to the soul and make us more comfortable. We are in dire need of green spaces and lush trees, especially in the current era in which we are exposed to many life pressures, high prices and lack of job opportunities.

It has become necessary to increase the green spaces and increase the number of trees in each of the cities and villages, because it works to increase the proportion of oxygen in the air automatically without any intervention from us, and this leads to the improvement of our physical health in general and improves our mood in particular, because all the organs of the body work efficiently when oxygen is available in the air we breathe.



Tree plantation paragraph

Due to the great importance of trees, governments have been interested in planting trees, so that planting trees was not limited to fields and remote places, but they were also interested in planting them inside cities.

That is why we see trees on both sides of the roads inside and outside the cities, and they planted trees in squares, gardens and parks.

The presence of trees and gardens has become evidence of the city’s sophistication and that life is healthy, so that when we want to buy a house or an apartment, we build it on the basis of the presence of green spaces and trees in this place or not.

Because trees purify the air and reduce the proportion of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, they also increase the proportion of oxygen in the atmosphere, which makes our health better.



Importance of trees essay

The importance of trees for soil stabilization

There is no doubt that the benefits of trees are many, the most important of which is soil stabilization. Soil stabilization is very important for preserving the characteristics of the environment, and the lack of soil stabilization leads to landslides, during which parts of the soil fall and disappear into the ground. This may cause the disappearance of farms, roads, or entire cities, including homes, people, and so on.

Therefore, we find that there is great interest from all governments to plant trees in order to ensure the stability of the soil and not to collapse.

The trees work to stabilize the soil by branching their roots through the soil, where they branch into smaller and smaller roots until they become like  threads, and thus it is like a network that extends through the soil and this works on its cohesion and not the disintegration of soil particles, and thus the soil becomes coherent and suitable for cultivation or building on top of it.



Importance of trees paragraph

The importance of trees to purify the air

Trees play a major role in purifying the air. This is due to the fact that trees use carbon dioxide to complete the process of photosynthesis, during which the plant forms its food, and oxygen gas is released during this process, thus clarifying the importance of trees for the purity of the atmospheric air. It reduces the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and increases the percentage of oxygen gas. Therefore, each of us is keen to plant trees in his garden or in his field. Governments are also working to increase the proportion of green spaces by planting trees on both sides of roads and in squares, gardens and parks. Governments also preserve the natural areas where trees grow, such as natural forests, and try to protect these forests and the trees in them.




Importance of trees essay 150 words

The importance of trees to obtain timber

Trees are the only source of wood, and since wood is used in many industries, trees have a high economic value.

Many industries that depend on wood have been established, such as the furniture industry, which depends heavily on wood of various kinds.

This industry has appeared since ancient times and still found, despite the great development that occurred in it, the wood is the main element in this industry.

Wood is also used in the manufacture of doors and windows, and although there are other elements from which doors and windows are made, wood is still widely used for this purpose as well.

Wood is used in the manufacture of school and university chairs to a large extent. Also, some cities and villages use wood to build houses, especially those that are exposed to earthquakes, where the wooden building is less harmful to people if it is destroyed as a result of the earthquake, and the use of wood in building houses is much less expensive than other building materials.

There are many types of wood, and each type is suitable for a particular industry.



Value of trees paragraph

The economic value of the trees

Trees have a high economic value, which made some countries interested in exporting timber and benefiting from it as a source of national income.

These countries were not limited to their natural sources of wood from forests, but they planted large areas of trees, and these are considered artificial forests.

These forests provide a greater opportunity to choose the types of trees that are planted in these forests. Of course, trees are chosen whose wood is of international quality and whose price is high.

Several industries are also based on wood before exporting it in order to increase its economic value. This industry provides a large number of job opportunities, as it goes through many stages such as planting trees and taking care of them until their size becomes suitable, then cutting trees and transporting them to factories, which peel and cut them into boards of a certain thickness and length, then transport them to ports for export, every one of these stages requires many labors.




Trees our best friend essay

There is no doubt that trees are our best friend, due to their many benefits, in addition to that they do not harm the environment or humans, but are beneficial to all living creatures, so that we take shelter in their shade on very hot days.

Sitting in the shade of a tree at noon on summer days makes us realize that the tree is our best friend, and watching trees gives us comfort and happiness.

Personally, I like watching the trees every morning while going to my school. I take the bus and look out the window at the leafy trees on both sides of the road without getting bored. Watching the lush trees makes me happy and optimistic.

When I am sad or thinking of solving a problem, there is no better place to go than in the garden, where I sit next to a huge tree with my back against its trunk. At that time I feel relaxed and reassured and I can think deeply and solve all my problems.



Importance of planting trees essay

Since ancient times, man has known the importance of planting trees, and therefore he was keen on planting and caring for them. Its wood was used in the past for many purposes, such as lighting a fire to keep predators away or to cook food.

He also used it to build wooden houses that protect him and provide him with safety, and he also benefited from its shade during very hot summer days.

Despite the passage of millions of years, our use of wood still enjoys great importance in our lives, and it is becoming more and more important every day because it is a natural material.

After man knew plastic and expanded its industry and it entered into many industries, we knew the advantages of natural materials such as wood and that natural materials are environmentally friendly in addition to being harmless to human health. So that the demand for wood increased again, and the economic value of trees increased and became an important source of national income for some timber-producing countries.



Important of trees essay

Shipbuilding industry

There is no doubt that the shipbuilding industry is of great importance in our lives, as ships are one of the most important means of transportation, whether it is transporting passengers, transporting goods, giant oil tankers, warships, and others.

And when we realize that all these ships, despite the different functions they perform, and despite their different sizes and specifications, they all share one characteristic, which is that wood is an essential element in their manufacture.

From here we can realize the great importance of trees, as they are the only source for obtaining the wood needed to build ships of all kinds.

Therefore, trees had a high economic value, especially those used in the manufacture of ships, oil tankers, and others. Trees are important to life in all its civil and military aspects.



Importance of trees essay for class 3

Trees have many benefits, the most important of which is that trees bring happiness to the soul and make us more comfortable.

We go on vacation to gardens and parks to enjoy watching the lush trees and various plants, and feel  energetic without knowing why. But we must know that trees work to purify the air, increasing the proportion of oxygen gas in it and reducing the proportion of carbon dioxide that is harmful to health.

We are in dire need of green spaces and lush trees, especially in the current era, where we use technology to a large extent and depend on it.

So we stay at home for a long time, but there must be time dedicated to walking or exercising in open places with many trees and plants, in order to renew our physical and intellectual activity as well.



Corruption essay 100 words

One of the most important means to help eradicate corruption is to educate citizens through the various media.

There are many dramas that deal with the phenomenon of corruption, through which citizens can be made aware of the dangers of corruption and how to confront and eliminate it.

Also, publishing corruption cases so that citizens know the names of the corrupt and what penalties have been applied to them encourages citizens to stand up to corruption and report the corrupt to the police.

The role of citizens in fighting corruption is a major one, because corruption is always hidden because it is against the laws, and the corrupt can only be discovered by reporting them by the citizens.


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