Essay on meditation
Essay on meditation

Essay on meditation 3 Models

Essay on meditation, in which students will learn about the benefits of meditation. Meditation is thinking about things deeply. One of the most beautiful types of contemplation is contemplating the creation of God Almighty, and discovering God’s power and greatness.

Meditation is a heartfelt worship, in which a person does not perform actions or words, as he does not use his hand or tongue. Essay on meditation gives students the opportunity to learn about the importance of meditation in our lives. Meditation increases faith, teaches us wisdom, and makes us feel the power of God Almighty. There are many areas of meditation, so we are not hindered by space or time.


Essay on meditation

Meditation in the universe and its creativity and mastery shows us the greatness of the Creator. In Essay on meditation, I will explain the importance of meditation on the universe, nature, and creatures.

Meditation is the characteristic of the wise, and the more we meditate on the things around us, the more we realize that we are weak, and we need God’s help and mercy for us. Human weakness appears clearly when any natural disaster occurs, such as earthquakes, volcanoes, torrents, and others.


What is meant by meditation

Meditation is thinking deeply about everything that surrounds us. Meditation is a spiritual worship through which a person can strengthen his faith and discover the power of the Almighty Creator. All of God’s creatures are perfect and beautiful.

One of the sayings that I like is: “Meditation will not transport you to another world, but it will reveal the deeper and more wonderful dimensions of the world in which you actually live. Calmly contemplating these dimensions, and bringing them into the service of compassion and kindness, is the right way to make quick gains in meditation as well as in life.” Hsing Yun


Areas of meditation

Meditation does not depend on a place or time, it only needs you to be alone for some time, sit in a quiet place, and focus on one thing that you think about deeply, you will discover great secrets that you did not notice before.

If you want to change yourself, you have to think, because it is the beginning of every change. And in the Essay on meditation I will mention many areas that you can think about and meditate on how to create them:


Undoubtedly, contemplating the creation of the heavens and the earth will show us the power of God Almighty, for He created the heavens without pillars, and He created the night so that we may dwell in it, and He created the day so that we may work and toil in it.

He also created the sun and the moon so that we know the reckoning of days and years. When we contemplate the universe, we find that it is a very great thing, and everything in it operates in a precise system. The distance between the earth and the sun is precisely calculated, so that the earth is suitable for life. If this distance decreased, all creatures would burn, and if this distance increased, all creatures would freeze.

And when we know that planet Earth follows the solar system, and the solar system follows a galaxy, and our galaxy is one of millions of galaxies, there are galaxies larger than it and smaller galaxies than it, everything in the vast universe follows a precise system.

In Essay on meditation I will also talk about the creation of man. The creation of man is one of the great miracles, as it is a living being that enjoys enormous advantages that make it distinct from other creatures, as it is characterized by reason and thinking. Therefore, man was able to form civilizations and reach great discoveries.

His knowledge was not limited to the study of planet Earth only, but man continued scientific progress and reached other planets and studied their characteristics, and how to benefit from them.

One of the areas that you can think about deeply is the globe, and its land, living creatures, seas, oceans, and rivers.
All of this is going on in space, without us realizing it. God has made earthly gravity maintain the existence of all these creatures and water on the surface of the earth without it being scattered in space.

And when you think about the atmosphere that protects the earth, and allows the passage of certain amounts of sunlight and its light, in order to be suitable for living organisms, you will realize that God created everything in order to serve man.

And in Essay on meditation I will talk about agriculture. One of the simplest areas of meditation is planting seeds, watching the germination and growth of plants. There is a saying that I like about that: “Repairing the land, scattering seeds, and leveling the soil makes a person a philosopher. It is a pause of contemplation during which he witnesses the birth of life and growth.” John Erskine

Meditation does not require effort, and you can sit on the beach and look at the sea, and contemplate how this huge amount of water is trapped in this place, what would happen if this water was released towards the cities? Surely he would swallow it, for it was the power of God that caught it and kept it locked in the sea.

When you sit in a garden and look around at the trees and flowers in their various beautiful colors, you will find that they are wonderfully beautiful, all of which indicate that God is the Creator. Likewise, when you look at the birds and see the huge variety of shapes and colors, you will be amazed at their wonderful beauty.

Therefore, you should meditate on everything around you, because that will increase your faith in the power of God, and that He created everything for you to serve man. I like this saying: “Wherever you go, whatever the weather, always bring your sunshine with you.” Anthony D’Angelo


At the end of an interesting Essay on meditation, each person should think deeply about the universe, try to read some information about it, and meditate on the sky and the earth, night and day, the sun and the moon, and how everything in this universe follows a precise and indestructible system.

It is important to reflect on the creation of man, and how God distinguished him with reason, and subjected everything in the universe to him. He made the earth suitable for human life, and made water, air, soil, gravity, and other means of life in it. Meditation increases our faith in God, and makes us deal with others with love and cooperation.

At the end of the Essay on meditation, I hope you have benefited, and I am happy to receive your comments.

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